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MidSummer Bulletin
July 19, 2012


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 Early Childhood Building

Vision Workshop

Monday, 7/23

7:00-9:00 PM


Camping at Indian Hollow 
Friday 8/10-Tuesday 8/14




First Day of School

Wednesday, 9/5

1st -12th Grade-

Half Day

Early Childhood-

8:30 - 9:30 AM

Parent Tea

8:30 - 9:30 AM



Senior Class Leadership and Orientation

8/28 10 AM-3:30 PM 


All High School Orientation

8/29 9 AM-5:30 PM


  All School Picnic

Wednesday, 8/29 
 5:30 - 7:30 PM


Parent Evenings Nursery,  Kindergarten, High School

Wednesday, 8/29

After Picnic


    Cubby Days

Nursery, Kindergarten and 1st Grade have cubby days. Details to come.


School Forms

Mailed at the end of July. Schedule physicals!



Soccer Registration 

 Expect by email at the end of July 


From the Faculty Chair -
Welcome to the MidSummer Bulletin
Hartsbrook and our families are ever-changing.
We invite you to take a moment during the high heat of summer to reflect as we continue to grow.
 Let's celebrate with the families whose children have been promoted or graduated.  Let's appreciate the great summer work getting accomplished as Farm Camp is in full swing, the Early Childhood building plans are being developed and many hands and hearts are working to ensure that campus is welcoming for our youngest.  And finally, let's begin to turn our thoughts gently toward the year to come with a few reminders of events and dates to work into your plans. 

Welcome new families!
Wishing you all the joys and peace of summer. 

- Louise Spear

Faculty Chair

Early Childhood Building News

The Early Childhood Building Committee has been very busy these last few months. After a thorough architect selection process their recommendation to hire Kraus Fitch of Amherst, MA was approved by the Faculty Conference and Board of Directors. In order to be ready for our nursery and parent-child classes in September, 2013, we have started the next project phase: developing a timeline for August, 2013 building completion.


  We welcome community input to happen during this process.   During the first meeting, July11th, we gathered under the canopy of Hartsbrook Hall and walked to the building site considering all aspects of building placement. Architect, Mary Kraus guided us in a visioning process for the building and we had the opportunity, in World Caf small group format, to express hopes for three aspects of the building - the site and approach, the interior spaces and how they worked, and environmental and "green" considerations.


A similar format will be used at the next meeting on Monday, July 23rd. I urge everyone with thoughts about how the interior and exterior spaces of this building could best work, to attend. It was truly an inspiring process to put our imaginations to work on creating this home for our youngest Hartsbrook students.

In September, the architects will have a schematic drawing to share which will be presented at another community meeting  and we will begin the physical building of this space sometime in the 2012 - 2013 school year.


 - Louise Spear
Faculty Chair


Join Us:

 Early Childhood Building Vision Workshop

Monday, July 23, 2012 7:00-9:00pm

Hartsbrook Hall


 Nursury Hammer

Hartsbrook's Newest Acreage - Thank you, Dreier Family!


LAND STEW 1 On Friday, June 29th,
36 acres of land abutting the main campus was transferred to The Hartsbrook School by owners Olivia and Alexander Dreier. At the same time, the school preserved 32.5 acres of this land for agricultural uses and protected it from development pressures in perpetuity by entering into an agreement with the State of Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources under the Agricultural Preservation Restriction Act. The Kestrel Land Trust provided assistance with closing costs as this land is part of a 2000 acre section of  rural land that they are trying to preserve between the Holyoke Range and the Fort River in Hadley, MA.

This event marks the culmination of a two-year process shepherded by the school's Long Range Planning and Land Stewardship Committees and supported by local conservation officials in the Town of Hadley and the state of Massachusetts and, of course, by school friends and founding parents, Alexander and Olivia Dreier.

We plan to celebrate this milestone and acknowledge the Driers during our Harvest Festival on October 19th. Thank you, Dreier family for your incredible generosity that will benefit The Hartsbrook School for years to come.

- Louise Spear
Faculty Chair

annual fund header 2011/12   

  Annual Fund   

  Exceeds It's




  We've made   

  Hartsbrook History!


Goal $70,000...  Actual $85,200


We exceeded our goals with:

97% family participation

332 total donors
94 new donors... a 28% increase 

A great increase in Alumni participation

A great increase in participation of grandparents and alumni parents


Thank you, Hartsbrook parents and community for:

All you have given...

The honor of educating your child/ren...

Your continued support in every way...

Coming together as a community to nurture our children!


sunflower Independent schools grow from seeds planted with love and blossom from the spirit of giving - your participation is the seed! Together we are accomplishing so much to help make a difference. With your support, we are able to keep serving our children and fulfill our vision for them and the future.


With heartfelt appreciation,

Karen Bates, Director of Development


The Annual Fund benefits every child, every day at the Hartsbrook School. The Annual Fund is crucial to the health of the school and enables us to provide the best learning environment for our students.

 Hartsbrook Summer Farm Camp 


Farm Camp- brush   fc girl chicken



As I write this, the day is waning after another very hot day at our Summer Farm Camp at Hartsbrook......we are in the midst of our last session, a total of four weeks, where we have welcomed over 200 hundred children and teenagers to our campus. Ranging in age from 4-15, whether a new Sprout, Young Farmer or Counselor In Training, all these campers have had a chance to work hard and have fun, sharing in the joys of working with the animals and participating in a multitude of different agricultural craft activities. We have made cheese and butter, ground grain and baked bread, washed, dyed and spun our own wool and made paper to create our own farm journals. Under the shade of our story tree, they have lain on their towels and listened to Charlotte's Web, The Ship That Flew and The Trumpet of the Swan...classics to enjoy while you watch the summer clouds scud across the sky through the leaves of an elm. Hot, tired and happy faces greet their parents at the end of each day. Nearly all of our campers come from other area schools, some returning farm campers, some new...but all enjoying the opportunity to experience a world that our Hartsbrook students enjoy daily. Of course, Francesca, the donkey greets them all with the same enthusiastic bray!


FCsophie&emma Our summer camp staff is what makes this program so popular.
Their energy and enthusiasm make the parts work together so beautifully: Emma Ayres and Sophie Lederman (former farm campers and Hartsbrook alumnae); Will Schwartz (former farm camper and Hartsbrook/ARHS graduate), Gracie Maziorella (PVPA Graduate); Laura Bete (former farm camper and UMass graduate); Sean Tousey-Pfarrer and Jesse Olsson (Hartsbrook High School); Sue Pickering (Hampshire College Grad.) and dear Janine Harrison who has so ably led our Sprouts program this year......greeting our farm camp youngsters with the same warmth and energy that we love so much here at Hartsbrook.


TieDyed tshirts New to Hartsbrook Farm Camp this year, our own tie-dyed Farm Camp T-shirts, designed by Lori Lynn Hoffer, replete with goat hooves marching across the front which each child created and proudly wore to camp! However, none of this would have been possible without the support of Suzy Canter Kirsch and her team, and notably Andrea Redenz who dealt with registration with such calm, quiet support. And of course to Pat and Ed for keeping the building and grounds looking so beautiful that we all felt quite proud to welcome our campers and their families to our Hartsbrook campus.


                                                                         - Nicki Robb

Land Stewardship Director


For more pictures: Hartsbrook's smugmug site Agricultural Arts 



 Farewell Ben Smith


BS farewell2   
For more pictures: Hartsbrook's smugmug site All School Events ~ Ben Smith


On June 16th, we formally said good-bye to Ben Smith, The Hartsbrook School's first homestead, and home to Early Childhood programs for so many years. What a wonderful event, there never was a more perfect farewell! The sun shone brightly and the grand trees made dappled shade for picnickers. Young and old gathered together; students, alumnae and teachers past and present. We sang, reminisced, and were deeply grateful. The High School students and faculty presented work from their Common Block, exploring the history of our school and the Ben Smith Tavern through photographs, writing and film. We all felt very satisfied and ready for the adventures to come.

  alums at Ben Smith event- Magdalena Toran

Early Childhood

High School Graduation
Seniors 2012  

 Hartsbrook Class of 2012

 For more pictures: Hartsbrook's smugmug site Highschool~General~Commencement


Congratulations Hartsbrook Seniors


"Today is a second birth for you, for you are passing from one stage of your life to another, passing from the realm of the possible to the realm of the actual...


...What will you do with the next stages of your life? What will you do with the next eighteen, thirty-six, or fifty-four years? What will you do? Whatever you decide. Whatever the world needs. Whatever you came to earth to do...


...Rudolf Steiner said that the greatest lesson you can learn in school is to love one another. I expect that your years here taught you much about the hard work of love. I imagine that you have laughed and cried together, argued and fought, collaborated and created. Whether you have hurt or helped each other, criticized or consoled each other, you have been there for each other, for that is what members of communities do. Communities are the crucibles in which the "we" of human life is formed. Through everything you have experience, I hope you have recognized this truth: a community is much more than the sum of its parts. In a community where each person holds the whole in her heart, in a community which sees the virtue of each one-something new is created, something powerful and transformative.


John Perkins, the author who spoke at our first graduation put it simply and eloquently when he said to the seniors, 'I have little to teach you that you haven't already learned here at this school. You have experienced community; you know what it is. Now find it or create it wherever you go.'"


Excerpt from High School Graduation speech

Roberto Trostli, Hartsbrook High Founder, June 9, 2012



What's next for the Class of 2012? 
Patrick ChadbourneUniversity of Massachusetts Computer Science
Francis DunhamColby College French
Benjamin FreedWorcester Polytechnic InstituteEngineering
Johanna HesseOberlin College Philosophy
Alexander MoskovitzVassarPre-med
Grace NolanBardUndecided
Michael PulsiferUndecidedUndecided
Margaret RanenWarren WilsonSustainability
Emma Rose RodrigueEmersonTheatre Arts
Georgia TeensmaHampshire College Undecided
Murray WanUniversity of Rochester Biochemistry  


Eighth Grade Promotion

 8th grade 2012

8th Grade Class
 For more pictures: Hartsbrook's smugmug site All School Events ~ 8th Grade Promotion
Congratulations Hartsbrook 8th Grade!
"As you move past this very special time in your life, remember the golden moments - treasure them, honor them, rejoice that you have had them but ...remember also the darker moments, the moments that you struggled ...and found a brighter day, a more perfect moment.  And know that in the future, whether it be mountains of homework which may oppress you, hours on the playing field which may exhaust you, aesthetic creations which may elude you, or relationships which may confuse or perhaps even hurt you, remember; you've lived through cloudy skies before, remember; how strong you are and know that light will stream out of this darkness as well. And the next moments may be golden ones; exquisite reminders of your best selves and everything good in the world. You have what you need for everything you will meet in the world." 
 Excerpt from Eighth Grade Promotion Speech

Ms. Stark, June 8, 2012

Celebrating Final Days of School for All


Field Day Fun
















Students, teachers and staff join together for the 3 legged races, tug o' war, endless touch-tag and general silliness during our annual Hartsbrook Field Day.


Final Assembly

assembly boysassembly HS Girls

















Participating in a ceremony celebrated by Waldorf schools across the globe, the Final Assembly closes with each 1st grader passing a flower to their 8th grade buddy and on to their 12th grade friend. Just a brief moment to see and celebrate just how quickly our own wildflowers grow into cultivated blooms.   


And then there is general merriment as each class shares their songs and stories with all...

Val De Ra Happy Wanderers!!!

For more pictures: Hartsbrook's smugmug site - All School Events ~ Final Assembly

Alumna Article in Business Week 


Front page Bloomberg Business Week online:

What Slowdown? The Mormons are Building a Mega-Mall 

Article by Caroline Winter, Hartsbrook Alumna

All School Picnic Save the Date!
Wednesday, August 29, 2012,  5:30-7:30 PM
Under the canopy of Hartsbrook Hall
Welcome New and Returning Hartsbrook Families, Faculty and Staff

Please join together under the canopy of Hartsbrook Hall for a light picnic supper. This is a time to welcome new families, share our summer stories and begin to turn our thoughts to the school year to come.


This is a catered event for adult members of our community. We look forward to seeing you!

Hartsbrook Family Camping 

Indian Hollow, Chesterfield * August 10th, 2pm- August 14th, Noon
All Hartsbrook families are invited to come to Indian Hollow, a campground in Chesterfield, for a picnic, swim, a few hours, the whole day or a full camping experience. Rally the families in your children's classes and come along. New families and alumni welcome! 

For questions, contact Leslie Kellogg at 296-4373 or Swansea Benham Bleicher at 296-0156.

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