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Upcoming Events...


8/15 - 9/15

CrossFit Freedom Olympic Lifting Program - CrossFit Freedom 


31 Heroes Team WOD Fundraiser - CrossFit Freedom

Twilight Shuffle 5k Run - Libertyville, IL



FIGHT GONE BAD 6 Fund Raiser - CrossFit Freedom



Nutrition Seminar - CrossFit Freedom


9/30 - 10/1

Life AsRx U.S. Tour - CROSSFIT FREEDOM!!!!!!!


Chicago Marathon - Chicago IL
  • 11/12 - 11/13
  • CrossFit Football Trainer Course - CrossFit Freedom, Libertyville, IL


Life AsRx 2011 U.S. Tour


Before you read this, watch the video below & check out the Life AsRx US Tour page. Reason being is that words can't possibly describe how big this event is going to be. 


But just like Coach Bretts daily wods I'm going to try my best and break this down for you. 


Lets take a Look Inside the Numbers :


4 City Tour:

  1. Orlando
  2. Hartford
  3. Dallas
  4. Chicago - CrossFit Freedom!!!

Largest Showing of Competitors:

  • 700 - Dallas

Largest Showing of Spectators:

  • +1,000 - Orlando


  1. Life AsRx
  2. Forged Clothing
  4. Maverick Athletic Company
  5. TRX Force
  7. Concept 2 Rowing
  8. SITES AsRx
  9. AsRx Industries
  10. Fashletics
  11. BoxAtomic
  12. Barlean's Organic Oils
  13. Wod Hopper
  14. Steve's Club
  15. Afro Brutality
  16. And much, much more!!!


  • Wouldn't you like to know.
  • +20 Pallets of equipment coming in from across the country


  1. C2 Rower
  2. 1yr of Barleans fish oil
  3. Progenex Products
  4. Workout Bags
  5. 1 Olympic Barbell & Assorted Bumpers
  6. Steve's Club Paleo Package
  7. Life AsRx Apparel Package
  8. Forged Apparel Package
  9. Six Foot Climbing Wall
  10. Fashletics Jewelry
  11. 1 Roll - Dollamur Mat System
  12. TRX System
  13. Afro Brutality CrossFit Apparel Package
  14. SicFit Apparel Package
  15. CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification
  16. CrossFit Gymnastics Certification
  17. And much, much more!!!

We have a saying here at CrossFit Freedom which sums all this up nicely - "Big Box Business & Freak Fitness". Come on by Saturday October 1st and find out why.

Build It and They Will Come - Inside this Edition of Freedom Monthly


When we found this box back in August of last year we knew instantly it would serve two very important purposes. Comfortably accommodate dozens of dedicated athletes at any given moment and provide a perfect venue for a world-class event. We've seen some stacked classes and there's plenty of room for more. Well, ladies & gentlemen, now its time to see a world-class event. On Saturday, October 1st, the Life AsRx U.S. Tour is coming to CrossFit Freedom! With 300 competitors registered already and another 100+ expected, this box is serving its purpose as prescribed.  


Although the event is still a month away, we're expecting an action-packed September. As we wind down the summer we have alot in store for the coming weeks.  Here's what's inside this edition of Freedom Monthly:

  • 31 Heroes Team WOD Fundraiser
  • Libertyville Annual 5k Twilight Shuffle
  • Fight Gone Bad 6 Annual Fundraiser 
  • Monthly Skills Sessions
  • Monthly Nutrition Seminar
  • Life AsRx U.S. Tour

As each day passes so many of you are making great gains. All of us here at CrossFit Freedom are proud of you. Gains can come in all shapes & sizes. From weight loss to improved endurance. From strength to coordination. No one ever said it would be easy. That's CrossFit. Each and every WOD will test your work capacity and challenge your will. And over time, the inevitable occurs - you become stronger, faster athletes. 


A special shout-out to our Endurance Program participants who've just completed 6-weeks of training - congratulations! We're also just 2 weeks into our Olympic Lifting Program and people are already making drastic improvements in their Snatch and Clean & Jerk which has carried over to other movements in CrossFit WODs.


Keep up the great work everybody and don't forget to take care of your bodies. Stay hydrated, eat well and do your mobility work. 


And as always endeavor, strive and make every effort to always break out of your limits. 


Best Wishes,


CrossFit Freedom


31 Heroes Team WOD Fundraiser



On September 3, 2011 CrossFit gyms across the nation and world will gather together to honor our heroes killed in action August 6, 2011 with a workout in an effort to raise funds for the families affected by this tragedy.


The workout promises to be a unique Hero WOD. 31 of America's bravest have made the ultimate sacrifice for our sake. We can all agree that no workout will ever be enough to say thank you, but among this community it almost seems to be our version of the "moment of silence", a small way we can honor the those that have gone before us. We hope you'll join us for this moment of silence.


CrossFit Freedom would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the 30 families of U.S. service members who have lost loved ones in this devastating tragedy including the Navy SEALs, Naval Special Warfare Support personnel, soldiers from the 135th and 158th Aviation Regiment of the Army, and the airmen from the 24th Special Tactics Squadron of the Air Force. 


You will never be forgotten. Neither will the highly trained, heroic working dog who accompanied them. 31. 


4th Annual MainStreet Libertyville Twilight Shuffle 5K  


The CrossFit Freedom Endurance Team has just wrapped up its 6-week program. The work has been put in and significant improvements in running technique and efficiency have been made. It's time to put our training to the test and showcase our skills! This Sunday is the fourth annual MainStreet Libertyville Twilight Shuffle 5K Run. Let's set some PR's! After finishing the course, join Team Freedom for the post-race party at Mickey Finn's Brewery. 


The race will be professionally chip-timed. Every participant receives a goody bag and a Twilight Shuffle 5K T-shirt. 1,060 race participants competed in the 2010 Twilight Shuffle. 


If you're interested in running the race with us please contact Coach Brett. He can be reached via email at  


Fight Gone Bad 6 Annual Fundraiser 


On September 17, 2011, CrossFitters from around the world will come together to endure 17 minutes of one of our most grueling workouts in honor of those men and women who have given a lifetime of service and sacrifice. 

For 17 minutes, we will push ourselves further, challenge ourselves deeper, feel the doubt and wonder if we can make it, but then remember why we are there and appreciate fully those who we wish to honor. 

We turn to you, our community of friends and family, to join us by donating what you can or what you are inspired to give to two phenomenal organizations that provide immediate and measurable support without waste or delay. 

The heart of an athlete can change the game. The soul of an athlete can change the world. Will you support our 17 minutes? Donate today by clicking here. Alternatively, stop by CrossFit Freedom Saturday, September 17th.  


Monthly Skills Sessions 


Ready to fine tune your weaknesses? Beginning this month, CrossFit Freedom will begin offering a monthly Skills Session. Each monthly session will cover techniques and progressions for various skills such as... 

  • Butterfly Kipping Pull-ups
  • Double-Unders
  • Muscle-Up Progressions
  • HSPU & Kipping HSPU

This monthly session is designed to improve overall technique and performance in key CrossFit exercises.  All experience levels are welcome. Whether you're still working on getting your first Kipping Butterfly Pull-up or struggling to get consecutive Muscle-ups, coaches will be available to show you various tips and tricks.


Session cost is $10. Check the white board for dates and times or email for more info.   


CrossFit Freedom Nutrition Seminar


Saturday, September 24th plan on spending 60 to 90 minutes discussing the critical role nutrition plays in your fitness. Proper nutrition can amplify or diminish the effect of your training efforts. 


Effective nutrition is moderate in protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Forget about the fad high carbohydrate, low fat, and low protein diet. 70% carbohydrate, 20% protein, and 10% fat may work for your rabbit, but it won't do anything for you except increase your risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease or leave you weak and sickly.


Once a month we'll meet to discuss proper nutrition & it's positive effects on your CrossFitting. The seminar will be available to all new members and for those members who may missed previous seminars.  Check the gym white board for times or contact for more information. 


Life AsRx U.S. Tour Coming to CrossFit Freedom!!!! 

2011 Life AsRx US Tour in Dallas

2011 Life AsRx US Tour in Dallas

Crossfit Freedom is working with Life ASRX to bring the largest nationwide Crossfit competition series to the Chicago area.  Freedom, ASRX & GSX CrossFit are teaming with industry favorites like Forged Clothing, Maverick Athletic Equipment, Sic Fit, TRX, Concept 2, and many more to put together an epic competition. 


There will be over 20 vendors on site selling clothing and equipment, a beer tent, live entertainment, and of course, some of the most creative and challenging crossfit workouts you will ever see. 


With 300+ competitors already registered and an over 600 spectators expected to be in attendance, this is sure to be one epic, epic event.


For more information check our fan page at Facebook or the official Life AsRx U.S. Tour website.


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