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Office of the University Registrar Newsletter
Mobile Registration for Students  
Beginning for fall registration, students can register at www.udel.edu/webreg or use their mobile device by choosing "For Students" at m.udel.edu.
Updates to WebReg and UDSIS for Students 

To better inform students, links have been added in WebReg to the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) rights and the Pass/Fail Option policy.


In addition to their appointment day, students can now view their enrollment appointment time in both their UDSIS Student Center and WebReg.

In an effort to better accommodate students, registration appointment times have been changed to coincide with change in class times.
Registrar's Office Staff

Charlene Bradley - 1985
Kathy Domorod - 8924
Janice Frye - 1554
Katherine Graham - 1551
Lillian Grannum - 1289
Melanie Graybeal - 1270
Claudia Johnson - 0552
Jeannie Lewis - 6599
Debra Lightcap - 2727
Sandy McCormick - 1483
Mary Mohr - 1552
Naomi Nash - 1553
Jeff Palmer - 2727
Mary Ruth Pierce - 6717
Dan Reidinger - 8928
Carolyn Reynolds - 8997
Lynn Richmond - 8991
Patrick Shields - 1280
Suzanne Stanley - 6592
Brandon Toole - 2077
Krista Urbaniak - 2122
Sue Walton - 8482
Deb Wilder - 3871
Janice Wiley - 8987 

For a listing by staff responsibility, see our full staff directory.
Registrar Reporting Team News and Updates
The reporting team has enhanced some of the reports on our reporting page located at:  http://www.udel.edu/registrar/reports  Please see some of our most important changes highlighted below:
  • Please note the disclaimer at the top of our reporting web page.  Report information should not be re-distributed or re-used, since the information is ever-changing.  PNPI guidelines should be followed.  Continued care must be taken when accessing student data protected by FERPA. 
  • A new report is available (A7) showing how many students are enrolled in more than one Pass/Fail course in the term.  Colleges or departments can follow up with these students concerning the UD Policy regarding Pass/Fail courses. 
  • The Enrollment Census Reports (E6) are now available for drill-thru.  Previously, these reports were run and viewed as counts only.  There are now detailed instructions on being able to view the student details behind the counts.
  • Do you have questions about UDSIS or COGNOS?  Describe your questions or issues and perhaps the Reporting Team can help!  

Any questions about any reports can be sent to registrar-datarequest@udel.edu 

Course Permit Forms: An on-line process
The course permit form (commonly called the drop/add or pink slip form), like other University forms, has been converted from paper to an on-line form.  Students can access the form within their UDSIS Student Center by clicking the link in the Web Forms box on the right.

If a student has a hold on his or her account for any reason, the on-line course permit form will NOT override the hold.  The Registrar's office has added documentation to the on-line form to remind students of this policy.

Form instructions are available at: www.udel.edu/registrar/helpdocs.