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February 2011 Edition
Welcome to my February 2011 email newsletter. The mission of Jonathan Poisner Strategic Consulting is to help progressive organizations thrive.  I do that by assisting my clients with strategic planning, campaign planning, coalition building, fundraising, communications, and other organizational development challenges.

To keep people informed about my work, I set up this monthly e-newsletter.  If you want to unsubscribe, just look for the link at the bottom.   My January edition can be read in my archive.

For a complete lists of the consulting services I offer, check out my website.
What Works is Rallying in Wisconsin

Each edition of this newsletter contains a section I call "What Works." 

I decided to take a break from What Works this month because I've been preoccupied with thinking about what's happening in Wisconsin. 

I hope everyone recognizes that the fight in Madison has much bigger ramifications than the obvious ones to the public employees and people of Wisconsin.

So I wrote a short blog entry to try to crystallize my thinking.  It's really a work in progress, but I hope you'll read it.  And tell me what you think.

Why Wisconsin Matters. 
Recent Success Stories and New Clients

I am working with the Coalition for a Livable Future to maximize the potential of the 2011 Laugh with Livability, to be held June 10 in Portland.  (As a volunteer, I will also be reprising my role as a roving reporter at the event).   

I am in the midst of strategic planning projects for the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund and for Colorado Conservation Voters. 

I have begun working with Portland's Leadership & Entrepeneurship High School, a public charter school, on development planning. 

In late January, I made significant improvements to my website.  Most importantly, I wanted a permanent repository for the material I've been generating as part of my email newsletter.  My new website has an articles section that includes my Why Organizations Thrive articles and book reviews, among other things.  

You can also check out my website for a complete list of all my clients since November 2009,

Executive Coaching

Based on feedback from two potential clients, I have decided to formally offer Executive Coaching as a service to nonprofit Executive Directors. 

To play this coaching role, I would work with individual executives to identify a few focus areas where they'd like to improve their performance, with regard to their overall leadership style or a specific skill-set.  We would then schedule a series of calls and meetings over an extended period (3-6 months), during which I could serve as a sounding board and provide feedback. 

Email me if you're interested in learning more about what this would entail and my rates for this service. 
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