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Greetings from ABT Home Renovations!


The January Home Show was quite a success! We saw many of our current and past clients. It was so wonderful to see you all!

Check our material promotions good through February 28th at www.abtshowroom.com or of course come visit us in person!



Bill & Angie
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Current Home Sales Reports
By "Week in Review", Focus Publications

Existing home sales increased by a larger than expected 12.3% in December to an annual rate of 5.28 million. December's jump followed a 6.1% increase in November. With the exception of the two tax credit related surges, this was the highest level of existing home sales since August 2007. Nevertheless, home re-sales remain down 2.9% on the year and off 27.1% from their September 2005 record high.

Home Sales

Image by Svilen Milev

Strength was broad based with all regions posting double-digit gains. Stronger sales resulted in lower inventories. The inventory of homes available for sale declined 4.2% to 3.560 million which represents an 8.1 month-supply at the current sales pace down from a 9.5 month-supply in November. Home prices remain somewhat soft but fairly stable with the median price for an existing home down 1.0% over the past year to $168,800 while average prices slipped 0.4% to $217,900. This report suggests that home sales are poised for a turnaround this year.


The most significant downside risk to an impending rebound remains foreclosure processing. If the number of foreclosures spikes this year the resulting increase in inventory would weigh heavily on home prices which would stilt demand until they settled. Volatility is likely as the market works through the properties still in distressed situations.
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How to Choose a Color
10 tips for selecting colors for a fab kitchen - By Amy Wax - January 14, 2011

Pick a Color 1Choosing the right colors is crucial when you are designing a kitchen, be it for cabinetry, tile, flooring or even hardware. When reviewing cabinet options, for example, not only should you be looking at whether you want a raised or flat panel door style, a durable surface on both the inside and outside, as well as an efficient layout to fully accommodate your client's needs, but you should also be really "fussy" about selecting the perfect hue, shade, tint and/or tone. Creating the right color combination is critical and can mean the difference between a space that is ho-hum and one that is stunning.

Following are some important ideas to keep in mind when designing your new kitchen:

1. If you decide you want two colors for your kitchen cabinetry-one for the wall or perimeter units and another for the island, for example-make sure they're different enough from each other that your selections look intentional. If not, the result will look like you tried to match the colors and failed.
2. Choose hardware that stands out from the cabinets. A white porcelain knob on a white cabinet will get lost visually, whereas a rubbed bronze knob on the same white cabinets will give you more style.

3. Also, keep in mind the color of your faucet when selecting your hardware. Although they don't have to be exactly the same, they should be colors/finishes that will work together.

4. Often the hardware on your cabinets is an opportunity to add a little sparkle in the room. For the understated kitchen without a lot of colors or textures, a cut-glass-style knob or a colorful door knob can be the perfect jewelry to accessorize the design.

5. Create a backsplash that lightens your workspace. Going darker will darken work areas and work surfaces, thus requiring more task lighting, while paler colors will add brightness by reflecting light onto countertops.

6. A hard-working component of any kitchen, the kitchen sink demands a color/finish that is as appealing as it is functional. Keep in mind that a sink in a lighter tone or even stainless steel tends to appear clean and bright whereas darker options may blend in with the countertops but will lose that feeling of cleanliness.

7. Take time to evaluate and examine your work surface selection before placing an order. Some people may find a black, shiny countertop hard on their eyes and feel more comfortable living with and working on one in a medium or lighter color.

8. When choosing an island work surface, either opt for a color that differs noticeably from that of the perimeter countertops or go with a completely different material. As an example, you might specify granite for your built-in cabinets and then contrast it with a beautiful wood surface on the island.
Pick a color 2

For visual interest, differentiate the island countertop from that of the perimeter cabinetry by selecting a contrasting color or material.

Photo courtesy of Amy Wax, Your Color Source Studios

9. However, if you do use wood for your island countertop, avoid choosing one in the same color as the cabinetry below. A dark wood or black island might work better with a lighter wood top and vice versa.
10. Finally, the color of the walls of your kitchen should contrast with that of your cabinets. To really show off the cabinets, make sure they stand out against the color of the room.

Hopefully, you'll find these color ideas useful. People frequently select a function or style they like when designing their kitchen without remembering that selecting the right color, or depth of color, can make or break a kitchen design.
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A Little Planning Goes a Long Way on Your Outdoor Living Space 
by Tom Hulsebos - www.desertshowcase.net

With the current state of the economy, more people are opting not to buy that new home but rather stay in their current home longer and invest in the appearance of their yard.   The biggest issue I found with many people I've spoken with is that projects are getting started but not finished.  Or projects are completed without thought to size, placement or functionality of the outdoor space. 


A good designer not only comes up with the plan, but can recommend the right pieces for now as well as future expansion to give that outdoor living space true functionality.  Resales may also be easier with a home that has a well-planned outdoor hardscaping area.


Contact Desert Showcase to help design your yard.

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