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September 27, 2012


The Hartsbrook School

193 Bay Road
Hadley, MA


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Holiday: Columbus Day

Mon. Oct. 8

No School


Open Class Day

Thurs. Oct. 4


Strategic Planning

Open Forums

Thursday, 10/11

8:30 AM - 10:30 AM

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


All School Open House 

Sat. Oct. 13

10 AM - Noon


Harvest Festival

Fri. Oct. 19


Parent Evenings


Grade 3

Thursday, 9/20


Wednesday, 10/3 

High School

Wednesday, 10/3


Field Trips 


8th Grade to Nantucket

Sept. 18-21 

6th Grade to Cape Cod

Oct. 2-5

7th Grade to White Mts.

Oct. 2-5

6th Grade Caving Trips

Oct. 11 and Oct. 12


Soccer Games 




Sept. 28

VG @ Charlemont

JVB Home vs. Charlemont

VB @ Dublin

Oct. 2

VG @ Four Rivers

VB Home vs. Swift River

Oct. 5

VB @ Putney

Oct. 8

VB vs. Buxton @ Charelemont

VG vs. Buxton @ Charlemon

The Work of the Faculty Conference

In a Waldorf school, the Faculty Conference (or College of Teachers as it is called in many Waldorf schools) has an important role in guiding the school, often serving in the capacity that a "head of school" would serve at another independent school. At Hartsbrook, the Conference oversees the pedagogy and administration of the school while the Board of Directors maintains financial and legal oversight and also takes the lead in long-range planning.

This type of leadership is purposefully non-hierarchical and recognizes the value of forming a working group that sees all parts of the school and works with inspiration underlying the pedagogy. It also evolves with the age and situation of each school so that there is no one "correct" form. Many of the details of school business are delegated to the administration and to various committees such as the Executive Circle, the Teacher Development Committee and  the Educational Support Group.

This year we welcome to the Conference:

Jeff Kalman, Cherrie Latuner and Magdalena Toran


They will join Conference Chair Polly Saltet, Meg Fisher, Rachel Kennedy, Valerie Poplawski, Heather Damon, Catherine Hopkins, Jan Baudendistel, Marie Dominique Corbiere, Louise Spear, Nicki Robb, Tony Cape and Virginia McWilliam. Jessica Stark is also a member but is on sabbatical this year.


The Faculty Conference meets weekly on Thursdays.

- Louise Spear

Faculty Chair

Strategic Planning Online Survey

Where should Hartsbrook be in three to five years?

Strategic Planning- Please Provide Your Input

A Waldorf school needs its families, faculty, staff and broader community to help focus its vision and guide its efforts for continuous improvement. 

Strategic Planning Open Forums at Hartsbrook:
Thursday October 11th - 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Thursday October 11th - 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Online Survey, Please Complete:  

Strategic Planning Survey 

Thank you for being a co-creator of The Hartsbrook School's future!


- Louise Spear

Faculty Chair

Holiday Fair News - Calling Volunteers!

2012 Holiday Fair - Saturday, November 17th

Would you like to be a pocket person?
Do you know a stilt walker?
Do you have a great craft idea?
Please take the opportunity to share your talents!


Last year the Hartsbrook Holiday Fair; hosted 2,500 guests, served thousands of bowls of soup and chili, sold more than 11,000 tickets for activities and brought in over $9,000 for the school.  None of this could have happened without the contributions large and small of many, many talented and devoted people.  We are so blessed by our community!
Entertainment Chair - Looking for someone to organize our incredible crew of students, parents and faculty who fill our Fair with music, fires, dancing, Marionette shows, fairies and, of course, King Winter's magic!

Raffle Chair - Looking for someone to organize the logistics, donation gathering and Fair process for our Raffle and our Gingerbread House auction.  Help manage these important activities that bring great gifts to the school!



Each class has a designated representative that coordinates and facilitates Holiday Fair adventures and responsibilities for the parents and students of that class.

Bluebird Kindergarten - Work with the Activity Chair and Fellow KG reps on the Children's Bazaar

Grade 2 - Work with the Food Chair on the family-run Café + Bakery
Grade 3 - Work with the Food Chair on the family-run Café + Bakery
Grade 5 - Set Up and Decorations (working with the 4th Grade)
Grade 8 - Create a Game Room for Fair attendees from older grades


Please contact Karen Bates with your interests and questions.

Stay tuned for a Holiday Fair Rep Meeting and many more chances to get involved!


- Karen Bates

Director of Development

And the Holiday Fair Committee




Burritos available for 8 THURSDAYS from Mi Tierra

October, 11th through December, 13th
Small - $40 for 8 weeks or Large - $48 for 8 weeks
Chicken, Vegetarian and Vegan options are available

Give forms to Vesna (main office) or Caryn (HS office) by October 8th. forms available in the offices

Burritos are a fund raiser for the High School Senior Trip.
Contact senior class advisor- Thomas Heineman


Pizza avaiable on WEDNESDAYS

Order Each Week by Tues 11 AM or put in a multiple week order
Slices: $1.75 each cheese or with toppings
Available for Grades 3-12, faculty and staff

Order Form - Give to Vesna, main office, by 11 AM each Tuesday. forms available in the offices
Orders will also be taken, in-person, in grades 3-12 on Mondays or under the canopy Tuesday mornings. 


Pizza delivery is a fund raiser for the 8th Grade Class Trip.
Contact 8th Grade Class Teacher- Jan Baudendistel


The PVTA bus that serves The Hartsbrook School is primarily a college bus as it runs between Smith College and Mt. Holyoke. Bus 39 will not run from Sunday 10/6 to Tuesday 10/9 as there is a mid-semester break at this time. Bus 39 is the one that stops at Hartsbrook.


A Kindergarten View

On walk days we have gathered in the play yard to pluck Indian Corn from the cob, grind dried corn into cornmeal, peel carrots for rice day and grind almonds for the oatmeal. On Friday, the children wanted to try to grind the corn all by themselves. Using their whole body and will, they could do it! Each walk day we have traveled the same path, from barn to barn, getting to know our farmyard neighbors. We have watched as Ms. Robb, our farmer, trimmed goat hooves, and let Miss April out to pasture for the first time. We have delighted in feeding our ground corn to the chickens and calling our pigs in from their morning nap in sunny mud to their cornmeal snack. (The pigs names are Jaques and Jillian!) The children have showed us things too. How good it feels to burst into a whole hearted run across the great big field. How the dew drops line up along the spiderwebs and hang on the tip of each blade of grass. The beetle, caterpillar and the spider that came to visit the fairy house we made from sticks, leaves, grass, and halves of bean tree pods.

A Fresh Picked Bouquet!

Inside, the children have been building many houses, boats, and police stations using cloths, clips, blocks, and play stands. They have been making families, creating feasts in the kitchen, caring for the babies, getting to know their neighbors, and learning to knock before they enter. As we begin our third full week, we have gone through the rhythm of the week twice and the children are settling into life in the kindergarten. We've even had our first birthday celebration.


On bread making day the children are the bakers in the baker's shop. 


 "We mix the dough, we knead the dough, we let it rise. We push the dough, we pat the dough, it grows before our eyes. Hot brown loaf from a single ball it rises up to feed us all."


On painting day, the children are learning to let the brush dance on its tiptoes, rinse and wipe its feet before the next color, and to let the colors dance across the whole page. They love to paint and to draw. The children's drawings are beautiful, archetypal representations of what is important to them in the world. Houses, flowers, trees, rainbows, rainbow ladies, sun bursts, faces, people, cars and trucks, and construction cones. And of course they love to help their teachers with all the work of the kindergarten: peeling and chopping vegetables for soup, and apples for sauce, washing, hanging and folding the wash, setting the table and even tidying up!

- Rachel Kennedy

Bluebird Kindergarten Teacher

Hartsbrook Supports Local Farmers -

Sharing our land with the Homestead Community Farm Program

Homestead Community Farm Farmers

"The Homestead Community Farm wants to thank Olivia and Alexander Dreier, Nicki Robb and The Hartsbrook School for helping us to take a few more steps towards realizing our goals, and for making our summer farm program a great success!


Homestead Community Farm is a group in the Pioneer Valley working to create an integrated farmstead community where people with and without disabilities can live, work and socialize together. Nicki Robb with the support and backing of The Hartsbrook School and Alexander and Olivia Dreier, offered us a piece of their wonderful organic garden to create our summer program. Participants from all over the Pioneer Valley, of diverse ages, backgrounds and abilities worked together as farmers. Each was respected and valued for his/her contribution to carry straw, plant, hoe, weed, water, harvest, and of course, eat!  


All were able to take home delicious organic produce to share and much was donated to local food banks. The experience brought skills, friendships, and a calm that comes with working the land."


Thank you - Homestead Community Farm


  - Nicki Robb

Director, Land Stewardship Program


Sports Updates

Soccer HS girls
9/20 JV Girls - Charlemont 4/ Hartsbrook 3
Last week ended with an exciting game against Charlemont Academy, a co-ed team of 7th through 9th graders.  It might end up being our toughest challenge all season!  Lila sent in our first score, assisted by Mary.  Our determined sweeper Hannah and defenders Anya and Iris all gave incredible efforts while outnumbered on the back line, but Charlemont managed to score, 3 to 1 at the half. Miranda was outstanding in goal with 8 saves.  Defensively, our midfielders  coordinated well during the second half, and Robin also did well playing in goal, recording 2 saves.  Ingrid converted a penalty kick and Erin soon followed before time ran out.  The game finished 4-3, Charlemont.
- Lainie Kennedy
Varsity Girls Soccer Coach
See the calendar for game and practice schedules.
9/25 V Boys- Eagle Hill 0/ Hartsbrook 5 
In the first home game of the season, we did not disappoint the home crowd in a 5-0 victory over Eagle Hill School. Early goals from Vincent DeFelice and Killian Kothschi set the tone in what was an impressive first half performance. The second half yielded a goal off of a corner kick, when Jacob Garfinkel struck a perfect ball for Gavan Rice to head into the back of the net. The defensive unit of Will O'Connor, Gavan Rice, and Dunan Herman-Parks held strong to preserve the second shutout of the season. We are now 3-0, and looking forward to a tough road game against Dublin on Friday.
-David Bach
Varsity Boys Soccer Coach

Scottish Fiddler Alasdair Fraser and Cellist Natalie Haas - Workshop and Concert at Hartsbrook!

Hartsbrook is pleased to be hosting this acclaimed international touring and recording duo on Thursday, November 8.  An afternoon workshop and evening concert are scheduled.   Alasdair, Scotland's premier fiddle ambassador, and Natalie, sizzling cellist, display dazzling teamwork and a passion for improvising on the melody and groove of Scottish tunes.  The duo frequently performs at the Iron Horse in Northampton.
WORKSHOP Thursday November 8th: 2:00 PM to 3:20 PM 
Where: Hartsbrook, Piening Hall
Tickets:  $20 per person, free to Hartsbrook students
Open to parents, friends and the general public
CONCERT Thursday November 8th: 7:00 to 9:00
Where: Hartsbrook, Piening Hall 
Tickets: $17.50 for adults, $15 for students and workshop participants. 
Please call the High School at 413-586-1908 for tickets. 

Kaspar Hauser: The Open Secret of the Foundling Prince! Glen Williamson and The Hadley Lyre Ensemble

Glen Williamson
Two hundred years ago, a child was born in Germany who would grow up to become one of 19th-century Europe's most enigmatic and compelling figures. At the age of 16, this strange boy appeared on the streets of Nuremburg, barely able to stand, walk or speak. In Kaspar Hauser: Who was he? And why does his story still affect us?
Through drama and masterful storytelling, award-winning New York actor Glen Williamson has created an epic fairytale with historical interludes, including esoteric interpretations as well as the latest scientific research about Kaspar Hauser. Live music provided by The Hadley Lyre Ensemble.
When: Saturday, October 27 at 7:00 pm
Where:The Hartsbrook School, Piening Hall
Tickets: $20 general / $15 students & seniors 65+. Tickets at the door or Online 
Questions? The Pioneer Valley Muse Group, or phone 413-549-0997.


Workshop: The Body and Soul of Nourishment


Saturday, October 27,  9am-1pm
Hartsbrook Hall


We will explore deeply and broadly how we nourish our children and ourselves. Join us for a talk by Alicia Landman-Reiner MD, a lesson in the art of cooking for our loved ones from Elizabeth Sustick RN, and a snack of delicious wholesome food shared with the whole group.


DR. ALICIA LANDMAN-REINER practices family and integrative medicine and has many years of experience caring for children and consulting in Waldorf settings. She is also the Education Director for the Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine. She currently resides in Utah after having lived in the Pioneer Valley for many years.


ELIZABETH SUSTICK is an Anthroposophic Nurse educator and trained natural foods cook. She is co-owner of Paul and Elizabeth's Natural Foods Restaurant, Northampton, a Hartsbrook co-founder and former Cricket on the Hearth teacher.


COST: $25 per person. For more information please call (413) 584-3198 or visit   


Please RSVP by replying to
or by calling the Enrollment Office, 584-3198.


International High School Students - Corrections! 

Errors were made in last week's introductions, please look again...


Left - Maude Greggio, France- 10th grade, hosted by Lucie Latuner

Center - Sophie Teske, Germany - 10th grade, hosted by Elena Nietupski

Right - Sunhild Hartmann, Germany - 10th grade, hosted by Sydney Shaw



Left - Akino Onaka, Japan - 11th grade, hosted by Nora Yamazaki-Heineman

Center - Killian Kotschi, Germany - 10th grade, hosted by Will Harrison

Right - Anne Wassenhoven, Germany - 10th grade, hosted by Elena Nietupski


- Virginia McWilliam

High School Faculty Chair

Community Bulletin Board 

INDOOR CAT NEEDS A HOME - Due to allergies, we need to find a loving home for our 13-yr-old, spayed, long-haired female cat.  Kuan Yin is beautiful, healthy, affectionate and, at times, talkative.  She's an indoor cat who's happier without other cats.  Please call Eric or Heidi 413-625-2686. 


THE WOVEN WORD AFTER SCHOOL WRITING WORKSHOPS -  Begins wek of September 11, Open and Ongoing enrollment. Tuesdays 4:30-6:30 -- Thursdays 3:30-5:30 Organized in Sessions.  "Because everyone has something to say, and writing is a powerful way to say it."

For Information & Registration, contact Lynn Bowmaster at 413-584-337.


3 BEDROOM HOUSE TO RENT IN HATFIELD - 15 minutes to Hartsbrook.  Quiet, dead-end street.  Pets considered.  December 1, 2012.  Please call 413-247-9287 


Multi-Arts THEATER, ART & FASHION - Give your child the tools for successful learning.Art programs strengthen your child's attention and help to improve academics and critical thinking. 

Program runs month-to-month:   TUESDAYS 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM 867 N. Pleasant St, Amherst
Fee: $65 per month Info: 413-584-7951 or


SEEKING HOUSE SWAP OR RENTAL FOR THANKSGIVING WEEK - We are looking to rent a house in or near Northampton for my family who will be visiting Thanksgiving week. They are also interested in a house swap. They live in Berkeley, CA and have a beautiful 4BR house a couple of blocks from the Rock Ridge shops. Any interest or leads, please email or call 917-373-1316.

FRIENDLY FAMILIES NEEDED to open their homes to a Japanese High School student from November 10th-13th. Fifty students from Koryo High School in Hiroshima are touring our area and hoping to experience our culture first hand by participating in a homestay program. If you are interested in being a host, please contact Marie Lauderdale:, call or txt (413) 230-1121 for info.


STAY HEALTHY THIS FALL WITH YOGA!  Enjoy small yoga classes in Karen Sheingold's lovely studio in the woods in Amherst. First class free. New students: 30 days of classes for $50. New to yoga? Try the 6-class Introduction to Yoga. For details, For first-hand information, talk with Nicole Romer, Sarah Shields or Jean Zimmer. Contact: or 413-253-0313.


TWIN BED FOR SALE - Deluxe teak hardwood twin bed frame with super comfy Oxford "King Koil" contour box spring mattress. $200 for set. New condition. contact Margot or Pablo 413-586-8583


PARENTING FOR PEACE group study and practice with child educator Gina Simm. She will share the works of Inbal Kashtan, Parenting From Your Heart. Her parenting approach is based on the principles of compassion, connection and partnership. Inbal is a (Non-violent Communication) NVC trainer and co-founder of BayNVC . Contact Karen Bates for more information. 413-230-0215


The ART OF HOME HERBALISM with Brittany Nickerson in Amherst. NEW Apprenticeship Class Added! Every other Friday starting in October 2012 - June 2013 Time: 1-4pm. This apprenticeship is designed to introduce you to the world of western herbalism and give you the tools to be an effective and empowered home herbalist. For more info: The Art of Home Herbalism Contact Karen Bates, class coordinator 413-230-0215 

LAURA MELE, CERTIFIED ARBORIST -  Expert tree, shrub & garden care.  Serving the Pioneer Valley.  20 years experience.  No job too small!  413-582-0336

FLUTE LESSONS AT HARTSBROOK - Emily Sapa, M.M., brings a creative, positive style to teaching flute students of all ages and abilities. She is an experienced instructor and performer and is committed to sharing a fun, productive and healthy approach to studying music and the flute. For more information, please contact at 612-788-4611 or


TEMPORARY LODGING FOR "HARRY MOHAWK" - $100/month. Do you like pets? Would you like to help us with a home for Harry (a lovely Guinea Pig) until May, 2013? We are currently in Brazil, but Harry is still in the US. We need a warm home for him for the next six/seven months. We will pay $100/mo for food and bedding. Contact: or


WARDROBE MOVING BOXES AVAILABLE - Hartsbrook School costumes have been unpacked and we have a numer of cardboard garment storage boxes available. Please contact Louse Spear

if you are interested in these boxes. 413-586-1908 x 127.
FOR SALE: SUZUKI CDs $5 ea.- Piano School Vol 1, Vol 1&2, Cello Vol 1&2, Violin Vol 2; used books free include Violin Vol 3  Heidi Moskovitz 413-219-1289


The Community Bulletin Board is for small classified-type advertisements. Each submission costs $5.00, is limited to 3 paid repeats and should be no more than 6 lines of text, about 60 words. Payment for Community Bulletin Board submissions should be made by Friday of the publication week. No charge for advertisements for free events or nonprofit organizations. Submit ads to:  

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