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July, 2010                                                                         Early Childhood Hearing Outreach (ECHO) Initiative
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Get Ready to Train or Re-Train Screeners

Training screeners is an issue that just about every Early Head Start program faces at one time or another.   Sometimes it is due to staff turnover, while sometimes it is because additional personnel need to gain screening skills.  In addition, retraining of screeners may be needed to ensure that quality remains high. 

It is not too early to be thinking about your program's needs for the coming year, and how you will make sure that at least two individuals within your program are proficient at conducting Otoacoustic Emmissions (OAE) hearing screening.  Here are some basic steps and specific resources that can help:
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1)  Contact a local audiologist who can assist you (if possible).   Alternately, you may need to rely on a skilled screener within your program or within a  program nearby.  This individual can take the lead in walking learners through the various aspects
of the training.   Click to view / download a Training Manual for Audiologists or Lead Screeners. 

2)  Be sure your OAE screening equipment is working properly.  If you are a new program selecting equipment, you'll want to review the Equipment Selection Checklist and also read Reviews of OAE Equipment from other early childhood providers.

3)  Have a copy of the 4-part training video available on CD or download/stream it here or download/stream the video here.    Also have copies of the Hearing Screening Form and the Follow-up Diagnostic Formon hand.

4)  Schedule approximately 3-4 hours for the training during a time when children are available.  Learners will be introduced to the concept of screening, watch the video, practice screening other adults, engage in "hands on" practice screening of children under the supervision of the leader and documenting results on the Screening Form.  Screeners also need to be instructed in "next steps"
in the protocol and what to do if a child does not pass the initial OAE screening.

More detailed training resources are available at

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Interested in attending an ECHO Training?babies 3

We are considering scheduling a session where individuals from various programs could converge and participate in a one-day training session on establishing OAE screening practices.  If you would potentially be interested in having someone from your program attend, please let us know.  Programs will be responsible for covering travel costs to/from the training. Respond by clicking here.

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