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Greetings from ABT Home Renovations!


This month our focus is on the temperature - from the hot and cold trends in the real estate market to the maintenance of your pool in prep for summer months. 


Check out our latest featured project - a variety of renovations throughout an entire house in Surprise. 


Bill & Angie
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The rise and fall and rise?? of Phoenix Area Real Estate

 Randi Garcia - Next Door - Designated Broker / Owner - Real Estate and Property Management

Randi GarciaThe current Phoenix real estate market has gained somewhat of a celebrity status over the past six or so years. Like most celebrities, our local market started off as a diamond in the rough just waiting for its big break; yearning to be discovered. As home buyers and investors alike embraced our great climate, growing job market at the time, and all of the other wonderful amenities that defines Phoenix, a star was born! Existing homeowners at the time were dumbfounded. Homeowners who had called the valley home for years leading up to "the boom" were suddenly sitting on a gold mine. Homes were exponentially increasing in value overnight. There was "gold in them there hills" and people were ready to dig! Buyers lined up like paparazzi waiting to get the first look at new listings. Before For Sale signs were even erected, the listing agents found themselves with multiple offers; the lowest one was typically at least 10% over the list price!


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Commonly Asked Questions by Pool Owners


As summer nears there are some additional changes that need to be done to get a swimming pool in tip top shape. Here a few words of advice from your friends with Barefoot Pools.


1. Child safety should be the first issue to address as a pool owner. It is imperative that proper barriers be installed around all pools. Please check with your local municipality for information on the pool barrier ordinance in which your pool is located. You can find a comprehensive list consisting of municipality contacts at: http://www.aaronline.com/documents/PoolBarrierLaws.pdf.


2. Pool water needs to be filtered for a minimum of 8 hours every day in the summer. Under filtering will lead to algae growth, cloudy water, and subsequent problems.


3. Hot summer temps promote algae growth. In order to avoid having a green pool use a sanitizer such as: chlorine tablets, liquid chlorine, or shock. The amount to ad will depend on numerous factors including the size of the pool and the water chemistry of it.


4. Be sure to conduct proper pool equipment maintenance too. This is a simple task yet it is commonly overlooked. Under maintained equipment can lead to severe and costly problems down the road.


a. Proper O-Ring lubrication is crucial in the extreme desert climate. Lubrication or O-Ring replacement should be done annually.


b. Depending on the filter type, filter maintenance intervals vary.

i. quarterly cleanings for cartridge filters

ii. annual cleanings for DE filters

iii. sand changes every 7-10 years for sand filters.


c. High calcium levels in the water make it necessary to change pool water every 2-3 years. Acid wash?? Fresh water and chemicals will help keep pool water looking great! 



Courtesy of Barefoot Pools



602.546.POOL (7665) 


 Barefoot Pools


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New Products  


Mirror TV 

Loft™ Bathroom Mirror TVs 


Need to cut down on your morning ready time? How about watching the morning news while you brush your teeth?  Not a problem with these mirrors.


Read more about this product from Electric Mirror.



Order through ABT Showroom!

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Healthy Queen Palms
By Tom Hulsebos - Desert Showcase Landscaping - www.desertshowcase.net


Desert Showcase LandscapingCustomers frequently have questions regarding the health and maintenance of their Queen Palms.  In the proper environment, this palm is beautiful and graceful.  In the desert, however, some TLC is definitely required.  My favorite resource for palm care questions is Pacific Palms.  Here is a great article with information to help you climatize your Queen Palms and make them look great
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Featured Home Project 
April featured project
We worked with some wonderful clients moving from the freezing mid-west to the warm climate of Surprise!
Our featured project this month included renovations throughout the entire house. The front of the house was reconstructed to provide a new courtyard, entry and room addition. An addition with new bathroom was constructed on the rear of the house. Inside, new countertops, a pantry with reeded glass doors, a fireplace stone, tile and glass were added to give this home a spectacular make-over!
Thank you so much to our clients - we really enjoyed working with you both!floor.
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ABT Home Renovations is a family-owned, licensed remodeling contractor serving Phoenix and surrounding metropolitan areas.  Since 2003, ABT has delivered quality renovations on a variety of interior and exterior home improvement projects.  From kitchens & baths to floors, doors and landscaping, ABT is the one-stop-shop to handle all your home improvement needs.  As a full-service provider, we offer design, material selection, permit, installation and construction services.  

ABT Remodeling Material Showroom carries more than 50 different product manufacturers in our convenient Phoenix location. We have the latest styles in kitchen & bath cabinets, kitchen & bath countertops, wood, stone & tile flooring, indoor & outdoor decorative lighting and decorative plumbing fixtures.