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October 11, 2012


The Hartsbrook School

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Strategic Planning Open Forum TONIGHT 

Thursday, 10/11

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


All School Open House 

Sat. Oct. 13

10 AM - Noon


Class Photos 

Thurs. Oct. 18


Parent Teacher Conferences

Thurs. Nov. 1

Fri, Nov. 2


Parent Evenings


1st Grade

Tuesday, 10/16

6th Grade

Tuesday, 10/16


Wednesday, 10/17

3rd Grade

Wednesday, 10/17


Field Trips 


6th Grade Caving Trips

Oct. 11 + Oct. 12

8th Grade to Plymouth + Boston

Oct. 22 + 23


Soccer Games 



Oct. 11

JVG @Four Rivers

JVB @ Greenfield Common School

VB Home vs. Four Rivers 

Oct. 12

VG Home vs. Four Rivers

Oct. 15

VB Home vs. Charlemont

Oct. 18

JVB @ Eaglebrook

VG @ Eagle Hill

Oct, 19

VB @ Eagle Hill

JVG home vs. Greenfield Center

VG @ Dublin

JVB @ Great Barrington




Strategic Planning Open Forum

Enrollment, marketing, development, faculty development curriculum refinement, communication and community building, governance, campus or facilities expansion....

All of these concerns are vital to our school but the question is, "What are our priorities?" Your voices are important in helping us discern this.


Please complete our Survey:

Strategic Planning Online Survey


Please join tonight!

Thursday October 11th, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Hartsbrook Hall- Great Room


With our consultant Kay Hoffman and with Strategic Planning Task Force members Swansea Bleicher, Jeff Kalman, Rosemary McNaughton, Noah Smith and Louise Spear. 

Your continued involvement will help to make Hartsbrook an even better school!

- Louise Spear
Faculty Chair


Hartsbrook Harvest and Land Dedication Festival

Friday, October 19, 11:30 AM - 2:15 PM


On Friday, October 19th, we will celebrate the glorious harvest time as well as gather as a community to receive the gift of land so generously donated by Alexander and Olivia Dreier. We hope that you can join us for this truly special event. 


11:30 AM -12:15 PM:  Grades (1-12) gather for a celebration of the harvest with presentations by Grades 3,4,5 and 6.


12:15 PM - 12.45 PM: A Foundation Stone Address by Jan Baudendistel. Receiving the Gift of Land - Recognizing those who have made this gift possible.


12:45 PM: Picnic Lunch and Harvest Soup.  Grades 1-4 are dismissed to their families for picnicing, Grades 5-8 gather with their classes for picnicing. A Community Harvest Soup, made by each grade, celebrating the bounty of our local farms and gardens will be served to all. Each child or family should also have a picnic lunch.


 1:15 PM: The Bell rings to invite the school community to gather under the canopy.


1:25 PM:  Walking The Land - Introduction by Nicki Robb. Led by a Scottish bagpiper, the school community, faculty, parents and friends will "Beat The Bounds" and celebrate this gift of land.



2:15 PM: Festival concludes (Note: Soccer teams will be dismissed as needed to attend their games).


 - Nicki Robb

Land Stewardship Director




High School students and faculty will be cleaning up the edges of our new fields in preparation for The Hartsbrook Harvest and Land Dedication Festival.  We could use extra long-handled loppers, pruning saws (short or long-handled and extender) and leaf rakes.   If you are willing to loan us any of these tools for an afternoon, please leave them in the goat barn, clearly labeled with your name, before Monday, October 15th. Thank you!   Nicki Robb


Please sign up for parent teacher conferences on November 1 and 2 via the main office for
(grades 1 - 8), in the high school (grades 9 - 12), and in the nursery and kindergarten buildings for those classes. There will be childcare for school-age children available during the conferences. Please sign up for childcare in the main office.   Thanks -
Louise Spear



Chip Weems will start taking class photos for grades 1 - 12 on Thursday, October 18th, if weather permits.  Please dress your child as you would like to see him or her in their class photo. October 25th is a rain date or a date for classes that don't fit into the schedule on the 18th. Photos will be available on the school SmugMug photo website once they are done. - Louise Spear 



As part of the regular review process of Hartsbrook administration, we invite parent input for the review of  Director of Development Karen Bates. You are welcome to call or send written comments until October 30, 2012.   Thank you, Louise Spear


I invite our school community to enjoy pick-your-own kale and swiss chard that is growing with abundance in our 3-Sisters Field Garden. This is the last of the harvest from our 7th Grade Kitchen Garden and the summer Homestead Community Farm Program. These plants continue to relish the warm wet conditions of our fall, and have never tasted better. Please wander down beyond the beehives and enjoy some fresh greens.  Nicki Robb

All School Open House - Saturday - Bring a Friend!Early Childhood through High School

Watercolor of Tree-4thGParents and Students, please come and bring a friend to meet our outstanding faculty, view student work, enjoy presentations and learn more about what makes Waldorf education so special.  Visitors will have an opportunity to explore our programs for any age child.


We extend a special invitation to 6th, 7th and 8th Grade families to take the opportunity to experience the High School and all it has to offer.


Saturday, October 13 10:00 AM - 12 Noon


10 AM - 10:15 AM Registration and coffee

10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Mini lesson: "Household Suns & Backyard Planets"
10:45 AM - 11:15 AM Mini lesson: "History Through Art"
11:15 AM - 12 Noon Q&A with students, parents and faculty. 


Please RSVP by contacting the Enrollment Office. For questions: 413-584-3198

Holiday Fair News - 

Our Volunteer Leaders are Rising! 

The 2012 Holiday Fair teams are forming. These individuals will help to coordinate the time and efforts of so many parents, staff, faculty and community members that come together to bring our Holiday Fair to so many guests from Pioneer Valley and beyond.


FAIR CHAIRS Are Filled- Thank you!

Fair Chair - Karen Bates

Vendor Chair - Beth Volkmann assisted by Eva Camacho-Sanchez

Food Services Chair - Tara Hoffman

Activities/ Crafts Chair - Liza Cabot-Case guided by Penny Herter

Entertainment Chair - Polly Saltet (Eurythmy teacher)

Gingerbread House Rep - Samantha Wood

Alumni/ Families Outreach Rep. - Heide Zajonc


For our Current list of Volunteers:  HF Chair and Class Responsibilities 




Each class has a designated representative that coordinates and facilitates Holiday Fair adventures and responsibilities. All are filled except:


OPEN -  Bluebird Kindergarten Fair Rep

Works with the Activity Chair, Penny Herter and Liza Cabot-Case and Meadowlark Kindergarten reps, Marie Lauderdale and India Adams on the Children's Bazaar.
OPEN -  3rd Grade Fair Rep

Works with the Food Chair, Tara Hoffman on the family-run Café + Bakery
OPEN  - 4th Grade Fair Rep

Works with the 5th Grade Fair Reps, Julie O'Connor & Cat McCune on Set Up and Decorations

OPEN - 6th Grade Fair Rep

Works with the Activities Chair, Liza Cabot-Case to create a crafts room.


Who will it be who steps in to fill the last few openings?



Do you have craft supplies taking up space? Would you like to be a Town Crier? What music could you bring to the café stage?

Let us know!  Stay tuned for more details from your reps.


- Karen Bates

Director of Development

And the Holiday Fair Committee


AUDITIONS! Western District Orchestra, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble and Chorus

Massachusetts Music Educators Association

If you are an instrumentalist or singer, you may be interested in participating in one of the two Western District concerts comprised of western Massachusetts students. Senior Districts are for 9th through 12th graders and Junior Districts are for 7th through 9th graders.


For the audition, students prepare and perform a specific piece of music, perform scales and sight read a piece of music. If they pass, they will attend two rehearsals and perform in a concert at The UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center.

Several Hartsbrook students have had positive experiences in previous years. Students have liked getting feedback on their auditions and participating in the festival with their peers from all over the region. Senior District participants that earn a certain score on their audition are also invited to try out for the All-State Concert held at Boston Symphony Hall.


To consider this opportunity, please visit the Western District website. Review the audition lists and requirements, fees.  Key dates:

Senior District registration:  Friday, October 19th

Senior Audition: Saturday, November 10th

Junior District Audition:  Saturday, December 1st


If you want to participate, the Sr. District registration deadline is right around the corner! Please complete a Student Endorsement Form (available in the office) and a check payable to The Hartsbrook School for $11. Please return both the form and check to the HS office no later than Monday October 15th.


For questions: Kelly Hudson 413-369-4797

- Virginia McWilliam

High School Faculty Chair

High School Highlights - Intensives

10th Grade - Ancient History

The tenth Grade, as part of their study of Ancient History, recently visited New York City. You might wonder what New York City has to do with ancient history. One of the themes in the Waldorf curriculum for the tenth grade is comparison and contrast and a visit to one of the greatest cities on earth is a wonderful place to compare and contrast what has and what hasn't changed.

Our first stop was the Tenement Museum which gave us an insight into living situations in the city one hundred years ago. We could also compare these to ancient as well as modern times. We visited three other museums in connection to our studies--the National Museum of Native Americans, the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art and the Museum of Modern Art. These visits gave us an opportunity to consider the evolution of art. We noticed that as we progressed the point of view shifted from looking "out" to a looking inward.

We ended our week working on drama and speech with Laurie Portocarico from Hawthorne Valley before heading up to Ashfield to see the 9th grade presentations at Double Edge Theater.


- Jesse Olsson and Maible Coughlin

10th Grade Students

Thank You Volunteers

Thanks so much for giving of yourselves on behalf of our children. The Hartsbrook Heart beats stronger because of YOU!


The breeze, the trees, the honey bees - all volunteers!
~ Juliet Carinreap

For the 12th grade intensive week at Hermit Island in Maine, thanks to high school parents Jacqueline Strauss, Jim Drisko, Marianne Mahoney and Leslie Ritchie-Dunham for preparing meals and treats, and Bonnie Murphy for help with shopping. We also had parents offering to drive 10 hours round trip at the last minute when we thought we might not be able to fit everything!   

Thanks to faculty spouses for taking time off to care for children and enable teachers to be away.  Rosemary McNaughton's husband, Gary Felder with their two young children, and Alex Workman's wife, Sarah Workman, with their two-year-old twins!
Anne Haendiges for being a chaperone on the 12th grade trip to Storm King Sculpture Center.
The 7th Graders and Mrs. Hopkins are full of gratitude for the parents who drove and participated with us on our trip to The White Mountains of New Hampshire:  Reed Wulsin, Andy Moskovitz, Cindy Bright and bus driver extraordinaire, Sean Gaffney. 

Thank you SO much dear parents who helped make our 6th grade Cape Cod Trip so seamless and wonderful! A double thanks to Mike Marley for food planning and chaperoning,Liz Kaltman and Christine Andrews for food help and extra treat making! Kate Atkinson for all of her chopping, frying and shopping. Our brave and multi-talented chaperones, Adin Maynard, Enrique McDonald, Dan Kirsch, Megan Owens, Margo Jansen and Leslie Evans. To all the parents who lent the class equipment and supplies and to Heather Damon for helping to form a class full of capable, well-rounded, fun-loving children!

This Volunteer Recognition section in the Bulletin is launched to you from the Development Office. We believe in appreciating you! If there is someone you would like to thank, someone who you know did something, gave something that helped out in any way, please let me know:  kbates@hartsbrook.org, leave a note with Vesna, or message at 586-1908 x129.  Blessings on our school!

6th Grade Discovered the Magic of Cape Cod

6th Grade Camping Trip 

From our rendezvous at the Salt Pond Visitors' Center on Tuesday afternoon through our stay at the Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary until Friday, our Cape Cod adventure was a wild success. We caught fiddler crabs, lady crabs, plankton, scallops, hermit crabs, and myriad of other sea creatures; gray seals watched us from afar and close.We rode our bicycles along the bike path; took a boat tour,  cooked supper over hot coals on the misty outer beach, learned and played. It was a wonderful trip which will live on in our memories for a long time!



- Heather Damon
6th Grade Class Teacher

Hartsbrook Hawks Eye View

10/2/12 Girls JV Four Rivers 3 / Hartsbrook 2
Hartsbrook worked hard in the rain, but Four Rivers came out with the win. Four Rivers started with a goal in the first 10 minutes.  Hartsbrook responded with a pass from Sunhild Hartmann to Elena Nietupski for the goal. Four Rivers scored a goal making it 2-1 at half.  5 minutes into the second half Sunhild received a pass from Elena to make the score 2-2.  Hartsbrook defender Jackie Ritchie-Dunham and Nora Cooper led the defense with several keys stops, but it wouldn't be enough to stop the 3rd goal for Four Rivers.  Lucy Grossman had 8 saves for Hartsbrook.
- Lainie Kennedy

10/5/12 Girls Varsity Putney 7 / Hartsbrook 5
Hartsbrook traveled to play the Putney School on Friday.  It was a hard fought game with excellent passing on Hartsbrook's part.  Elena Nietupski had a strong offensive game, scoring four of our five goals.  Goalkeeper, Lucy Brady Grossman had 15 saves for hartsbrook.
- Lainie Kennedy

10/8/12 - Boys Varsity Hartsbrook 5 / Buxton 3
The Hartsbrook Boys faced off with Buxton School yesterday and earned a hard-fought 5-3 win. Oliver Smith opened the afternoon with a well struck ball from distance that was lofted over the Buxton goalkeeper for his first goal of the season. Jacob Garfinkel recorded a hat trick in the win, while Killian Kothschi filled in admirably at the right back position. The Boys are now 6-0, with a home match scheduled Thursday against Four Rivers.
- David Bach

10/8/12 - Girls Varisty Soccer  Hartsbrook 7 / Buxton 4
Hartsbrook started out strong, controlling the ball in the offense side with several good shots on goal. Buxton scored 4 minutes into the game, but then Sunhild stole the ball off a goal kick to tie it.  Hartsbrook took the lead at half with a score of 5-3.  Hartsbrook continued to stay strong with several goals by Elena, and Sunhild.  Jackie, Nora, Fiona, and Syndey all made several great stops on defense.  There were some great connections in the midfield by Hannah, Kendall and Eliana.  Lucy had 8 saves for the day. Sunhild had 4 goals, Elena had 2 goals and 2 assists, and Eliana also had a goal.
- Lainie Kennedy
See the calendar for game and practice schedules.

Upcoming Event - Limited Space!

Fiddle and Cello Workshop and Concert at Hartsbrook

Fiddler Alasdair Fraser and Cellist Natalie Haas
Hartsbrook is pleased to be hosting this acclaimed international touring and recording duo on Thursday, November 8th.  An afternoon workshop and evening concert are scheduled. Alasdair, Scotland's premier fiddle ambassador, and Natalie, sizzling cellist, display dazzling teamwork and a passion for improvising on the melody and groove of Scottish tunes. The duo frequently performs at the Iron Horse in Northampton.


WORKSHOP Thursday, November 8th: 2:00 - 3:20 PM 
Where: Hartsbrook, Piening Hall
Tickets:  $20 per person, free to Hartsbrook students
Open to parents, friends and the general public.


CONCERT Thursday, November 8th: 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Where: Hartsbrook, Piening Hall 
Tickets: $17.50 for adults, $15 for students and workshop participants. 


Please call the High School at 413-586-1908 for tickets. 

Kaspar Hauser: The Open Secret of the Foundling Prince! Glen Williamson and The Hadley Lyre Ensemble

Glen Williamson
Two hundred years ago, a child was born in Germany who would grow up to become one of 19th-century Europe's most enigmatic and compelling figures. At the age of 16, this strange boy appeared on the streets of Nuremburg, barely able to stand, walk or speak. In Kaspar Hauser: Who was he? And why does his story still affect us?
Through drama and masterful storytelling, award-winning New York actor Glen Williamson has created an epic fairytale with historical interludes, including esoteric interpretations as well as the latest scientific research about Kaspar Hauser. Live music provided by The Hadley Lyre Ensemble.
When: Saturday, October 27 at 7:00 PM
Where: The Hartsbrook School, Piening Hall
Tickets: $20 general / $15 students & seniors 65+. Tickets at the door or Online 
Questions? The Pioneer Valley Muse Group, pvmusegroup@gmail.com or phone 413-549-0997.


Workshop: The Body and Soul of Nourishment


Saturday, October 27,  9 AM to 1 PM 
Hartsbrook Hall


We will explore deeply and broadly how we nourish our children and ourselves. Join us for a talk by Alicia Landman-Reiner MD, a lesson in the art of cooking for our loved ones from Elizabeth Sustick RN, and a snack of delicious wholesome food shared with the whole group.


DR. ALICIA LANDMAN-REINER practices family and integrative medicine and has many years of experience caring for children and consulting in Waldorf settings. She is also the Education Director for the Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine. She currently resides in Utah after having lived in the Pioneer Valley for many years.


ELIZABETH SUSTICK is an Anthroposophic Nurse educator and trained natural foods cook. She is co-owner of Paul and Elizabeth's Natural Foods Restaurant, Northampton, a Hartsbrook co-founder and former Cricket on the Hearth teacher.


COST: $25 per person. For more information please call 413-584-3198 or www.hartsbrook.org   


Please RSVP by replying to admissions@hartsbrook.org
or by calling the Enrollment Office, 584-3198.


Community Bulletin Board 

HARTSBROOK STUDENTS IN WILLY WONKA: Wade (6th grade) and Hillary (5th) are in the cast of the Arena Civic Theater's upcoming performance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Come enjoy this magical musical production with local performers of all ages. October weekends: Sat. 13th, Sun. 14th, Fri. 19th, Sat. 20th, Sun 21st. Day and evening performances. ticket information


NORTHAMPTON COMMUNITY MUSIC CENTER - Sunday, October 14, 11:00 AM join for a FREE Master Class with the renowned chamber ensemble PROMETHEUS http://www.ncmc.net/


PARENTING FOR PEACE group study and practice with child educator Gina Simm. She will share the works of Inbal Kashtan, Parenting From Your Heart. Her parenting approach is based on the principles of compassion, connection and partnership. Inbal is a (Non-violent Communication) NVC trainer and co-founder of BayNVC . Contact Karen Bates for more information. 413-230-0215 r.ki_eelah@yahoo.com


The ART OF HOME HERBALISM with Brittany Nickerson in Amherst. NEW Apprenticeship Class Added! Every other Friday starting in October 2012 - June 2013 Time: 1-4pm. This apprenticeship is designed to introduce you to the world of western herbalism and give you the tools to be an effective and empowered home herbalist. For more info: The Art of Home Herbalism Contact Karen Bates, class coordinator 413-230-0215 

LAURA MELE, CERTIFIED ARBORIST -  Expert tree, shrub & garden care.  Serving the Pioneer Valley.  20 years experience.  No job too small!  413-582-0336

FLUTE LESSONS AT HARTSBROOK - Emily Sapa, M.M., brings a creative, positive style to teaching flute students of all ages and abilities. She is an experienced instructor and performer and is committed to sharing a fun, productive and healthy approach to studying music and the flute. For more information, please contact at 612-788-4611 or emily.sapa@gmail.com



FOR SALE: SUZUKI CDs $5 ea.- Piano School Vol 1, Vol 1&2, Cello Vol 1&2, Violin Vol 2; used books free include Violin Vol 3  Heidi Moskovitz 413-219-1289



HANDCRAFTED SHOES made in USA.  Soft, flexible & durable. Exclusive coupon HARTSBROOK for 15% off classroom shoes thru October 31st. www.softstarshoes.com


WANTED: A previously loved Waldorf wooden play kitchen for my little ones. Please call or txt Marie 413 230 1121 or email: marielauderdale@mac.com 


SHARE A SHARE? Hartsbrook family looking for a family to share a Mountain View Farm CSA share next summer. Mountain View is a lovely farm on East Street in Easthampton. If interested or if you'd like to discuss the possibility, please call the Andresens: 413 534-3882.


TEEN YOGA CLASSYoga Sanctuary in Northampton is offering a Teen Yoga Series!  These classes will offer a combination of yoga poses, meditation, creative movement, art, and music.  Series runs from November 7th - December 19th, Wednesday afternoons 4 - 5:15pm (no class November 21st).  Pre-registration required - please call 413 585-9642 for more information!


LOCAL MEATs: Hilltown Grazers is looking to sell whole or half hogs. We pasture raise Hereford, Berkshire and Yorkshire pigs in the forests of Ashfield. Animals are fed a diet of (ORGANIC non GMO) granola, yogurt and organic produce- no commercial feeds! We have sausage, pork, bacon, ham available by cut. We also have naturally raised beef by the cut, 1/2s available soon. Email or call for a price sheet. Cosimo 413-268-3435   cosimo@madhouseminis.com


RIDE NEEDED TO NORTHAMPTON CENTER ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS Starting Oct. 24th, our second grade daughter Scout will need a ride to Northampton Center each Wednesday after school. If you are able to drive her on an ongoing basis, or even if you are willing to be a back-up driver occasionally, let me know!  I get out of an appointment at 3:20 each Wednesday and can be waiting for her at any convenient downtown spot. Thanks! Luna Greenwood, (339) 223-4562


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