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May 16, 2012


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Friday, 5/25: 7pm

Grade 4




2nd Grade Play
Thursday & Friday, 5/17 & 5/18

High School Play, Death Stalks a  Lady
May 17 - 19
Assembly Room 

8th Grade Play, A Mid-Summer Night's Dream   

May 23 & 24, 1:15pm 

May 25 & 26, 7pm 




MS HOME vs. Bement

Thursday, 5/17 



MS @ Hilltown Charter

Friday, 5/18



 Varsity NEPSUL Tournament
Saturday, 5/19




MS ARMS Tournament 

Sunday, 5/20 



Varsity HOME vs. LHS Boys

Tuesday, 5/22



MS @ GCC vs. 4 Rivers MS Boys

Thursday, 5/24



Varsity HOME vs. 4 Rivers VBoys

Thursday, 5/24



Who is hiding under all the lovely lost clothing? 
Lost & Found

As the close of the school year coincides with warmer weather and the Ultimate Frisbee season, we find ourselves with an unusually large collection of items in our Lost and Found each day. The current collection is on the bench outside Hartsbrook Hall. Please check this collection or have your children check the collection as all items will soon be donated to a local charity. After school is out in June, all Lost and Found items are quickly donated, including what is in the classrooms, as most teachers are preparing their rooms for next year.

- Louise Spear
Final Assembly

The final assembly of the school year will take place at 11:00am on Friday, June 8th. Please note the 11:00am start time. This is 30 minutes earlier than other assemblies.

- Louise Spear 
Library News

Please return all borrowed books to the elementary school library as we get ready for summer vacation. The 6th graders can then return the cards to the books and re-shelve them. Judging by the number of cards for books checked out, there are probably a few hiding in people's houses.

- Louise Spear 
Spring is the Time to Stock Up on Scrip for the Summer

Scene: the humble kitchen of the Scrip Scribe


See the Scrip Scribe, seated at her computer, yawning. See her as she stretches her left arm heavenward, then her right. On the table in front of her sits her morning coffee, (purchased with WHOLE FOODS MARKET scrip). Ahh, the start of another beautiful day in May.


In her refrigerator, just a few steps away, a cornucopia of food waits to be prepped into the evening meal. All of the Scribe's favorite stores (STOP & SHOP, BIG Y, RIVER VALLEY MARKET) are represented within the shelves, produce drawers, and freezer compartments of her humble Amana.


This day, the Scribe realizes that she has neglected the steadfast parents of the Hartsbrook School who she knows are ready and willing to give support to the Scrip program, if only they have a tiny reminder on occasion.


This is it. This is your reminder. And we're just a few weeks away from summer vacation, so come stock up on your favorite scrip cards! While you can buy scrip at the Main Office during the summer, this is also the time of year that we try to clear out the year's inventory of scrip -- in some cases we only have one card left and would appreciate it moving on! So come help us  raise funds for tuition assistance and the general operating budget while making your everyday purchases.  


What's in stock? See the list below:   

  • Grocery: River Valley Market, Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, Big Y.
  • Cafes/Restaurants: Esselon, Bertucci's, Bruegger's Bagels, Panera Bread, Starbucks.  
  • Gas: Sunoco, Mobil, Exxon.
  • Clothing/Household: Target, Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic, JC Penney, LL Bean, Talbots.  
  • Entertainment: Cinemark, iTunes, Barnes & Noble.
  • Other: Best Buy, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Bed Bath & Beyond, Bath & Body Works, Pier 1 Imports, Jo-Ann Fabrics.



- Katherine Glatter and Lara Radysh for the Scrip Committee

Last Week of Pizza Sales

This is the last week of pizza sales. Thank you to everyone who helped us raise funds for our class trip by buying pizza.

- the 8th Grade 
Summer Outdoor Fun

Attention all Hartsbrook families! Where does your family like to explore the great outdoors locally (within 2 hours of Hartsbrook)?

We are looking for suggestions to create a Summer Outdoor Fun List for the Hartsbrook website!


Please mention what it is called (park/place name), where it is, what you can experience/do there, how to get there, and what it costs. 



Enders State Forest, Granby CT
5 beautiful waterfalls within a half mile walk over easy to moderate trails. Keep an eye on any young children, it is drops off steeply in places.
Bring a picnic, swim suits and don't forget your camera!
From the intersection of Rt. 10 and Rt. 20 in Granby, follow Rt. 20 west for 3.8 miles, then turn onto Rt. 219 west for 1.4 miles. Parking is on the left near Enders State Forest sign.

Submit your ideas to Andrea Redenz in the Enrollment Office or to aredenz@hartsbrook.org. Thanks for your help!


- Andrea Redenz 

Grandparents & Special Friends Day

GP Day Thank you graphicThank you, Hartsbrook, for making this day so very dear and memorable in the hearts and minds of all of our visitors last Friday. It was a very special day for all of our guests (over 50 grandparents and special friends) who made the trip and came out for this day. 

Thank you to our guests who made the trip and came out for this day. It means so much to all of our students and their families. 

Thank you to our faculty and students for your incredible performances during the assembly and to Steve Haendiges, our masterful MC.

Thank you, Mrs. Harrison and the Early Childhood staff for accomodating a record number of visitors at the Homestead during a class day and for a super Puppet Show that was so enjoyed by all who had the pleasure of seeing it!

Thank you to Virginia McWilliam for saving the day (times 100) with stories and answers during the Q&A and reception. Thank you to the High School for opening its doors yet again and welcoming our guests in a most eloquent style!

Thank you to Mr. Weems' photography class for doing a professional job of taking excellent family portraits of our guests. We hope to have this become a tradition in future years.

Thank you to the volunteers, Leslie Ritchie-Dunham, Diane Chilson, Amy Freed, Christy Anderson, Kirsten McGee and Tom Joyce, who welcomed our guests, guided them to classrooms, made coffee, set up the reception, and made sense of my check-in lists.

Thank you to Nicki Robb and Miles Herter for a grand and informative Campus Tour. We were so blessed by the good weather!

Thank you to Pat O'Connor and Ed Mann for set-up, moving chairs and for accommodating all that comes with this event, including take-down.

As you all may have noticed, this was the first year we had Grandparents Day on a different day than the May Festival. Cast your vote: which do you prefer; having them on the same day or on different days? Send your answers to: kbates@hartsbrook.org.

Thank you so much for all the great Hartsbrook spirit!
- Karen Bates
 Portrait time with grandparents. 
 Watercolor painting with the 3rd grade. Photo by H. Zajonc
Hartsbrook Athletics

Varsity Ultimate:

Last Thursday's game vs. Charlemont: Hartsbrook 15, Charlemont 9 
Saturday's tournament at Greenfield: We did incredibly well at the Greenfield tournament. We finished the tournament in fourth place, and the scores were as follows: 
We started off the day by beating Northampton Varsity 13-7then beat PVPA 11-5That brought us into the semi-finals against 4 Rivers Varsity, and we had a hard-fought game but ended up falling short, losing 11-9We then finished with a game against Newton North, losing 13-3.
- Coach Johansen

 Hartsbrook Varsity players stand up to the competition. 

Middle School Ultimate: 
Last week was big for our team - with 11 games over a 6-day stretch. We had been gearing up for this part of our schedule and were ready for the challenge. On Thursday we hosted a 7-9th grade team from Charlemont on our home field, and on Friday we traveled to JFK to play a Northampton Rec Team. In both cases our defense was very strong, our offense was very sound, and we came away with convincing wins. On Saturday, we traveled to Greenfield High School to play the Middle School's first-ever high school tournament. Despite missing 6 of our boys, we were able to win one game, and come very close on a second. This tournament saw the emergence of Natalia Soborski as a defensive force to be reckoned with. We also had huge contributions from Fiona Herter, Georgie Lellman, Terra Szuhay, Gaelen Hall, Gavan Rice, and Marlee Raiffa, who were forced into more active roles in very difficult games. We had to do it all again on Sunday at a Middle School tournament in Eaglebrook, where a very tired squad showed up Sunday morning to try to muster some energy. We took Bement in the first half, but wilted in the second and then appeared to be done for the day, with a 15-1 drubbing by Amherst Regional Middle School. At some point in our third game, vs. Four Rivers, the team was bolstered by Dante Radysh and a 4th round bye. We regrouped and played a convincing 15-5 victory over Hilltown to end the weekend. It was a disappointing 2-6 record for the weekend, but we quickly saw the results of our struggles on Tuesday when we hosted Amherst Regional High School JVBoys team. Playing against a solid all-boys high school team, this time at full strength, we played an all-around solid game. Playing through wind and rain, we remained steady, patient, and team-oriented throughout the contest. The teams were close all the way until 8-7, when Hartsbrook scored the last two points for a convincing and exhilarating 10-7 win. It was a great all-around team win. Our last home game is Thursday vs. Bement - come on out and see this team for the last time at home! 
- Coach Dan Kaplan
A Window on the Lower Grades

 Fun on the climbing bars.

 A lesson in hoof care and trimming with Ms. Robb. Photos by H. Zajonc
Host Families Needed for Fall

I am looking for two host families for the fall. We have a girl from Germany named Sophie Teske (for the 10th Grade) and a girl from Japan named Akino Onaka (for the 11th Grade) who want to come to Hartsbrook for the fall. This can only happen if I can find them host families to stay with, so please get in touch with me directly at: exchangeprogram@hartsbrook.org or (413) 625-6992 if you are interested or would like more information about what is involved. You can host even if you are not planning an exchange for your child. Hosting an exchange student can be a wonderful experience.

Brief portraits of the students:

Sophie Teske is 15 years old and currently in the 9th grade in a Waldorf School near Essen, a city in Germany, where she lives with her mother, her 17-year-old sister and 12-year-old brother. Her school reports and recommendations show that she is a responsible, organized and diligent student, is well liked and has many friends and good social skills. She is on the student council at her school. Sophie's favorite subjects are History, German, Handwork, English and Chorus. She loves singing and horseback riding, and plays in a girls' handball league. In her free time she likes to take photographs and spend time with friends. She is dependable and helpful, sometimes cooks for her family, and has a small job in her grandfather's company. She has also helped take care of younger children after school. Her 8th grade project was a vegetarian cookbook. Sophie is vegetarian. She is comfortable living with pets and children. She is open to living in a rural or "urban" setting and is able to share a room. She does not smoke. She would like to stay from September - December.

Akino Onaka will be 17 this summer, and attends the Hokkaido Waldorf School in Japan. She lives with her mother and is the youngest of four, her siblings being 32, 29 and 26 years old. Her favorite subjects are Biology, music and math. She enjoys drama, cooking, playing the violin and cello and planning school parties (such as Halloween and Christmas parties). She also belongs to a movie club, and it sounds like they make movies. For her 8th grade project she studied under a violin maker and made a violin. Akino comes highly recommended. She is calm, smart, responsible and well liked and respected by all. Because of her friendly nature she is a respected leader in her class. She does play sports but is not so good at them (she says). Akino prefers meat to vegetables but has no dietary restrictions. She is comfortable around children and pets. She is also open to living in a rural or "urban" setting, and would prefer her own room but is flexible. She does not smoke. She would like to stay from September - the end of November or December ( this needs to be clarified).

- Lara Radysh, Exchange Program Coordinator 
Open Meeting with ESG for Parent Input

The Hartsbrook Educational Support Group invites you to meet with us on Monday, June 4th from 2:15 - 3:00pm to hear from any interested parents regarding Educational Support at our school. We will meet in the half classroom on the second floor of Hartsbrook Hall.

Do you have questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Requests? We are all ears - come have a conversation with us before picking up your child.

The Educational Support Group (ESG) is a committee of faculty members mandated by the Faculty Conference to coordinate activities concerning the academic and social needs of our students. To that end, ESG provides classroom observation and consultation, Child Study, Support Circles, and faculty professional development opportunities, as well as coordinating developmental and academic assessments, providing some therapeutic and academic support and overseeing the student support that is scheduled within the school.

Members of the Educational Support Group include teachers from each part of the school: Elyce Perico (Chairperson, Educational Support Coordinator), Meg Fisher (Early Childhood), Nicki Robb, Polly Saltet, Marie Dominique Corbiere (Elementary and High School subject teachers), and Virginia McWilliam (High School). We meet once per week to study together, review the needs of students, and determine the ongoing progress of this program within the school. Our study helps us to deepen our understanding of human development and the many therapeutic approaches that can help to aid the child's continuing growth and capacities.

RSVP to Elyce Perico (eperico@harstbrook.org - 586-1908 x126) or just drop in. If you cannot make this meeting, yet have something you'd like us to hear, please email Elyce at the above address with your contribution.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you on June 4th.

- Elyce Perico 
Book Drive

Seventh grade student Joe Marks is holding a book drive for the Northampton Survival Center. He hopes to collect as many children's books as he can before May 31st. Children and their families who come to the NSC may not always have access to books, especially during summer vacation. If they can keep reading during the summer, it may help them read better during the upcoming school year. If you would like to donate, there will be a collection box in Hartsbrook Hall.
Please Only Donate New or Gently Used Children's Books!

- Joe Marks, Seventh Grade  
High School News

Senior Play: Death Stalks a Lady 

Costume fittings under way. Photo by H. Zajonc.



Death Stalks a Lady
May 17, 18, 19

7:30pm in the Assembly Room, Piening Hall


This year's choice for the senior class play is Death Stalks a Lady by David LeMaster. LeMaster is an award-winning Texas-based playwright who writes drama specifically for high school actors and audiences. The play we've chosen is a hilarious spoof of the '40s film noir genre, complete with hard-boiled detectives, exotic villains and numerous femmes fatales.

Benjamin Freed
 (photo by C. Weems) 


The play is suitable for grades 5 and up.


Senior Benjamin Freed plays the lead, private eye Nick Wallace.


Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students and are available at the door; general seating. We are sorry, but we cannot accept credit cards and are not providing advanced sales. Please arrive early to both purchase your ticket and find a seat.


The proceeds from refreshments sold during intermission will help to support the Seniors' environmental service trip to Costa Rica.  

- Caryn Hesse 



Senior Prom 

Posing at the prom.  
          Seniors arrive with their dates.
  Thank you Bramble Hill for the beautiful venue; posing for Mr. Weems, our prom photographer.

Visit the smugmug site for more photos from the prom. 

From the Director of Development

WE REACHED 68% overall PARENT PARTICIPATION this week! -- a medium-mighty leap forward. Thank you, everyone!

Wow! 3rd Grade reached 100% today!  Congratulations.
And, 10th Grade reached 100% last week.
1st, 9th, & 11th grades need only 1 more family to reach 100%.
2nd, 4th, & 5th grades need only 2 more families left to reach 100%.
High School overall parent participation went from 68% to 79% this past week.


AF Graph May 16 


Call 586-1908 x129 and leave me a message with your pledge. I'll process the rest. Or, email me at kbates@hartsbrook.org letting me know you intend to give. We can count your pledges in our parent participation percentages. One month to go - we can do it!


No Matter the Amount, $1 to $10,000 -- It All Matters


Our goal is 100% participation, no matter the size of your gift.
That's because the Annual Fund directly helps 100% of Hartsbrook's student body. So with 275 students and 275 reasons to give, won't you help us reach our goal?

Did You Know?
1. One student, educated at Hartsbrook, can positively affect the lives of thousands.
2. The participation rate (percentage of parents and alumni giving) serves as the measure by which corporations and foundations rate alumni and parent involvement. This is a major consideration for these groups when making major gifts to schools.
3. The Annual Fund is one of the few sources of income bridging the gap between what tuition provides and the total operating budget - including financial assistance for families.
4. Someone came before you. For every generation of Hartsbrook students, one came before to financially and generously lay the groundwork for the experiences and opportunities the school is able to provide to current students.

We are thrilled for this year's Annual Fund! 
By focusing on PARTICIPATION of current parents, alumni, and friends, the Annual Fund is the best way for the Hartsbrook community to invest in the annual needs of the school.
The Annual Fund
  • Makes up the difference between tuition and the cost of excellence
  • Provides funding for unbudgeted yet innovative and timely opportunities that arise mid-year.
  • Helps with items that may not receive a great deal of fanfare, but are valuable nonetheless, such as maintenance, operating costs, and teacher development and appreciation.
  • Encourages foundations and corporations to invest their contributions in Hartsbrook.  
And, it's FUN to reach 100%!

Have more questions about the Annual Fund? Contact:
Karen Bates
Director of Development 
413-586-1908 x129 

Or stop in my office - upstairs in Hartsbrook Hall - Monday-Friday mornings. 


Friday Community Mornings - Coffee and Tea with Great Company!

Please join us under the canopy in front of Hartsbrook Hall on Friday mornings, 8ish-10ish. We'll have Dean's Beans coffee, tea, hot cocoa and waffles! All parents, alumni parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends are welcome.  

- Karen Bates

Community Bulletin Board

SUMMERTIME HOUSE-SITTING OPPORTUNITY in South Amherst, for an individual, a couple, or a family who is looking for a peaceful place to stay for approximately 4 weeks this summer, mid-July through mid-August.  Two friendly, in-door cats and a great view are part of the package.  If interested, please contact Reed or Dennis at 413-253-9282.

Hettie Belle Farm Local Meat and Poultry CSA! Reserve your share now for this fall. Our beef and lamb is 100% grass-fed. Our pigs, chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks are pastured and fed only certified organic grain, grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Our animals are 100% antibiotic and hormone free. We believe it matters! Monthly distribution in Northampton/Florence (November-March). Many more details at www.hettiebellefarm.com. Come join us and become one of our member families!

5th Annual Fort River Celebration Day:
June 3rd. This free event begins at Groff Park, Amherst at 11am with educational displays & activities about local ecology and river science conservation. 1pm "Buck-a-Duck" race with prizes. 2pm guided canoe ride down the Fort River with stream ecologists. Interested canoers should sign up now: www.fortrivercelebration.com. All proceeds benefit the Fort River Stewardship Project in order to provide community learning and research on this local water resource and tributary to the CT River.

Seeking Part-Time "Teacher" to Help with Homeschooling: Hartsbrook family looking for a wonderful person to work and play with our 8 year old son 2 days a week during the school year. Activities might include hiking, biking, baking, painting, math games, handwork and yoga. A grad student would be great, as would anyone who loves kids and is reliable, creative, affectionate, patient and energetic. MUST LOVE THE OUTDOORS! Maybe we could add another child or two and make this a small "class"? Contact Luna at lunag2010@gmail.com.


Summer Reading Skills Programs offered by UMass Amherst Continuing & Professional Education. Programs for 4-year-olds through 11th grade. Program sessions starting in June. Call the Institute of Reading Development (800) 978-9596 for information and to register.  

Music & Art Summer Camp for Guitar and Ukulele! Beginners to advanced students ages 6-12. Weekly themed camps: July 9-13 (Travel the World); July 16-20 (Contemporary Rock & Pop); July 23-27 (Country & Western); July 30-Aug 3 (Music of The 60's). Classes held at 41 Blue Hills Rd. in Amherst @ Miss Leticia's Music School, 8:30am-1:30pm. Campers bring their own lunch; snack provided. $275 weekly (multiweek and sibling discounts available). More info: www.missleticia.com or 413-256-1778. Email leticiadavies@comcast.net for application form.

Konichiwa! Seeking families to host a Japanese student this summer! I have two groups of students visiting our area in July & August. Middle school students from Sat, July 7th-Mon, July 9th (only 2 nights) and high schoolers from July 25th-August 13th. Host families must provide friendly conversation, a bed, meals and transportation. You will receive a $20/$30 stipend per night to help cover these costs. For more info, contact Marie Lauderdale marielauderdale@mac.com or (413) 230-1121 (cell). Domo-Arigato!  

Violin for sale:
 3/4 size, practically brand new, chin rest included, $150. Call Jennifer 413-426-3066.   


In Need of Childcare This Summer? Mother of two Hartsbrook boys (2nd and 6th grade) is available Monday - Thursday from 8:30am until 5 pm to care for your child/ren at our home in Northampton from June to August. Swimming, hiking, biking, and other outings plus quiet time, games at home. Please bring a lunch, healthy snacks provided. $10 per hr. $5 per sibling. Please call Jennifer at 413-426-3066.


Sycamore Stables - Come ride with us! Enjoy the opportunity to learn more about horses, learn to ride, meet new friends and have fun! There are always fun events going on at Sycamore! Horse shows, clinics and summer camp! Get a jump start with lessons! $20 off your first evaluation lesson for new students. Call about our lesson packages, summer camp, and IEA Team! 256-0816 www.sycamore-stables.com.         

The Community Bulletin Board is for small classified-type advertisements. Each submission to the Community Bulletin Board should be no more than 6 lines of text, which is approximately 60 words. Each submission is limited to 3 paid repeats. Each submission costs $5.00. Payment for Community Bulletin Board Submissions should be made by Friday of the publication week. No charge for advertisements for free events or nonprofit organizations. Submit ads to: bulletin@hartsbrook.org.     


General Policy for the Bulletin  No political or religious advertisements.  No competitive program advertisements.  No fundraisers.  The editors will decide the placement of advertisements.  Submissions may be edited for content and length.  The Hartsbrook School retains the right to choose not to print any advertisement.

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