September, 2011 

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We will be offering an introductory webinar on OAE screening


October 13, 2011

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We will also have an exhibit at the 2011 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention

San Diego, CA

November 17-19, 2011 




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Tip of the Month

Serve Children Identified with Hearing Loss  

If you are serving families in your program who have a child who is deaf or hard of hearing, you can play a critical role in helping them find the resources and information they need. Resources are also available to you as the child's education

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We've posted some new tools to help you get started.  As a first step, open and print this checklist.  Next, gather more detailed information by reading an informative article on including children with hearing loss in early childhood programs.    


To gain more understanding of the kind of emotional support that families appreciate receiving, read one parent's perspective.   Parents value teachers and other professionals who support them in the goals they set for their children.BabywithHearingAid    


Different families will choose different communication options based on their child's needs.  Assistive listening devices may be appropriate for some children and not for others.  If children are relying on hearing aids or other devices, one vital thing to learn is how to check each day to make sure any device is working properly. For example, hearing aid batteries need to be replaced regularly.  If a child needs hearing aids and parents need help finding a way to pay for them be sure to check this list describing funding hearing aids for children


Probe of the Month

What other resources do you need to serve children who have a hearing loss in your program?           


As always, share with anyone you think would benefit from our resources.     


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