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May, 2010                                                                              Early Childhood Hearing Outreach (ECHO) Initiative
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Look for New Resources from the ECHO Initiative

We have good news! The Early Childhood Hearing Outreach (ECHO) Initiative has recently received funding from the Office of Head Start in collaboration with the Maternal and Child Health Bureau that will allow us to continue to serve as the Technical Assistance Center on Early Hearing Detection and Intervention to Head Start grantees with a focus on children 0-3 years of age!

Each day, children with hearing loss attend Head Start. 

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How will we identify who they are?

Make sure you are appropriately using Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) hearing screening methods so that children with unidentified hearing loss don't slip through the cracks.  Look for new resources in the year ahead to support your hearing screening and follow-up activities.

Our future plans include:

1) Ensuring that every Head Start Grantee has access to information about up-to-date hearing screening and follow-up practices. 

2) Providing improved hearing screening and follow-up training materials that are even more user-friendly and that can be used in self-instructional formats.

3) Offering educational opportunities via webinars, on-site trainings, and conference workshops.

4) Establishing model programs across the country that can share their knowledge and expertise with other grantees who may be initiating OAE hearing screening programs.

Remember to tap into our resources at, share these with others, and if you are interested in becoming a model hearing screening program, let us know.

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What should we add to our resources?

Please share your thoughts with us! As we undertake a revision of our instructional materials, it is helpful to hear from you about what additional information we should include this next time around.  

And, if you are interested in becoming a model program, let us know that too!

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