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May/June 2012 Newsletter

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MechoTech CEO Receives Patent as Inventor of Key Consumer Electronics Product
Consumer Electronics Product Creativity and Innovation: How Apple and Others Drive Innovative Products
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MechoTech CEO Receives Patent as Inventor of a Key Consumer Electronics Product



Moe Sarraf, CEO of MechoTech, LLC (, a leading engineering, design and product development firm serving the needs of consumer electronics, data storage, medical and electronic devices, and automation and testing companies, has been granted a patent as the inventor of a flexible cradle and housing for storage devices.  


The patent holder/assignee is Western Digital Corp. of Irvine, CA. The patent was authored by Mr. Sarraf of MechoTech while performing engineering and design services for the Branded Products Group of Western Digital.


MechoTech is a full-service product development and engineering services firm with clients throughout California. The company combines innovation and creativity to generate high level results for its clients.  

MechoTech's expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, prototyping and full service product development enables the company to service some of California's most prominent technology companies, including Broadcom, Western Digital, Newport Corp. and many other smaller and mid-size companies.


Moe Sarraf, CEO of MechoTech states, "Our deep expertise in consumer electronics makes MechoTech a valuable part of a technology company's engineering team. Our innovation and creativity differentiates us from our competition."


About MechoTech, LLC

Founded in 2002, MechoTech is a product development and engineering services company based in southern California serving the consumer electronics, computer and peripherals, data storage, medical devices, automation and testing markets.  The company manages full product development cycles from concept to design and production, including complete support for all steps in product innovation and process to supplement each client's internal resources - on time and on budget. Call MechoTech at (949) 215-7270, or visit for more information.



"I want to thank you for all your efforts to help us produce our circuit board and device design. Your tireless dedication and attention to detail aided us in achieving our goals on time and on budget."

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MechoTech - We find a better way  

"We Find a Better Way by Using Innovation and Creativity"  


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(949) 215-7270 or visit

Founded in 2002, MechoTech is a product development and engineering services company based in southern California. We manage full product development cycles from concept to design and production. MechoTech provides complete support for all steps in product innovation and process to supplement each client's internal resources on an as needed bases, on time and on budget.

With over 25 years of experience in the data storage and computer industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge in product design and development in consumer electronics and medical devices. I hold a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from USC, an Engineering Degree from UC Irvine and achieved a Management Program Certification from Stanford University.


To discuss how MechoTech can assist you in your next project, please contact Moe Sarraf, CEO /President, at or (949) 215-7270.


Moe Sarraf


Consumer Electronics Product Creativity
and Innovation


 Apple Logo


How Apple and Others Drive Innovative Products


Apple is widely regarded as one of the most effective companies at launching consumer electronics products today.  The vision, marketing and creativity of Steve Jobs coupled with the innovation of Apple have demonstrated a new paradigm in consumer electronics products.  

I've spent a lot of time analyzing Apple's product introductions and I have seen that while there is no denying that Jobs was a very powerful element in Apple's launches, there are plenty of things that Apple does that can be learned and emulated by other companies - small or large.


It All Starts With the Product


Product launches are not just PR events; they are the last step of a long product development effort. Start with the product itself. No amount of launch promotion can guarantee the success of a flawed product. At the same time, a brilliant product design can disappear into obscurity without a carefully conceived launch strategy.


Apple is able to generate interest and excitement over even minor product launches because of its reputation for creating innovative, elegant and functional hardware and software. Every facet of the device or code, right down to the industrial design, packaging, accessories and even the product's Web site is scrupulously polished to enhance usability, esthetic appeal, and Apple's overall image as a maker of "insanely great" consumer products. "We make products that we want to use ourselves," Steve Jobs said.


The obsession with form, fit and function extends even to the most minor or hidden parts. One of the most time-consuming engineering and design tasks of a recent laptop introduction was to make sure that screws on the bottom of the machine did not disrupt the smooth flow of the computer's aluminum skin even though most users will never even look at the underside. Compare that to, say, the bulky, mismatched power supply of Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game console, which lacks the appeal of a 21st century consumer product.


By crafting a uniform design identity not just for the core product, but also for all ancillary materials, Apple builds a tangible expectation of superior performance and value.


Don't Launch the Product Until it's Right


Apple rarely launches a product until every aspect is ready for public use.   Jobs was known to kill a product launch at the last minute because something is not exactly perfect.  Some companies don't seem to understand the difference between making technology and making a product. Technology doesn't become a successful consumer product until a complete, user-friendly experience is built around it. Launch products, not technologies.  


For over a decade, MechoTech has focused on the design, engineering and development of consumer electronic products.  In February of this year, I was granted a patent as the inventor of a flexible cradle and housing for portable storage devices.  I designed this product while doing engineering and product development work for Western Digital Corporation, a client of MechoTech.  I had to address an industry-wide problem of product durability when repeatedly docking and undocking portable storage devices by both consumers and business professionals.    


MechoTech spent the needed time to design an innovative, rotating, flexible housing that was not yet seen in the market.  This was a key enhancement for any type of consumer electronic device with a cradle and housing, and we accomplished this design in a way that both serves customers and prolongs the usability and life of the product exponentially.  


There are four critical elements of every great consumer electronic product and the design and engineering should include the following:  1) Ease of use - the product must be easily understood and used by a large market; 2) Function - usability and functionality is key to a product's success; 3) Esthetics - the look, feel and ergonomics of a consumer electronics product goes beyond a first impression to a design that presents real value, and 4) Low cost - a must in an ever increasing global market.

Contact Moe Sarraf, President of MechoTech, LLC to discuss your product development, design and engineering needs at 949-215-7270 or email   

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