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June, 2010                                                                              Early Childhood Hearing Outreach (ECHO) Initiative
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Find Out What OAE Equipment Others are Using and Share Your Preferences

"What equipment should I buy?" is one of the most
Example of equipment that has been used
common questions asked by Early Head Start staff when
establishing an OAE screening program.  As a federally funded project, the ECHO Initiative cannot endorse or recommend specific brands of OAE equipment.  We can, however, provide a forum for users of OAE equipment to share their experiences and criteria that should be considered in equipment selection.   Go to participate in an online forum of OAE users to better educate yourself about what to look for when selecting OAE equipment for your program.
It is important to note that not all OAE equipment is equally effective for use with the birth to three-year-old population.  Individuals who have been implementing OAE screening with young children are able to offer very helpful insights that can inform others' purchasing decisions.  The overall quality of Early Head Start hearing screening can be significantly enhanced when staff from programs share their insights and experiences with one another. also includes Elements to Consider When Selection OAE Equipment which will be helpful in selecting OAE equipment.  Whenever possible, identify a pediatric audiologist who can help you evaluate your OAE equipment options.

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babies 3What has your experience been with OAE equipment?

Please share your experience using OAE equipment so that others can learn from you.  If you haven't had experience yet,  be sure to return to this site later to share your ideas.

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