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Sept/Oct 2010 Newsletter

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MechoTech Provides Services to Quartics
Innovation and Product Development in a Successful Business
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MechoTech, LLC Provides Engineering and Design Services for Quartics, Inc.
MechoTech, LLC, a leading engineering, design and product development firm serving the needs of consumer electronics (CE), data storage, electronic device and automation companies is providing design and electromechanical development for prototyping and high volume manufacturing of a new line of CE video products. 

MechoTech, LLC is a full-service product development and engineering firm serving clients throughout California.  The company combines innovation and creativity to generate high level results for its clients.  MechoTech's expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, prototyping and full service product development enables the company to service some of California's largest technology companies.


Moe Sarraf, CEO of MechoTech, LLC states, "Quartics needed a specific set of expertise with full product development capabilities.  Mechotech has the experience to deliver within their budget and timeline."


Rick Goerner, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing states,  "MechoTech is providing a critical set of engineering services for mechanical design and thermal/EMI considerations to  accelerate our product development cycle.  Their expertise is extremely valuable and compliments our in-house capabilities and those of our original design manufacturer (ODM) partner."


About Quartics, Inc.

Quartics designs, develops and markets proprietary video processing solutions for PCs, Internet-connected HDTVs and set top boxes and other consumer electronics devices based on its patented Qvu™ architecture. Quartics has established a new category of video processors, redefining video quality and video system design flexibility.  The Qvu system on a chip (SoC) video processing unit (VPU) is designed specifically to deliver advanced digital video solutions, including SuperResolution video playback quality and advanced functionality with bad light correction, color and contrast enhancement. The Qvu platform can be remotely upgraded to support future functionality such as video conferencing, gesture-based control or 2D to 3D conversion through the
installation of new software applications. 


About MechoTech, LLC

Founded in 2002, MechoTech is a product development and engineering services company based in southern California.  The company manages full product development cycles from concept to design and production, including complete support for all steps in product innovation and process to supplement each client's internal resources - on time and on budget.  Call MechoTech at (949) 215-7270, or visit for more information.

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MechoTech - We find a better way  

"We Find a Better Way by Using Innovation and Creativity"  

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(949) 215-7270 

Founded in 2002, MechoTech is a product development and engineering services company based in southern California. We manage full product development cycles from concept to design and production. MechoTech provides complete support for all steps in product innovation and process to supplement each client's internal resources on an as needed bases, on time and on budget.


With over 25 years of experience in the data storage and computer industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge to product design and development in consumer electronics and medical devices. I hold a

Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from USC, an Engineering Degree from UC Irvine and acquired a Management Program Certification from Stanford University.


To discuss how MechoTech can assist you in your next project, please contact Moe Sarraf, CEO /President, at or (949) 215-7270.


Moe Sarraf


Innovation and the Role of Product Development in a Successful Business

MechoTech can provide Innovation to your Product

Innovation is often described as a new idea that is put into practice to improve a product or process. In today's competitive business environment, technological innovation is a principal determinant of success.
Managing innovation better than its competitors is one of the main objectives of a business that wishes to survive and thrive in today's economy. It begins with the formulation of an idea/concept and ends in the successful launching and marketing of a new or improved product in the marketplace.
There are two types of innovations: 1.) Fundamental innovations which produce new markets and create new products, and 2.) An improvement innovation which leads to an improved product in terms of quality, reliability, ease of use, etc.
Innovation is driven by creative thinking. Creative thinking should be used in all aspects of your product development process. The general goal of creative thinking is to be free of constraints and apply creativity to identify new opportunities. Challenge your product development team to come up with compelling and exciting new features and products in a fully integrated solution that will beat your competition.  

How to protect your innovation through Intellectual Property

The term 'Intellectual Property' refers to unique, value-adding creations of the human intellect that results from human ingenuity, creativity and inventiveness. An IP right is thus a legal right. Such a legal right comes into existence only when the requirements of the relevant IP law are met.
Intellectual property rights provide the owner with the right to exclude all others from commercially benefiting from it. In other words, the legal rights prohibit all others from using the underlying IP asset for commercial purposes without the prior consent of the IP right holder. The different types of IP rights include trade secrets, utility models, patents, trademarks, industrial designs, layout designs of integrated circuits, copyright and related rights, etc.    

Role of IP in Innovation

In most cases, innovative technological ideas require further technical development so as to make them successful in the marketplace. Small technology-based innovative enterprises may not have the technical resources and facilities to undertake such development. One example is for the development and testing of prototypes. The protection of such ideas by IP rights ensures that these are not "lost" while taking advantage of external technical resources and facilities.
Furthermore, in the future development of an invention/design and taking it to the market through partnerships (such as, joint ventures, strategic alliances, licensing agreements, merger or acquisition) the ownership of IP provides a strong negotiating position in the process of getting into such a partnership. Both parties would also avoid potential future conflicts if ownership of IP issues were resolved initially. 
Having the right design expertise on your team can be the catalyst to protecting your IP both short and long term. Experience and expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, prototyping and full service product development will protect your IP, while providing high quality workmanship to meet your deadlines and budgets to launch your product timely.
Innovation is not the same as invention. Innovation is a process, which begins from the conception of an idea to the launching of a new product/process in the marketplace. Creativity plays an enormous role in the development of a new product or idea.  Intellectual property rights can be used effectively to facilitate successful innovation.
MechoTech uses innovation, creativity and expertise to provide a full range of product development and engineering services, including design and development, mechanical and electrical engineering and fast prototyping to make your product launch a success. Contact Moe Sarraf at MechoTech at (949) 215-7270 today for a no cost consultation.

"Through your tireless dedication and attention to detail, we ended up with a low cost, highly user friendly design that exceeded our expectations.
Your persistence really paid off. Instead of settling for the first or second proposal, you happily re-tooled the design until we ended with a truly novel solution that met all of our needs and clearly exceeded our expectations. We also appreciated your consistent and clear communication regarding project status, cost, and schedule.
Western Digital appreciates your excellent design services and looks forward to working with MechoTech again in the future."
Western Digital Technologies
Free Product Assessment
Contact MechoTech in September and we will provide a no-cost assessment and feedback on your new product(s). We are experts in all facets of product development so call us today at (949) 215-7270.