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September 12, 2012


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Holiday: Yom Kippur

Sept. 26

No School


Stratgic Planning

Open Forums

Thursday, 10/11

8:30 AM - 10:30 AM

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Open Class Day

Thursday, 10/4


Parent Evenings


Grade 1

Wednesday, 9/12

Grade 8

Thursday, 9/13

Grade 2

Tuesday, 9/18

Grade 3

Thursday, 9/20

High School

Wednesday, 10/3


Field Trips 

5th Grade Botany Trip

Sept. 13

5th Grade Camping

Sept. 19-21

8th Grade to Nantucket

Sept. 18-21 

6th Grade to Cape Cod

Oct. 2-5

7th Grade to White Mts.

Oct. 2-5


Soccer Games 



Sept. 14

VG @ MacDuffie

VB @ White Oak

Sept. 19

JVG home vs. GCS

Sept. 20

JVG home vs. Charlemont

Sept 24

VG Home vs. Eagle Hill

Sept. 25

VB Home vs. Eagle Hill

Sept. 28

VG @ Charlemont

JVB Home vs. Charlemont

VB @ Dublin

Oct. 2

VG @ Four Rivers

VB Home vs. Swift River

Oct. 5

VB @ Putney

Welcome From the Faculty Chair 

Welcome new and returning families to the Hartsbrook community and our new school year.


This year we are celebrating having all our children, from babes in arms to high school seniors, together in one place. This unified campus has been a vision 33 years in the making and is a delight to experience!


The smallest children run past the high school on their way to the beautiful new nursery. High school students pitch in to create a new sand yard for the children who may someday sit at their desks. The first day's welcoming Flower Ceremony reminds us of the uniqueness of each child and how quickly a brave 1st grader grows to a confident senior.


The excitement for this year and our unified school is tangible. Please keep your eye on the Bulletin and a soon-to-be-created News and Events section on our web site for ongoing information about upcoming activities and opportunities.


Let the school year begin!

- Louise Spear

Faculty Chair

Hartsbrook Strategic Planning:
An Invitation


We know that Waldorf educators bring their students imaginative pictures that will nourish them in their journey toward enlivened and creative thinking and empathetic action. A Waldorf institution also needs those within the school and surrounding community to engage their imagination in guiding the institution to the next phase of development.  That is why an activity such as strategic planning, seemingly so prosaic a term, is an essential activity for a mature institution.  Through imagining one's school into the future, with its current strengths and weaknesses as well as the obstacles and opportunities it faces, one becomes a co-creator of that future institution.


The Hartsbrook School is now inviting all of you to be part of imagining our future.  This strategic planning process will begin with an online survey for the school community, available at Hartsbrook Strategic Planning Survey from mid-September to mid-October. There will also be Open Forums on October 11th: one from 8:30-10:30 AM and the other from 7:00-9:00 PM.  In these forums you will have an opportunity to share your perspectives about the school: its strengths, areas needing improvement and suggestions about ways to achieve that improvement, challenges facing the school, and its future opportunities.  These meetings will be facilitated by Kay Hoffman, longtime Waldorf teacher, administrator and consultant working through AdminService with The Hartsbrook School.  We hope to see a lively crowd present at these meetings!


While Kay is here she will also meet with the Board of Directors, faculty and staff, and alumni and their parents. Once the responses have been gathered from all constituents, a strategic plan will be developed, focusing on a number of discrete categories.  The members of the Strategic Planning Task Force will meet with individuals and committees already working on these areas of school life to develop a plan with designated actions and timelines. The final plan will be presented to the school community in December and everyone will have a chance to join with us to make these plans a reality.


-Hartsbrook Strategic Planning Task Force

Swansea Bleicher

Jeff Kalman

Rosemary McNaughton

Noah Smith

Louise Spear

2012 Flower Ceremony

 FCsummyrboys 2  boy girl 

For more photos Hartsbrook Photo Site  >All School Events >Flower Ceremony

(See Vesna in the Hartsbrook Hall Office if you need the site password) 


Participating in a ceremony celebrated by Waldorf schools across the globe, the first day of school opens with each 1st grader being welcomed into the grade school by his or her 8th grade buddy and 12th grade friend.
Hello to the classes of 2013, 2017 and 2024!

High School Highlights -

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary

EC Playground2

The High School had a busy beginning, starting out of the gate more than a week before the rest of the school!


This year we organized students into teams that span the grades, led by seniors. Seniors had two days of training, where they engaged in various leadership-oriented activities, reflected on qualities of leadership, discussed team activities, and agreed on a team naming scheme: a Greek god and a Hawaiian fish! Don't be surprised if student T-shirts proclaiming them to be "Tartarus Onagi Children of Chaos." And you might hear a work crew referring to themselves as the "Hyperion League of Galactic Scorpionfish," or "Erebus Hou!"  The rest of the grades joined the seniors for orientation, a pig toss relay, class meetings, advisor and elective selection, and a game of capture the flag.


The first day of school began with new students and faculty welcomed through a ceremony in which they told us what they were bringing to the High School as they put a flower into a vase. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of our founding, we took some time to reminisce and the faculty recommitted themselves, sharing what they bring to the students.


We started the year with 9th grade studying Tragedy and Comedy, 10th grade Ancient History, 11th grade Parzival, and 12th grade Zoology and Evolution. Track classes began in Math, Language, Computer Science, Astronomy, World Religions, American Studies, Expository Writing, and Short Story Writing. Arts include Woodworking, Painting, Stone Sculpture, and a Farm Practicum.


Our teams welcomed Hartsbrook's youngest students by building a beautiful nursery playground! Plants were planted, logs were rolled and arranged, vast quantities of sand and mulch were hauled, and a laundry line and swing set were installed.


Many of the senior class went to the Storm King Sculpture Center. In connection with their Stone Sculpture class, they toured monumental modern works by artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, Mark diSuvero, Alyson Shotz, David Smith, Barbara Hepworth, Alexander Calder, Maya Lin, and Zhang Huan. A high point was striking the gong in diSuvero's piece, "Beethoven's Quartet".


 HS field games  

For more photos Hartsbrook Photo Site > High School

(See Vesna in the Hartsbrook Hall Office if you need the site password) 


  - High School Faculty

West Nile Virus Safety

West Nile Virus (WNV) and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) Precautions - The Department of Public Health has no restrictions on activities in Hadley at this time. Their recommendations are for limited outdoor activities from dusk to dawn in areas of high alert or critical alert which includes many local towns. Hartsbrook will abide by any Board of Health/DPH recommendations for field trips to high alert and critical alert areas. We will keep the Hartsbrook community informed if there are any changes to these recommendations.
Regardless of alert status for Hadley or student's hometowns, the highest recommendation in all areas of Massachusetts is for mosquito repellent for all outdoor activities (a DEET-containing spray for the skin, or permethrin for clothing) at any time. I would recommend that parents apply this to their children before they attend school even though it may wear off before afternoon activities. School personnel and coaches are not able to apply these to children. Children who are able to apply the repellent effectively without assistance can be sent in with some for personal use only.

    - Eraena Meehan

School Nurse

Food Allergy Safe Areas - 2012

In order to provide a learning environment that is as safe as possible for those students and adults with life-threatening food allergies, ALL classrooms and community areas of all Hartsbrook School buildings are "FOOD ALLERGY-SAFE" areas.  Faculty, staff, parents, volunteers and visitors are expected to be attentive to not sharing food, personal care or craft items, and being diligent about hand washing and cleaning.


 As of this writing, there is one specific limitation regarding life-threatening food allergies on the Hartsbrook campus:


NO PEANUTS OR TREE NUTS (nor any product made with them) may be brought into the 6TH GRADE CLASSROOM, ON THE SECOND FLOOR of Hartsbrook Hall. This includes food, personal care products or items for craft purposes.


Please note any ALERT signs posted near specific classrooms or on building entrances.


If other life-threatening food allergies are confirmed, notification of specific comprehensive restrictions will be communicated in the Bulletin. When necessary, specific comprehensive limitations are communicated by the School Nurse and/or classroom teacher in order to provide advance notice to parents regarding regular lunch and snack preparation. Individualized plans are implemented as needed for any global restrictions based in certain buildings or classrooms


Before bringing ANY item to be shared on campus with children or adults, please consult with the classroom teacher or school nurse.  Shared items include food, personal care products and craft/project supplies.  Diligence is expected in cleaning any spills of items that were not necessarily brought on campus to be shared. Spilling food/craft items containing allergens is akin to sharing that item.


As food allergies can be a life-or-death situation, it is expected that all Hartsbrook School faculty, staff, parents, and volunteers as well as visiting adults shall adhere to this policy (and insist on the adherence to such by all children in their care) and recommendations by the School Nurse. Contact the School Nurse for discussion and review of the policy and specific protocols regarding food allergy safety.


Thank you for your assistance in maintaining the safety of our school.  


- Eraena Meehan

School Nurse


Friday Morning Community Coffee

Karen 2We will continue the tradition of hosting community coffee under the canopy on Friday mornings 8ish-10ish. All parents, staff and friends are welcome to attend for coffee, tea and great company! Occasionally, I will be inspired to serve homemade Belgian waffles, complete with maple syrup and fruit toppings.

- Karen Bates

Director of Development

Parking, Pick Up and Drop Off

With an expanding campus we have even more activity in the parking areas. We will be adding spaces to the back lot this fall to relieve some congestion. Please remember that:

-Students should walk on the sidewalks and not through the drop-off circle

-Parking nearest the canopy should be held for Nursery student families

-Parking nearest the goat pen should be held for Kindergarten student families

-Staff, faculty and high school students should park in the farthest lot

-The side of the main drive way and the middle of the drop off circle must be free of cars


- Pat O'Connor

Operations Manager

Sports Season Begins!

Vinny SoccerThe Boys' Varsity Soccer team won its first match of the year, 6-2, at Four Rivers School. Vinnie DeFelice and Gabe Voisin both scored two goals, while Jacob Garfinkel chipped in with one goal and two assists. The goal of the match came from Will Harrison, making his debut at the right back position, on a 25 yard strike. The defense was rock solid, with Connor Ritchie-Dunham making some big saves in goal. We are looking forward to Friday's game against White Oak.

See the calendar  for game and practice schedules.

-David Bach

Soccer Coach

PIZZA Lunches

Pizza ServingPIZZA PIZZA PIZZA: Beginning the first week of October, the 8th grade will be selling pizza for lunch one day a week as a fundraiser for its 8th grade class trip. Pizza is available to students in grades 3-12, as well as faculty and staff, and will be served on Wednesdays beginning October 3rd. Look for more details and advance ordering forms in an upcoming Bulletin.  We look forward to serving pizza and we thank you for your support of the 8th grade!


- The 8th Grade

  Enrollment Corner

Maggie & dollThere are a few spaces available in our Saturday CRICKET ON THE HEARTH Parent Child Program.  This Mini-Session meets from 9:00am to 11:30am, September 22, 29; October 6, 13, 20, 27.   It is  a wonderful way to introduce a friend or family member with young children to the beauty of Waldorf Education.  Please contact the Enrollment Office if you are interested at 584-3198 or visit our website,


- Suzy Canter Kirsch

 Enrollment Director


Workshop: The Body and Soul of Nourishment


Saturday, October 27, 2012  9am-1pm
Hartsbrook Hall


We will explore deeply and broadly how we nourish our children and ourselves. Join us for a talk by Alicia Landman-Reiner MD, a lesson in the art of cooking for our loved ones from Elizabeth Sustick RN, and a snack of delicious wholesome food shared with the whole group.


DR. ALICIA LANDMAN-REINER practices family and integrative medicine and has many years of experience caring for children and consulting in Waldorf settings. She is also the Education Director for the Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine. She currently resides in Utah after having lived in the Pioneer Valley for many years.


ELIZABETH SUSTICK is a Anthroposophic Nurse educator and trained natural foods cook. She is co-owner of Paul and Elizabeth's Natural Foods Restaurant, Northampton, a Hartsbrook co-founder and former Cricket on the Hearth teacher.


COST: $25 per person. For more information please call (413) 584-3198 or visit   


Please RSVP by replying to
or by calling the Enrollment Office, 584-3198.


Waldorf One World Day September 27th, 2012


red folded paper star

Ms. Damon and Ms. Major Jameson were introduced to WOW Day at the International Waldorf Teacher's Conference that they attended in Dornach, Switzerland in April. They were so inspired by this project that they wanted Hartsbrook students to participate too!  Grades 5, 6 and 12 are organizing WOW Day here at Hartsbrook to join forces with students all over the world.


What is WOW Day?

 Waldorf students in action for other Waldorf students
all over the world.


With your ideas and activities such as crafts and sales campaigns we will raise money to support Waldorf and social initiatives around the globe. In 2011, students from over 220 Waldorf schools in 26 countries collected more than 360,000 € with extraordinary dedication and a lot of enthusiasm. Their contribution is helping to support disadvantaged children in more than 60 organizations in almost 30 countries.  The administration costs are completely covered by the Friends of Waldorf Education and therefore not one cent is lost!


You can help schools, kindergartens and remedial education organizations receive vital support for their social projects.


More news to come.

-Alexis Major Jameson

5th Grade Class Teacher

Community Bulletin Board 

INDOOR CAT NEEDS A HOME - Due to allergies, we need to find a loving home for our 13-yr-old, spayed, long-haired female cat.  Kuan Yin is beautiful, healthy, affectionate and, at times, talkative.  She's an indoor cat who's happier without other cats.  Please call Eric or Heidi 413-625-2686. 


THE WOVEN WORD AFTER SCHOOL WRITING WORKSHOPS -  Begins Week of September 11, Open and Ongoing enrollment. Tuesdays 4:30-6:30 -- Thursdays 3:30-5:30 Organized in Sessions.  "Because everyone has something to say, and writing is a powerful way to say it."

For Information & Registration, contact Lynn Bowmaster at 413-584-337.


3 BEDROOM HOUSE TO RENT IN HATFIELD - 15 minutes to Hartsbrook.  Quiet, dead-end street.  Pets considered.  November 1 (or maybe 10/15).  Please call 413-247-9287 


Multi-Arts THEATER, ART & FASHION - Give your child the tools for successful learning- art programs strengthen your child's attention and help to improve academics and critical thinking. 

Program runs month-to-month:   TUESDAYS 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM 867 N. Pleasant St, Amherst
Fee: $65 per month Info: 413-584-7951 or


SEEKING HOUSE SWAP OR RENTAL FOR THANKSGIVING WEEK - We are looking to rent a house in or near Northampton for my family who will be visiting Thanksgiving week. They are also interested in a house swap. They live in Berkely, CA and have a beautiful 4BR house a couple of blocks from the Rock Ridge shops. Any interest or leads, please email or call 917-373-1316.  

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