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March/April 2011 Newsletter

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Design Better and Faster with Rapid Prototyping
6 Myths about
Product Innovation
Free Consultation on Product Assessment
Design Better and Faster with Rapid Prototyping 

MechoTech for all your product development needs
The term rapid prototyping (RP) refers to a class of technologies that can automatically construct physical models from Computer-Aided Design (CAD) data. These "three dimensional printers" allow designers to quickly create tangible prototypes of their designs, rather than just two-dimensional pictures.
The prototype usually starts small, with a few key areas mocked up, and grows in breadth and depth over multiple iterations as required areas are built out, until the prototype is finalized and handed off for development of the final product. The rapidness of the process is most evident in the iterations, which range from real-time changes to iteration cycles of a few days, depending on the scope of the prototype.
Rapid protoypting helps teams experiment with multiple approaches and ideas, it facilitates discussion through visuals instead of words, it ensures that everyone shares a common understanding, and
it reduces risk and avoids missed requirements which leads to a better design faster.
Rapid prototyping involves multiple iterations of a three-step process:
1. Prototype  

Convert the users' description of the solution into mock-ups, factoring in user experience standards and best practices.


2. Review

Share the prototype with users and evaluate whether it meets their needs and expectations.


3. Refine 

Based on feedback, identify areas that need to be refined or further defined and clarified.


MechoTech specializes in rapid prototyping, which enables its clients to generate feedback early and often in the process, improving the final design and reducing the need for

changes during development. 


MechoTech works with many rapid prototyping companies to offer a full design and product development service to help clients quickly and cost-effectively meet their product launch dates.  


Call MechoTech at (949) 215-7270, by email at or visit for more information.
"Your persistence really paid off. Instead of settling for the first or second proposal, you happily re-tooled the design until we ended up with a truly novel solution that met all of our needs and clearly exceeded our expectations."

Western Digital Technologies

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Founded in 2002, MechoTech is a product development and engineering services company based in southern California. We manage full product development cycles from concept to design and production. MechoTech provides complete support for all steps in product innovation and process to supplement each client's internal resources on an as needed bases, on time and on budget.

With over 25 years of experience in the data storage and computer industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge in product design and development in consumer electronics and medical devices. I hold a

Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from USC, an Engineering Degree from UC Irvine and achieved a Management Program Certification from Stanford University.


To discuss how MechoTech can assist you in your next project, please contact Moe Sarraf, CEO /President, at or (949) 215-7270.


Moe Sarraf


6 Myths about Product Innovation

Being Innovative Means More than Just

Product Development 


Turn to MechoTech for all your Product Development needs. 

Innovation is often seen as an activity focused on product development. A truly innovative business should strive for creativity across the whole enterprise
There are some widely-held myths about the meaning of product innovation. These myths can lead to the pursuit of illusive goals. Other times there is a feeling that the cost of change is just too high.


Myth 1: Innovation is a High-Risk Activity
The biggest risk is that your company will be overtaken by a nimbler, more aggressive, more innovative company. Anything can be copied within weeks and there's little you can do about it. The days of milking that cash-cow year after year are gone for most enterprises. Monoculture is dead and space has to be created to plant the seeds of the next innovation. Be the hare, not the tortoise.
Myth 2: Innovation Means Deep Thoughts
Are you running a business or a philosophy course? You may indeed be asking some tough questions about your products and company but writing a thesis is unlikely to lead to innovative product development. Don't disengage your brain, but start to use all of the information, resources and expertise to be innovative. However, for this to happen the mind must be primed for innovation. It should not just be a scheduled activity but a deep aspect of the culture of the whole company. Mechotech has been a catalyst and a breadth of expertise to drive product development at companies such as Western Digital and Quartics.  
Myth 3: Innovation is a Desperate Measure
One of the biggest mistakes is to start innovating when you can smell trouble ahead. It's probably too late by then. The free-flow of energy and ideas that create an innovative culture just get blocked and distorted when people are under stress because the company is in trouble. Excitement is innovative, stress is not. If you've reached this point then it is time for widespread corporate innovation rather than just product development. If your internal team is consumed in current projects, bring in outside expertise to address your product development needs.
Myth 4: One Department Function
It is a fundamental mistake to think that you can create an innovative company by just having one innovation department, be it marketing, research and development or a blue-sky group. For one, this is limiting the creative potential of the whole company, and as a consequence if the rest of the company does not feel ownership of the new ideas they will likely resist them. You will never know at the start where that bright spark will come from so make sure the electricity of innovation is flowing through your whole enterprise. Outside expertise can be critical to achieving your product development goals. Seasoned experts and specialized engineers have the time, experience and expertise to accomplish the most complex challenges.  
Myth 5: Innovation is About New Product Development
It might be, but it doesn't have to be. Innovation can just as easily be about making your product cheaper, finding new markets and distribution methods or making the product more flexible so that it will appeal to a broader audience. The biggest leaps in productivity are often not so much in new products but in a change of business strategy. Creating a company as a network of innovative individuals means changes can come from any sphere of the business, including partners and contractors.
Myth 6: Innovation is About the Future
When is the future? Next year, next week, after lunch? The future is always just in front of you. The world is random, chaotic, fast-moving and mutates out of all recognition from one day to the next. You either keep up or get out as there is no mercy out there. This may seem harsh but tinkering around with a successful product line is going to guarantee that it will be copied very quickly - and improved! Somebody will take the next innovative leap forward unless you do it first. Expedite your product innovation and development needs by assembling a team of in-house personnel, outside contractors and management to optimize both innovation and results!
MechoTech is a leader in the design and product development of innovative consumer electronic products. If you would like to meet us at 2011 CES from January 6 - 9 to discuss your new product, contact Moe Sarraf at (949) 584-1637.

FREE Consultation on Product Assessment and Bill of Materials PLUS Receive a FREE Product Design Requirement

MechoTech, LLC, the leader in product design and development of consumer electronics, computer peripherals, instrumentation, medical device and automation products is offering a valuable set of services at no charge for a limited period of time. 

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