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Skin & Circadian Rhythms
Spring Skin Care Tips
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Holistic Facials by Karina 

is the answer if you love facials!  With today's economy, it can be a
little challenging to manage your skin's needs while staying within your budget. We can definitely work together! There are several pricing options available.  We can find the perfect skin care maintenance schedule for your pocketbook.   


Care about deep pore cleaning?

Concerned about acne?

Need an AHA peel? Enzyme peel?


Want to enjoy a luxurious face massage only?

Would love an extra 30 minute back massage?


Would love to relax and experience a 30 minute Reiki session with a facial?   


Are you a student? 

Structure your facial just the way you love it and you can afford it.   


Enjoy your customized facial at a budget friendly price.

First time clients $65 facial

Special of the month:


Hydrating serum  


50% off  $15/$30

 Thank you for new reviews.
Simply stated Karina is the best.  I found her through yelp and have been going to her every 5-6 weeks for the past year.  I've always had slightly sensitive, acne prone skin, and through Karina's patience, she has helped my skin look and feel soooo much better. At 2 different times, i had a monster zit on my chin and after seeing her, they were gone the next day.  She has also helped me take the time to be patient with my skin. She doesn't push products on you either.  I do use her products because i can see a difference in my skin.  
Karina is not only great for you skin, but also for your soul.  She has such a wonderful energy about her, and i always feel more balanced, calm, and happy when i leave.
p.s. Karina's prices are super reasonable for the facials and attention she gives.

Kat M.

Redondo Beach, CA

I hope you enjoyed the rains, which are sure to bring new blooming flowers.  There is fresh leaf growth on trees.  Mother Nature is ready to decorate the Earth in new robes.  Take a moment today and breathe in the delightful Spring scents.  Spring has arrived!

Fools wait for a lucky day, but every day is a lucky day for a industrial man.
- Buddha

Happy April Fools Day.  May your day be industrious and slightly mischievous.


Slick Science for your skin
Consuming just 1/2 teaspoon of heart-healthy flax seed oil everyday may soothe irritated skin. In 12-week study of 45 women, those taking flax seed oil supplements daily saw a 45% reduction in redness and 25% less water loss, resulting in smoother, softer skin.Flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3s, fats that combat inflammatory damage and keep skin supple.Try it with yogurt and grain dishes; its mild flavor makes it an easy add-in.


Skin and Circadian Rhythms
Circadian rhytms

Living organisms coordinate their biological and physical activities within the earth's 24-hour cycle. Called Circadian Rhythms, these cycles are caused by the earth's rotation around the sun. Our biological clock is responsible for all cellular activities including regeneration, repair, breaking down old cellular components, eliminating waste and regrowth.


The skin is at maximum moisture level at noon. The greatest water loss occurs between 10:00 pm and midnight. During the day the skin constantly adjusts to activities and environmental changes.  


At night, between the hours of 9 to 11, the body's repair system is stimulated to produce collagen and elastin, which are essential for healthy, youthful skin. Moreover, research indicates that the skin's greatest absorption factor coincides with this activity.

During this repair time, the body also produces the enzymes collagenase and elastase. As we age, these enzymes become overactive, and may destroy the supportive tissue of the skin.

Original research that documented the effective inhibition of collagenase and elastase was done in  different laboratories.  


During the the day, the skin constantly adjusts to activities and environmental conditions. Skin products used during the day should provide extra moisture and UV protection. They should contain antioxidants, moisture-binding proteins, and anti-inflammatory agents to help destroy free radicals, restore hydration, and calm UV exposed or damaged skin.


The human skin, with all of its beauty, and complexity, has evolved over millions of years. It's ability to adapt and change is one of its wonders. 


The outer layers of skin influence the inner layers.  As in all endless universal structures, it is part of a whole.  It cannot exist on its own and possesses a unique network of communication pathways for growth and sustainability. Each skin cell is a cosmos within a great cosmos that works and adapts in harmony and response to the forces and influences surrounding it.  


Considered to be mosaic, the skin is in a constant state of motion. Cell don't always grow at the same rate. Cell growth and function is manged by internal biological timetables (circadian rhythms) that regulate the occurrence of cell division, the building of new structures, and break down and discharge of waste materials. The moment a new cell raises to the surface takes place over several days, as in the case of newborn, to a period of 30 days or more as one ages.


For more info:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circadian_rhythm  


Thank you for your new reviews

My skin has been referred to as "beautiful", "porcelain" and "glowing". I had a woman the other day stop me at Macy's to ask what foundation I was wearing and I had to tell her I wasn't wearing makeup. Then it hit me...I'm out in public and I'm not wearing makeup. Thank you Karina!!!!

Don't you love it when wonderful friends share a great secret with you? That's how I met Karina. My friend met her through a friend and was blown away. She shared this nugget of wealth with her friends and now we are hooked! I visit Karina every 4 weeks to keep my skin in great shape. Her home is warm and inviting and I take my glowing skin and relaxation with me after I leave.

She is also waxing my eyebrows and keeps my skin and brows in check! I've switched my skincare completely around and use the products that she recommends and wow! My skin looks amazing!!!


Nadya H



For the past couple of years I have been promising/threatening to go home, join Yelp, and write a review every time an experience has been either really good or really bad. And yet, I never have...until Karina.

She's that good! Karina is a wonderful mix of skilled hands and warm, caring personality. I have extremely sensitive skin, which she carefully frets over, making it look better and better each time I visit. Along with facials, I've also had her take care of my unruly brows and she did a wonderful job with the shaping.

In the past I've had facials that were either clearly not tailored to the exact situation of my skin or performed simply for the purpose of pushing products and extra services. Karina is not like that at all. When I told her that I wanted to come back for another facial, she advised that I wait longer than the typical 4 weeks because my skin is so sensitive. She's recommended products but in a completely non-pushy way. And, she has tailored my facials even to the extent of using different products on different areas of my face. Hello!

Karina's house is a soothing environment, she's a delightful person to spend time talking with, and her prices are very reasonable, particularly considering the care, attention, and quality products that she uses.

You and your face will not be disappointed with Facials by Karina!


Grinda A


Spring Skin Care Tips


To improve your skin tone, mix carrot juice with yogurt (not fat free).  Soak a cotton ball in chamomile tea and then apply mixture all over your face.  Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and remove with cold water.  For a double effect, steam your face over a pot of simmering chamomile tea before you apply the mask.  Cover your head with a towel and breathe in the steam for 5-8 min.  This is great for your sinuses as well!


Easy, Fast, Fresh Mask for all kinds of skin:

Mix 1 teaspoon yogurt, 1 teaspoon honey (warmed up slightly) with 3-4 drops of freshly made green tea.  Apply to face and leave on for 15 min.  Or, you can mix in oatmeal for a thicker consistency.  Apply to face, neck and décolleté.  Leave on for 15 min and remove first with warm water, then use cold water for the final rinse.  Use 3-4 times a week for the first month. Then twice a month will be enough to keep your skin refreshed and toned.


If you have irritated skin around your nose after the flu or a cold, it is a great idea to use a neti pot.  If you don't have one, you could use with a dropper to apply a few drops of lightly salted distilled water in your nostrils. I was suffering from allergies, and keeping my sinuses clean with slightly salty water was the best solution.  Try it.  I usually 'sip' a little water into my nose and then spit it out.  It's great before going to bed.


Eyes become more sensitive in the spring, perhaps as a result of the increased pollen count.  You may experience burning, and eyelids can become swollen.  To reduce irritation, make cold compresses from chamomile and and sage teas. Make the teas fresh yourself.  I don't usually use tea bags.


For very dry skin around your eyes, try my favorite Squalane oil.  It is fantastic!  You can either apply it around your eyes or do compresses - soak a cheesecloth and apply to your eyes for 15 min.


For dry lips mix honey, olive oil and carrot juice. Massage your lips with a toothbrush.


I look forward to seeing you for a "Spring Skin Tune Up."  A change of season means it's definitely time for a fantastic facial.  Book your appointment today.


With Love and Appreciation,

Karina Kara