Office of the University Registrar Newsletter
February, 2012
V1, Issue 1


This is the first issue of a periodic Registrar's Office newsletter.


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Winter Session -
Changes to meeting patterns beginning in 2013

In response to faculty concerns that there was not enough instructional time for Winter Session 2013, the Faculty Senate passed a resolution at its February meeting to increase the Winter Session daily course meeting times from 90 minutes to 105 minutes, beginning in 2013. The resolution calls for the Senate to review the desirability of the 105 minute Winter Session daily class meeting time in the spring of 2014. Additional details can be found at: 


The Registrar's Office staff will be working with the scheduling contacts in each academic department to implement the changes when the Winter Session term roll occurs in March. The academic calendar is available on-line at:

The new Winter Session meeting patterns will be:

3 credit hour course

4 credit hour course

Period 1 8:00AM - 9:45 AM

8:00AM - 10:15 AM

Period 2 10:00AM - 11:45 AM

10:30AM - 12:45 PM

Period 3 12:00 PM - 1:45 PM

1:00PM - 3:15 PM

Period 4 2:00PM - 3:45 PM

3:30PM - 5:45 PM

Period 5 4:00PM - 5:45 PM

UD Advisors - new UDSIS access!

IT and the Registrar's Office have been working to improve the UDSIS Advisor Center.  IT has implemented security changes that allow academic advisors additional access to their advisees' information.

  •  In Self Service > Advisor Center, when advisors bring up their "My Advisees" list and click on the "student details" link, they will be able to see the student's Academics, Transfer Credit and General Information tabs, similar to what is seen at Campus Community > Student Services Center. 
  • On the Academics tab, advisors can view a list of all the programs/plans for the student with important details about each.    
  • The new 9.0 UDSIS "Course History" list, available from the Student Center main tab, provides enhanced support to all those whose task is advising.
  • Faculty or Staff who serve as advisors will automatically receive the enhanced security in Advisor Center through an overnight process.  When they no longer advise students, this security will be removed.   


For more help with the Advisor Center, or other UDSIS features, see UDSIS HELP .


We thank IT for implementing these enhancements.

New Reporting Options Available
The official enrollment reports (10th day) have been revised for easier running.  Rather than receiving reports with information for the entire University, the reports can now be run by GRAD and/or UGRD, campus, college, department, ethnicity and honors.  The reports can be found on the Registrar's standard reports page:

Selecting enrollment report number 6 (E6) will prompt you with the necessary criteria.  Only COGNOS users with proper access will be able to run the data reports.
Thank you very much to our Institutional Research colleagues, Kat Collison and Hayim Weiss, for their efforts in making this happen!
Staff Changes in the Registrar's Office

There have been a number of recent staff changes in the Registrar's Office:  

  • Naomi Nash - joined the department as Associate Registrar upon the retirement of Mary Jo Mankin
  • Dan Reidinger - promoted to Student Services Coordinator
  • Claudia Johnson - promoted to new Business Administrator position
  • Patrick Shields -promoted to Student Services Coordinator
  • Krista Urbaniak - joined the department as Student Services Coordinator when Kirsten Brown moved to Admissions
  • Brandon Toole - hired as ID Office Coordinator after Patrick Shields' promotion

For a full Registrar's office staff directory, including a staff listing by subject area, see:



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