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The Sport of Fitness - Then & Now


In 2007 CrossFit Inc. introduced the world to the first ever CrossFit Games. Held in Aromas, California the grueling two-day event was more than just a competition of athletes, it was a competition of training methodologies.


Five years later, the 2011 CrossFit Games are bigger and badder than ever. The hunt for the fittest athlete on earth is underway and remains to be seen. What has become clear is CrossFit's dominance as the most effective training methodology for achieving total fitness.   


Here's a look inside the numbers:


CrossFit Games Competitors:

  • 2007 - 70 athletes
  • 2008 - 300 athletes
  • 2009 - 1,200 athletes
  • 2010 - 4,000 athletes
  • 2011 - 25,000 athletes

Global Representation:

  • 175 countries
  • 9 million page views
  • 1.4 million viewers
  • 870,000 spectators and digital audience (2010)


  • $1 million in prize money. $25,000 first-place prizes
  • Competitors ranging in age from early 20's to well over 50



Let The Games Begin!!!


Spring Greetings,


Thank  you for your interest in CrossFit Freedom's Monthly Newsletter.  This month marks the second edition of Freedom Monthly. If you weren't able to catch last months issue, please visit the archives located on our home page. This month's edition is an exciting one for all of us at CrossFit Freedom! Inside you will find:

  • CrossFit Freedom Affiliate Team coverage from weeks 1 & 2 of the CrossFit Games Open
  • Sneak peek of two new CrossFit Freedom programs coming in May
  • CrossFit Freedom's updated Coaches roster
  • Grand Opening Promotional Discount 

Saving the best news for last, we're pleased to announce that the wait is over. During the next two weeks CrossFit Freedom will be moving in to our fully renovated 12,800 sq. ft. facility.  We can't thank you all enough for your continued interest & support as we've endured an industrial re-zoning and full tenant build-out.


Beginning next week we will be hosting facility tours and new-member enrollments. For those who haven't stopped by during the last few Saturdays, this is your chance to finally see what the wait has been about. Our CrossFit classes will begin Monday the 18th. In the meantime, if you would like to schedule a tour of the facility, free intro, or just want more information please do not hesitate to contact us. 


In closing, I would like to thank you all again for your strong support and genuine interest. We can't wait to see you all very, very soon.





Justin Lawrence, Co-Owner, Dir. of Operations 

2011 CrossFit Games Open - Update from Weeks 1 & 2


With week one and two behind us, the first two workouts of the 6 week open qualifier have been nothing short of amazing. Especially for CrossFit Freedom's own Head Coach, Brett Hall. 



With impressive performances in both weeks 1 and 2 of the CrossFit Games Open, Coach Hall lit up the leader boards! Currently ranked 4th in what some consider the most competitive of the 17 global regions - the North Central and 30th overall in the World, Coach Hall is off to a helluva start. 


Currently ahead of past champions, we're extremely proud of you coach for how far you've come in such a short amount of time. To say we're excited for the next 4 weeks is truly an understatement.                                 



CrossFit Freedom is also very proud of athlete Angelo Fosco! Currently ranked 56th in the region, Angelo has put himself in great position to finish in the top 60 and get a chance to compete at regionals in May. Way to go, Angelo!  



In addition to Coach Hall and athlete Angelo Fosco, CrossFit Freedom is honored and proud to name the following athletes as CrossFit Freedom Affiliate Team members:

  • Josh Amann
  • Kirsten Peterson
  • Kim Muller
  • Chris Truex
  • Clint Barnard
  • David Schurter
  • Dimple Feygin
  • Jeff Huebner 

CrossFit Football & CrossFit Endurance Programs  


CrossFit Football (May 2011)

Forging strong, powerful, more explosive athletes at every level through high intensity functional movements designed to stimulate the demands placed on an athlete during competition. 


CrossFit Endurance (May 2011)

A revolutionized approach to endurance training.  Eliminate unnecessary volume of training and wear and tear on your body.  Increase the intensity and become a stronger, more efficient athlete while reducing recovery time, reducing injury, and preserving your lean muscle tissue. 


To Coin the Phrase "Family Owned & Operated"

  • Brett Hall, Owner, Head Coach
  • Kirsten Peterson, Coach
  • Justin Lawrence, Co-Owner, Director of Operations
  • Stephanie Lawrence (Hall Sibling), Therapeutic Services, Yoga Instructor
  • Derek Hall, Co-Owner, Member Services 

Over the past 12 months, we have shared one voice and one vision. What was once months away became weeks and those weeks have now become only days. CrossFit Freedom is our home and we invite you all to become part of our family.    


Save 20%!


To show appreciation for all of you who will be with us from the start, CrossFit Freedom will be offering a 20% discount on all services and products between now and our Grand Opening (TBD). Those who take advantage of this offer prior to the Grand Opening will be "grand fathered" in to our monthly membership prices giving them a great low rate for the life of the membership! 


Buy your CrossFit classes in a 3-month package & save an additional 15%! Commit to a 6-month package & save an additional 20% (a 40% savings!) To begin the membership enrollment process simply click HERE. Billing information is optional as we're not conducting sales at this time.


For more information call us at 847.573.XFIT (5793) or email us at Thank you all for your continued support and interest!

Offer Expires: Grand Opening Day