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May 31, 2012


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Monday, 6/4: 7pm

Grades 5 & 6    




3rd Grade Play, Old Testament Stories

Thursday, 5/31 & Friday, 6/1, 9:45am


5th Grade Olympics

Friday, 6/1


Great Barrington

Venus Transit Observing 

Tuesday, 6/5 

6 - 9pm

Field Day
Wednesday, 6/6

8th Grade Class Night
Wednesday, 6/6

Last Day for Early Childhood - Half Day
Thursday, 6/7

Senior Banquet
Thursday, 6/7

Final Assembly
Friday, 6/8

8th Grade Promotion
Friday, 6/8

High School Graduation
Saturday, 6/9


From the Faculty Chair

Summertime at Hartsbrook
As we all head out into our summer pursuits of enjoying vacations, the outdoors, and rejuvenation, it is easy to imagine that the Hartsbrook School enjoys a similar period of rest and quiet. However, the actual picture is quite different, with all sorts of activities going on at Hartsbrook.


Farm Camp will move into the downstairs classrooms in Hartsbrook Hall one week after school is out, and will remain in these rooms until July 20th. In the week after school ends, class teachers will be busy packing up their rooms and moving into next year's classroom.


In the Homestead, we will be renovating the kitchen so that it can better serve the Early Childhood programs that depend on it for daily snacks. Next year, there will be up to five programs on certain days needing a snack prepared in this kitchen. This will be a renovation going all the way back to behind the walls for plumbing and electrical work, which is why we will not use the Homestead for Farm Camp this summer. 
Of course, our biggest project is to move out of Ben Smith by June 30th and renovate the South Modular to house the Nursery and Cricket on the Hearth classes. This work will begin as soon as school is out. The High School has already begun moving the Woodwork room into the former Earth Science room in the North Modular. Earth Science will move into the former Physics room, and Handwork will move into the half classroom in Hartsbrook Hall. Once the modular is emptied, necessary repairs and upgrades will take place, and then all of the Early Childhood furniture will be moved in and the teachers will set up their classrooms. A playground will also be created and fenced in outside the South Modular. A minor improvement to both modulars is to dig a trench under each one to install hardware cloth that will eliminate a persistent problem with skunk visitations.  
Another project to be dealt with this summer is the need for more parking. The Building and Grounds Committee will look at this project soon. Finally, there's the routine floor sanding, carpet washing, desk refurbishing, window washing, tile floor refinishing, etc.


All in all, we will seize the chance to make improvements when school is not in session and will have a very busy summer!
- Louise Spear
Personnel Updates

German Teacher

The Hartsbrook School is looking for a German teacher for grades 4, 5, and 6, beginning September 2012. Candidates must be fluent in German, like working with chidren and be willing to work in the Waldorf way. Please direct applications with a short indication of your interest, qualifications, and experience to: jksaltet@verizon.net.

Final Assembly

The final assembly of the school year will take place at 11:00am on Friday, June 8th. Please note the 11:00am start time. This is 30 minutes earlier than other assemblies.

- Louise Spear
Library News

All Hartsbrook libraries will be closing for summer vacation on Friday, June 1st. Please return all books so that the 6th grade library assitants can re-shelve them. Books that have already been borrowed need to be returned by this Friday. Thank you.
- Louise Spear
Hartsbrook Ultimate: Division II MA State Champions!

Hartsbrook's Varsity Ultimate team took the Division II MA State Championship title this past Sunday at the State Championship Ultimate Tournament in Greenfield. Hosted by USA Ultimate, the high school state championship series features the strongest youth teams from across Massachusetts. Hartsbrook won four straight games, rising from a fourth place seed to take the division title. The team showed remarkable athleticism, skill and stamina.   
This is the first state championship title in Hartsbrook's history, although we finished with a close second place in overtime last year. The team is coached by Christian Johanson from Longmeadow. These students and their coach deserve an enormous amount of credit for what they have accomplished. We are the smallest school in the state championships; some teams have more kids than our entire high school! The kids represented Hartsbrook very well with good spirit and determination, and a tremendous amount of talent. Hooray Hartsbrook!
- Megan Owens 
The elementary grades gathered on Tuesday afternoon to congratulate the Varsity Ultimate team. Photo by C. Weems.  
  Action shots and a group hug from Sunday's championships. Photos by Jim Coleman.
Class of 2012



Class of Two Thousand and Twelve


Eighth Grade Promotion
The Trustees, Faculty & Staff of the Hartsbrook School warmly invite you to attend Eighth Grade Promotion

Friday, June 8th

at 3pm
on the lawn
at the Hartsbrook School

Hartsbrook Athletics

Thank you to all of our athletes, coaches and fans for another wonderful season of Ultimate! This has been an exciting season filled with many memorable moments and a lot to be proud of. A special congratulations goes out to our Varsity Ultimate team for its Division II State Championship victory - great work, team!   
Summer Ultimate League of Amherst (SULA) 
For those of you not quite ready to put the discs aside, there are a few options for summer ultimate: 
- Amherst Leisure Services (LSSE) hosts a program called SULA for children ages 7-13. This program happens on Tuesday evenings from July 26th-August 7th. See the SULA flyer for more information. 
- Tiina Booth, Amherst's renowned ultimate coach, runs two different ultimate camps: one is a day camp for ages 9-16, all ability levels; the other is an overnight camp for experienced, competetive players ages 14-18. Click here for registration. 
- Many towns have pickup ultimate games for a range of ability levels...ask around to find one near you!
Ultimate Jerseys 
Please wash and return all jerseys. They can be brought to my office at recess or lunchtime, or left in the school offices. Intramural t-shirts are for students to keep.
Field Day Welcomes the High School
I am very pleased to announce that the high school will be participating in field day! This will be a fun-filled opportunity for the Hartsbrook community to gather from grade one to grade twelve and celebrate our school year and each other. Field Day will be held next Wednesday from 1:30-3pm on Hartsbrook's athletic fields. We will have a variety of fun and challenging games, then a rousing tug-of-war, and finally some watermelon. Color group assignments will be given in advance.  Parents are welcome to come and cheer on the students and faculty. 
Fall Soccer Season 
Students in grades 6-12 will have the opportunity to play on one of Hartsbrook's soccer teams next Fall. The registration forms will come out in the summer. For those of you that are planning ahead, the practice and game schedule is below. Please remember to have a current physical exam on file prior to the season starting. Contact the school nurse, Eraena Meehan, for more info, emeehan@hartsbrook.org 


Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls, Grades 8-12: 
Practices begin on August 27th.  Practices and games are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays through November 4th. 


JV Boys and JV Girls, grades 6 and 7: 
Practices begin on September 6th.  Practices and games are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays through October 31st.


 - Megan Owens
Open ESG Meeting for Parent Input

The Hartsbrook Educational Support Group invites you to meet with us on Monday, June 4th from 2:15 - 3:00pm to hear from any interested parents regarding Educational Support at our school. We will meet in the half classroom on the second floor of Hartsbrook Hall.

Do you have questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Requests? We are all ears - come have a conversation with us before picking up your child.

The Educational Support Group (ESG) is a committee of faculty members mandated by the Faculty Conference to coordinate activities concerning the academic and social needs of our students. To that end, ESG provides classroom observation and consultation, Child Study, Support Circles, and faculty professional development opportunities, as well as coordinating developmental and academic assessments, providing some therapeutic and academic support and overseeing the student support that is scheduled within the school.

Members of the Educational Support Group include teachers from each part of the school: Elyce Perico (Chairperson, Educational Support Coordinator), Meg Fisher (Early Childhood), Nicki Robb, Polly Saltet, Marie Dominique Corbiere (Elementary and High School subject teachers), and Virginia McWilliam (High School). We meet once per week to study together, review the needs of students, and determine the ongoing progress of this program within the school. Our study helps us to deepen our understanding of human development and the many therapeutic approaches that can help to aid the child's continuing growth and capacities.  

RSVP to Elyce Perico (eperico@hartsbrook.org - 586-1908 x126) or just drop in. If you cannot make this meeting, yet have something you'd like us to hear, please email Elyce at the above address with your contribution.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you on June 4th. 
- Elyce Perico
Venus Transit Observing at Hartsbrook

Tuesday, June 5, from about 6pm to sunset, the planet Venus will be visible as a black spot, passing in front of the sun. The next such transit will not happen for another 105 years, in 2117. Viewing the transit is best done with a telescope and a special solar filter. Please do not try to observe this event with the naked eye, as permanent damage can result from looking at the sun directly for a prolonged time. Hartsbrook High Astronomy teacher, Chip Weems, will set up a telescope on the grounds of the school for anyone who would like to come and see this rare event. He will also remain after sunset, for those who are interested in doing some stargazing.

- Chip Weems  

Vote for Hartsbrook at River Valley Market 

Members of River Valley Market may vote for Hartsbrook this month to receive the co-op's June Green Stamp Donation. Through the Green Stamp Program, River Valley Market donates the proceeds of shoppers' green stamp cards (cards are stamped each time customers bring their own bags or ride their bikes to the co-op; 10 stamps earn $1) as well as a donation can to a different local non-profit each month, nominated and voted for by co-op members. The winner is also invited to set up an information table at the co-op during its featured month. The next time you're shopping at River Valley, remember to vote!      

- Lary Grossman

News from the Land Stewardship Program

It has been a very busy last four weeks here at the Farmstead...please welcome some new arrivals in order of birth:



Photos by Cindy Bright. 



Friday May 11th - Mocha the ewe gives birth to one ram lamb - "Titan"

Sunday, May 13th (Mother's Day) - Rosemary the goat gives birth to twins - "Aviva" and "Bachlavar" (nicknamed Bucky for ease of pronunciation)!

Wednesday, May 16th - Patriot the ewe gives birth to twins - a female, "May," and a ram lamb, "Bradley."

Also Wednesday, May 16th (it was a very busy day!!!) 2 piglets arrived at the Farmstead, a male and a female, cute as buttons and sharp as whips.


And this doesn't go into the all of the planting that has been happening as well...wheat, barley, oats and buckwheat by the 3rd Grade; a kitchen garden planted by the 6th Grade filled with the promise of tomatoes, potatoes, leeks, kale, herbs...too many to list but all selected by each student; corn, beans and squash planted by the 2nd Grade...native heirloom corn and squash varieties for their 3-Sisters garden; a 7th Grade bee forage garden filled with the promise of flowers, nectar and pollen galore to nourish the honeybees and many other insect pollinators...


So for now, we have hardly a moment to breathe as we race from one planting to yet another animal need...must run...the 2nd Graders are waiting to plant their pumpkins, and who can resist the thought of gi-normous pumpkins being hauled out of the garden in autumn...you are right of course, only three seasons away before harvest time though it feels like mid-summer right now. Please step beyond the basketball court and visit this amazing world hidden behind...



Tuesday was sheep shearing day with Kevin Ford. Grades K - 5 participated. Photos by Cindy Bright. 


The bears have indeed been busy this year! So far a young bear has visited our apiary twice this spring, tossing some of our new young hives upside down while breaking apart the honeycomb and frames in search of food. He is interested in the tasty young larvae soon to emerge as new adult honeybees. No honey for this young bear, only rich protein to feed his growing frame. What a shock it is to come upon such a sight! Even though bear raids upon beehives are quite common in this area, we have been spared for many years up until now. So the only safeguard for our beehives is a bear-proof electric fence, one that will deliver a sharp, painful warning to stay away, bear. And that of course includes us, too. Please take note of the warning signs. Photos by Lynn Bertrand.


As always, more to follow.         

-Nicki Robb

High School News

Ninth Grade Moby Dick Field Trip 




The Hartsbrook ninth grade, teaming with the ninth grade from the Monadnock Waldorf School of Keene, New Hampshire, began its Moby-Dick intensive with an overnight at the Mystic, CT Seaport Museum, sleeping in seaman's bunks aboard the Joseph Conrad, an iron-hulled sailing ship docked in the harbor of the recreated seaport town. A highlight of the seaport experience was a tour of the Charles W. Morgan, the last surviving wooden whaling ship, currently under major restoration and built in 1841 in New Bedford, MA, the port city from which Herman Melville shipped on his several whaling voyages, and which inspired the opening of Moby-Dick. Students also explored real whale boats fitted out with harpoons, lances, and lines (ropes) and practiced throwing the harpoon, forging oarlocks in the blacksmith shop, and climbing the rigging.


On the second day, at the New Bedford, MA, whaling museum, students sketched the life-sized skeleton of a sperm whale that washed ashore on the coast of Nantucket and a specimen from the room full of scrimshaw, the artful carving on wheel teeth by sailors passing the time on three- to four-year whaling voyages. Nearby, also in New Bedford's cobblestone-lined historic district, the students visited the Seaman's Bethel (chapel) where Melville was known to have a favorite pew, and viewed the cenotaphs (graveless markers for those lost at sea) that line the chapel's walls.



  Drawings by Will Harrison and Zoe Noyes. 


Weather did not permit the scheduled whale watching cruise for the third day, but students walked the beach at Plum Island for a final taste of the sea before returning to Monadnock School for an overnight and final day of singing and writing sea shanties, and reading aloud the climactic chapters of Moby Dick.

Senior Play, Death Stalks a Lady


Photos by A. Moskovitz

Visit the smugmug photo site for the full album of play photos. 

From the Director of Development

77% Parent participation in this year's annual fund - YEAH HARTSBROOK!

Let's take a moment and celebrate this - 177 of the 224 families at Hartsbrook have given to the 

Annual Fund - extraordinary! Let's celebrate. 


We are also well within reaching our financial goal of $75,000. 
The Annual Fund now has total commitments of $74,316. 


100% graphic Club
1st Grade   9th Grade 
3rd Grade   10th Grade 
4th Grade   11th Grade 


High School overall parent participation is at 92%.




  • Tuition would have to be raised considerably without an annual fund campaign. 
  • We are relying on a communal spirit of giving, thus allowing each and every family to contribute at levels with suit their own financial abilities, in order to cover the gap.
  • Tuition is a non-tax-deductible contribute to the school, while gift to the Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible.

Together we can accomplish so much to help make a difference. Your Annual Fund donation 

benefits every child, every day, enhancing virtually all areas of student life at Hartsbrooki.e. programs, curriculum, teacher salaries, enhancements for academic departments, studio and

performing arts, athletics, facility maintenance and financial aid.


And, beyond the dollars, better, stronger participation is the most important measure that is used to evaluate community-wide support for the School when applying for foundation and corporate gifts.


We're OVER two-thirds of the way there!
With heartfelt thanks,

-Karen Bates for the Development Committee


Friday Community Mornings - Coffee and Tea with Great Company!

Please join us under the canopy in front of Hartsbrook Hall on Friday mornings, 8ish-10ish. We'll have Dean's Beans coffee, tea, and hot cocoa! All parents, alumni parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends are welcome.  

AWSNA Inform June 2012

Click on the link below to read the June issue of Inform, AWSNA's monthly newsletter.

Inform June 2012 
A Farewell Letter from the Crutcher Family

Dear Hartsbrook Community, 
We feel fortunate to have been at Hartsbrook since 2001, starting with Cricket when Jono was just a few months old. It has been a formative journey, and we are profoundly grateful for the supportive community of families and teachers. We are filled with appreciation for all that Hartsbrook offers, from the loving hearts to the magic of the mountain range. 
Happily we are headed to another vibrant Waldorf School. We hope to stay connected as pen pals, and visit when we can.
With gratitude, Amanda and David and Jono Crutcher
Community Bulletin Board

Amazing Green Homestead for Sale in Shelburne Falls. Hartsbrook family is moving to CA and selling their home. Check out: www.forsalebyowner.com/listing/OR4EC.


Want to vacation in Maine this summer? We have a wonderful rental house in the mid coast area. Enjoy Camden, Rockport, Rockland and Belfast; the ocean, the islands, the ponds, the hills, and the culture. Discount for Hartsbrook families! Check out: www.VRBO.com/357434.


Fiesta Flamenca: Hosted by Multi-Arts at the beautiful Amherst Farm Winery on June 17, 6-9pm. Enjoy a feast of food and dance, with tapas, a group dance performance, music, a theater for children, and an art auction. All funds raised will go towards financial aid for children. Families are welcome to assign which school the funds will go to. Professional flamenco dancer Ines Arrubla has graciously offered a challenge: if we raise $500 through kickstarter, she will perform the "Tango Flamenco." To buy tickets or for more information visit our blog at: www.multi-arts.org.


Wooden Doll's House for Sale: We have a practically new Small World wooden doll's house for sale. It includes furniture for bedroom, child's bedroom, kitchen and living room and an Asian doll family: grandparents, parents and two children. We are selling everything for a total of $150. Call Lesley at (413) 320-3272. I can email photos, if you wish.  


Babysitter: Very experienced thirteen year old, entering 8th Grade at Hartsbrook. Good with all ages, experience with some special needs. Red Cross certified, trained in basic first aid. Flexible availability during the summer. Please call Sofia at 247-9287 or email sofiaa576@gmail.com.    


Hartsbrook Alums for Hire: Two Guys and a Blue Goose. Colten attended Hartsbrook K-9 and now attends Deerfield Academy, and Evan attended K-8, and now attends South Hadley High. We are 18 years old and are good hard workers. We are up for anything; yard work, lawn care, spring clean-up, moving, and painting...Give us a call or email if you are interested or want to learn more. Evan Mariani (413) 427-9895 marianievan@gmail.com. Colten McCormick (413) 668-6841cmccormick665@aol.com.       


Math Tutoring This Summer: Summer can be a great time for a student to a) repair math foundations, b) gain enrichment in math topics or c) prepare for Fall's math classes. I aim for a focused yet relaxed and positive summer math experience. I teach at Hartsbrook High, and have tutored children from elementary to 12th grade for the past 3 years. References available. Please contact Robin Pfoutz at 413-687-5454 or rpfoutz@hartsbrook.org.   


DANIEL J. KENNEDY Piano Studio: Professional piano instruction at a grand piano in an 1860 farmhouse. 10 minutes from Hartsbrook. A graduate of two music conservatories and also a Hartsbrook parent, Dan will instill in your child a classical technique and a love of music. Visit www.danieljkennedy.net and click on the piano!   


Animal Care: If you are in need of animal care this summer, my son Gabriel and I can help you. The cost is $8-$15, depending where you live. Contact Gail Voisin  at 413-256-0177.

Hettie Belle Farm Local Meat and Poultry CSA! Reserve your share now for this fall. Our beef and lamb is 100% grass-fed. Our pigs, chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks are pastured and fed only certified organic grain, grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Our animals are 100% antibiotic and hormone free. We believe it matters! Monthly distribution in Northampton/Florence (November-March). Many more details at www.hettiebellefarm.com. Come join us and become one of our member families!


Puppets in the Woods Summer Theatre Workshops: Ages 6-10. Into the forest we go, seeking Mother Nature's stories and gifts. In our yurt studio we bring the characters of our story to life to perform for our families on Friday! We also sprinkler dance, have music jams, hand dye silks, sing, and eat fresh fruit and locally baked artisan bread! July 9-13: Felted Puppets, July 16-20: Marionettes, July 23-27th: Paper mache Puppets. 9am - 3pm. Register with Beth Fairservis at: (413) 268-3588bethbirth@crocker.comwww.pachamamapuppets.com.     

Cello Lessons!
Focus on Hartsbrook orchestra music, age appropriate repertoire, or both. Emphasis on tone, intonation and musicality - and having fun. Two years experience teaching Hartsbrook orchestra students, all ages. Start in Summer or Fall, 1/2 hour to 1 hour, at Hartsbrook or in Montague. References available. Please contact Robert Pfoutz, rpfoutz@hartsbrook.org or 413-687-5454.

Konichiwa! Seeking families to host a Japanese student this summer! I have two groups of students visiting our area in July & August. Middle school students from Sat, July 7th-Mon, July 9th (only 2 nights) and high schoolers from July 25th-August 13th. Host families must provide friendly conversation, a bed, meals and transportation. You will receive a $20/$30 stipend per night to help cover these costs. For more info, contact Marie Lauderdale marielauderdale@mac.com or (413) 230-1121 (cell). Domo-Arigato!  

Violin for sale: 3/4 size, practically brand new, chin rest included, $150. Call Jennifer  413-426-3066.  

In Need of Childcare This Summer? Mother of two Hartsbrook boys (2nd and 6th grade) is available Monday - Thursday from 8:30am until 5 pm to care for your child/ren at our home in Northampton from June to August. Swimming, hiking, biking, and other outings plus quiet time, games at home. Please bring a lunch, healthy snacks provided. $10 per hr. $5 per sibling. Please call Jennifer at 413-426-3066. 

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