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March, 2011                                       Early Childhood Hearing Outreach (ECHO) Initiative

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Troubleshoot Screening Equipment Problems    

One thing we never want to see is a piece of screening equipment sitting on a shelf, needing repair, with a program unable to serve the hearing health needs of its children.  If you experience a problem with your Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) screening unit, here are a series of troubleshooting steps you can take and contacts you can make to get your equipment working again:

 Probe nozzle 

  • Ensure that probe tip (cover) is correctly placed on nozzle.
  • Check the probe nozzle for blockage or damage; clean or replace nozzle as necessary.
  • Check the connections between each part of the screening unit. 
  • Be sure that the battery is charged, or that the unit is pscreening unitlugged into a functioning outlet.
  • If your equipment has a calibration test cavity, insert the probe and run a test.  Not all OAE equipment has this feature--refer to the product manual that came with your unit to see if such a calibration check is recommended and how to perform it correctly. 

    Screeners checking equipment(2)

  • Try running a screen on an ear, maybe your own ear, that typically passes. 
  • Check your specific product manual for other troubleshooting tips and what to do to resolve specific error messages.
  • Ask for help from your audiologist partner.
  • Call your equipment vendor or the manufacturer and request assistance.
  • Contact the ECHO Initiative at 435-797-3586.


Be proactive in taking whatever action is needed to get and keep your hearing screening equipment ready for use!



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Screeners checking equipment



Is your OAE screening equipment currently in good working condition?



If not, and you've tried the steps above and have not been able to resolve the problem,

e-mail us here.


Look for us at the Annual Head Start Conference
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Training Seminar, Updating Hearing Screening Practices for Children 0-3 Years of Age  April 4, 8am-12

Introductory Workshop, Replacing the Bell with Technology: Up-to-Date Hearing Screening for Young Children April 7  10:30 am -12

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