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Jan/Feb 2011 Newsletter

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MechoTech Provides Engineering and Design Services for Chip Maker
Free Consultation on Product Assessment
7 Ways to Reduce Costs in the Product Development Cycle
MechoTech Provides Engineering and Design Services for Chip Maker

MechoTech, LLC (, a leading engineering, design and product development firm serving the needs of consumer electronics (CE), data storage, medical and electronic device, and automation companies is providing design and engineering services for a major semiconductor company in Southern California.  A product demonstration will be held at CES International in Las Vegas, NV from January 6 - 9, 2011.

The safety viewing system is an integrated solution using four separate super-wide angle cameras and monitor on the dashboard on vehicles to assist in eliminating blind spots for the driver, helps the driver to visually confirm the vehicle's relation to the lines around an area, as well as, provides less risk to the driver's vehicle and surrounding vehicles.

MechoTech, LLC is a full-service product development and engineering firm serving clients throughout California.  The company combines innovation and creativity to generate high level results for its clients.  MechoTech's expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, prototyping and full service product development enables the company to service some of California's largest technology companies.

Moe Sarraf, CEO of MechoTech, LLC states, "MechoTech is performing hardware integration, camera placement and chassis design in a clear vehicle demonstration model.  This outside-of-the-box design and timely, efficient integration smartly displays this premier technology."

About MechoTech, LLC
Founded in 2002, MechoTech is a product development and engineering services company based in southern California.  The company manages full product development cycles from concept to design and production, including complete support for all steps in product innovation and process to supplement each client's internal resources - on time and on budget.  Call MechoTech at (949) 215-7270, or visit for more information.

"I want to thank you for all your efforts to help us produce our circuit board and device design. Your tireless dedication and attention to detail aided us in achieving our goals on time and on budget."

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FREE Consultation on Product Assessment and Bill of Materials PLUS Receive a FREE Product Design Requirement

MechoTech, LLC, the leader in product design and development of consumer electronics, computer peripherals, instrumentation, medical device and automation products is offering a valuable set of services at no charge for a limited period of time. 

Our customers include Broadcom, Quartics, Western Digital and many others and we can provide the same benefits to you.

Contact MechoTech to qualify for a Free Consultation meeting at your office, and receive a
FREE Product Assessment with a Bill of Materials PLUS a FREE Product Design Requirements Documents (up to 4 hours at no charge).

Contact Moe Sarraf, President at MechoTech, LLC (949) 215-7270, by email at, or visit us at
Offer valid through 1/31/11.
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Founded in 2002, MechoTech is a product development and engineering services company based in southern California. We manage full product development cycles from concept to design and production. MechoTech provides complete support for all steps in product innovation and process to supplement each client's internal resources on an as needed bases, on time and on budget.

With over 25 years of experience in the data storage and computer industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge in product design and development in consumer electronics and medical devices. I hold a

Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from USC, an Engineering Degree from UC Irvine and achieved a Management Program Certification from Stanford University.


To discuss how MechoTech can assist you in your next project, please contact Moe Sarraf, CEO /President, at or (949) 215-7270.


Moe Sarraf


Innovation Drives Consumer Electronic Products

CES 2011 Generates Excitement for

New Product Launches

MechoTech for all your product development needs. 

The huge global consumer electronics market, with its estimated value of $175 billion, is a trendsetter that has a strong impact on many other industries.  Major trends influencing today's consumer electronics market center on size, form, and choice of material. In today's applications, product miniaturization, ease of use, diminishing carbon footprints, and wireless data access converge. MechoTech specializes in innovation and creativity to create consumer electronic devices that meet its clients' demands - and their requirements have increased exponentially.


Such product trends require a respective underlying technology on the device side (e.g. GPS, solid state disks, finger print sensors, holographic storage), application and content side (e.g. 3D True-HD, data streaming), networks (e.g. Internet TV, Long Term Evolution, Cloud Computing) and wireless data transmission (W-USB, W-HDMI, W-Power, Bluetooth, RFID, and NFC).


New technologies drive new applications such as True HD TVs based on LED/OLED backlight displays, rollable printed electronics, flash memory, touch screen technology, or data streaming as a replacement for traditional media, such as CD or DVD.


Product and Technology Trends

Computing, consumer, and communication (3C) are the main drivers in consumer electronics. The 3C industry is characterized by strong convergence, driven by a consumer demand for functional integration, and an application push by manufacturers to penetrate new markets. MechoTech has been at the cutting edge of this product convergence by developing consumer electronic devices for companies such as Broadcom, Western Digital, Quartics and others.



All-in-One PCs are increasingly taking a sweet spot between bulky desktops and lower performing notebooks. From Apple to Shuttle, everyone is striving for this attractive segment. A major differentiator for All-In-One PCs is the display, which is increasingly offering touch screen functionality. Touch screens come as single or multi-touch option. With the ongoing price erosion of the panels, multi-touch can be expected to become the standard.


The integration of functionalities, such as mainboard, DVD recorder, power supply, cooling, and I/Os into the display frame have a significant impact on consumer electronic devices



With the current transitions to LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks of the fourth generation, mobile Internet access is expected to replace wired access. Bandwidth and speed will be large enough to support the growing demand of a mobile community for content and permanent access. In mobile phones, HD content, high bandwidth, high resolution touch screens, OLED displays, various integrated functionalities such as GPS, radio, TV, high-resolution cameras, video conferencing, various motion sensors, LED lamps, or beamers, will become standard.


To enable such applications, technology is evolving fast. Optical interconnects, wireless I/Os, standardized power supplies, and new lower-power and higher-bandwidth interface technologies will ripple down from high-end smart phones to simple, affordable versions to meet all ends of the market.



Miniaturization is an ongoing technology driver. The market requires smaller products with more functionality. The connectors, often the larger components on the printed circuit boards, are reduced in contact pitch. Traditional pressfit or wave solder contact technologies have their limitations in size reduction. Together, with the pressure to reduce total applied costs, a further focus on surface mount processes can be observed. 


In miniaturization, thickness is reduced, and is sometimes called Thinnovation. Flat designs are in televisions, mobile phones, monitors, and laptops. In connectors, new developments are often much lower in height than their predecessor. Also, low profile versions of existing interconnection solutions are developed.



Miniaturization does not only include pitch and height reduction. An interesting option is conversion. Not only sizes change, but also shape and functionality. The parallel printer connection has become USB, and both DVI and SCART are replaced by HDMI. Within computing, the number of bulky external connectors is reduced by conversion into integrated smaller solutions, as such outmoded connectors get completely eliminated. This also happens by further use of wireless connection technologies like Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC), RFID, W-USB, and W-HDMI.



Another aspect of miniaturization is the integration of elements into one component. Examples are integration of passive components such as resistors or capacitors into PCBs; integration of ICs, filters, or LEDs into added-value connectors; or the integration of multiple ICs, mechanical elements, or magnetics into one package. These might be cable connectors or I/O connectors, like single- and multiport USBs, HDMI, and μUSB. The driver for such aggressive integration is mainly the mobile phone industry, where real estate is at a premium and one of the targets of most designers is reduction of the component size.


OEM companies like Samsung and Nokia, connector manufacturers like Tyco, chip manufacturers like NXP Semiconductors, and PCB manufacturers, are among the global leaders that have such commercial products available on the market. These integration concepts move some design complexity and responsibility from OEMs to their component suppliers.


MechoTech is a leader in the design and product development of innovative consumer electronic products. If you would like to meet us at 2011 CES from January 6 - 9 to discuss your new product, contact Moe Sarraf at (949) 584-1637.

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