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Spring 2011
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In This Issue:

*  New Ranch & Reata Magazine

*  Hunt Gallery Art Show,
    San Antonio, TX

*  Flashback To My Old
    Illustration Days 

*  Commission Work 

    Mark photo  Welcome to the Spring 2011 online  newsletter!  I have to admit that it is hard to concentrate on being indoors and painting, when the Spring weather beckons me to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.  Pam and I have our garden in, the rosebushes planted, and the grapevines started along the trellis I built. We haven't had any rain, so the ground is so hard, it took me 397 hits to dig one post hole!  That was enough to convince me to get back to my studio!
       So here a few items I've been working on, and projects I'm involved in.  Enjoy!


New Western Magazine Is Launched


    Ranch & Reata It is my privilege to be featured in the premiere issue of a new magazine, titled Ranch & Reata.  Publisher Bill Reynolds and Editor A.J. Mangum offer an exciting new publication that profiles the values, character and talent represented

in our modern West. 

     But it is more than a magazine!  It is a multi-media event; journalism unlimited by the constraints of any one format.   

     You can view this new magazine and all it has to offer at their online home at www.rangeradio.com, where you get video, audio, internet, broadcast and e-books that extol the best of the American West.

      This premiere issue features articles on the legendary artist Joe Beeler, Bladesmith Tom McGuane, horse trainer Buck Brannaman, contemporary Watercolor artists such as myself, Buck Taylor and Don Weller.

     I have viewed the online publication and am blown away!  The presentation is beautiful and you'll meet professional and varied artisans from writers, horsemen, photographers, songwriters and real and authentic cowboys.  I am truly honored to be a part of this ground-breaking format.        




Hunt Gallery Art Show, San Antonio
Paranar Pride

Paranar Pride

 Thursday, May 5th is the date set for
   my exhibition at the Hunt Gallery in San
   Antonio.  I'm really looking forward to this
   particular show because my good friend
   and sculptor, Jan Mapes, will be sharing
   the evening with me.
            I am going to be showing the best of
   my cowboy subject matter, along with
   different themes that inspire me creatively.
           Come join me and Jan on the 5th of
   May for our 5 pm Opening Reception at
   the Hunt Gallery, 4225 McCullough.  It's
   open to everyone!
The Fallen

The Fallen

Making It Up As I Go

Making It Up As I Go

Back To My Old Illustration Days

Castigo Cay Cover


        Imagine my amazement when a genuine    

   Navy Seal hero called and asked me to  

   illustrate the cover of his new book, titled  

   Castigo Cay.  I had read author Matthew

   Bracken's mesmerizing trilogy of books,  

   beginning with Enemies, Foreign and  

   Domestic, and considered them some of  

   the best books I've ever read.

          Then out of the blue, I receive an email

   from him, saying he had seen my work on the

   internet, and wondered if I'd be interested in

   illustrating his next book.  Would I?!?!

           So we embarked on a couple of months

   of collaboration, and the result is the cover

   pictured here.  And an extra added bonus?

   I got to read the manuscript before it gets

   published.  You'll have to buy it when it hits

   the bookstores!    


Commission Work 



          I have now added Portrait Commissions to my ever-

   expanding schedule.  It's something I really enjoy doing;

   capturing a favorite horse or dog, and painting a work of

   art that families will treasure for generations.   

          It's especially gratifying when it's done as a gift and  

   the recipient is surprised.  There's been many a tear shed

   when the painting is unveiled.  So I invite you to consider

   commissioning a portrait the next time you need to  

   commemorate those special events or people.  The   

   memories last forever!


Gale Doak

Gale Doak

Wrapping It Up

         Show & Event Schedule  
April 29                     Haley Memorial Library Art Show, Midland TX
May 5th  
                  Opening Reception, Hunt Gallery, San Antonio TX
Sept. 23-25                Buffalo Bill Museum Art Show, Cody, WY
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