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May 2011 Edition
Just in the nick of time, welcome to my May 2011 email newsletter. 

The mission of Jonathan Poisner Strategic Consulting is to help progressive organizations thrive.  I do that by assisting my clients with strategic planning, campaign planning, coalition building, fundraising, communications, and other organizational development challenges.

To keep people informed about my work, I set up this monthly e-newsletter.  If you want to unsubscribe, just look for the link at the bottom.      My April edition can be read in my archive.

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What Works

Each edition of this newsletter contains a section I call "What Works." 

I'm in the process of writing a long article entitled: Why Organizations Thrive.  The article details fifteen lessons I learned while growing the Oregon League of Conservation Voters (OLCV), buttressed by my observations of dozens of other groups both in Oregon and across the country. 

Collectively, I believe these lessons are a very useful set of principles that Executive Directors can use to improve their organization's capacity to fulfill their missions.


These lessons include topics such as June 2010's lesson:  Become the Best at Something and December' 2010s lesson:  Invest in Information Management Systems. 


You can view all of the lessons so far on my website.  


Lesson 11 is Transform your Organization Through One-on-One Meetings. 


I already devoted Lesson 2 to the subject of relationships.  Relentlessly Focus on Relationships outlined the importance of relationships, the ways in which an organization can systematically expand the number of people with which it has personal relationships, and the ways in which it can then tap into those relationships.


This lesson is more specifically on the power of individual one-on-one meetings to transform an organization. 


What do I mean by this?

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Recent Success Stories and New Clients

I continue to work with Portland's Leadership & Entrepeneurship High School, a public charter school, on development planning.   They held a stellar event -- Leap for the Stars -- in mid-May.  Next month we'll focus on finalizing a new development plan as part of a larger strategic planning process. 

In early May, I spent a day in Los Angeles as part of a project for California LCV and California LCV Education Fund, aimed at helping better align the two partner organizations. 

I just returned to Portland from Lander, Wyoming, where I facilitated a strategic planning retreat for Wyoming Conservation Voters.

In the next 6 weeks, I'll be traveling to Orlando to facilitate the planning retreat for the Florida Conservation Alliance, to Nashville to work on administrative systems for Tennessee Conservation Voters, and to Philadelphia to work on strategic planning for Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania. 

I am in the wrap up stages of strategic planning projects for the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund and for Colorado Conservation Voters. 

I'm also working with the Coalition for a Livable Future in preparing for its Laugh for Livability Fundraiser on June 10th.  It's not too late to get your tickets. 

Lastly, for State LCVers: The LCV State LCV members only website now contains a manual I created: How to Start a State LCV.  There's also a companion manual: How to Run a State LCV.  There's a wealth of info that folks should find useful. 

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