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September/October 2010
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Heather K.

I won't go anywhere until I check Yelp!

Los Angeles, CA

 I have been going to Karina monthly for going on a year now. A friend recommended her to me, and I kept returning because I was seeing results. She is very reasonably priced, and works efficiently to produce your best-possible skin. Follow her orders, she knows what she's talking about!! I have fairly good skin, but break out around my mouth due to stress & hormones. Since going to her, these have reduced to the point that I rarely see breakouts. Not only do strangers compliment my skin, but even my friends see the difference and comment. :)

Unlike most places, she won't tack on to the price for every additional thing. I pay a flat rate monthly and she does what is needed to make my skin glow, which includes a peel, extractions, mask, etc. She also sells great private-label products that really work! They're between drugstore & spa pricing, but definitely high spa quality.

One of the nicest parts is the location; she works out of her home, which has a breezy, sunny room that is so relaxing! She is warm and accommodating, and feels like your best friend after one visit. Combine that with impressive results and it's perfection!!

I hope you had a fantastic summer and created some wonderful memories!  As  a lot of you know I just came back form my trip to Russia and Armenia.  I have not been there for almost 20 years. A lot has changed.  I had a wonderful time seeing my relatives and old friends, visiting incredible museums, stunning churches and architectural sites.  I took a cruise on the Moscow river and the view was just amazing! See for yourself...
My country of origin - Armenia - is a mountainous country.  Maybe that is why I love mountains so much or maybe because of my  horoscope sign: Aries:).  And I fell in love again with Armenian architecture.  We have incredible churches that were built in the Middle Ages.

This particular one in Gegard is two churches together.One of them was built inside the rock, by a lot of digging.  I have more pictures to share if anybody is interested.
But my vacation is over and I am back.  I missed my home in Los Angeles and all of you, my friends.  It is so good to be back.

Happy to Announce Fall Specials:

If you are committed with your monthly visits, I am committed with my special prices.
Ask me how to save money.

Pamper yourself this Autumn with a luscious pumpkin peel! This rich formula is loaded with antioxidants and will smooth and brighten your skin.  It is free with your Facial

 40% off front line products. I just want to give you a chance to try it -  you'll love it. Only $25 each

NEW! Stem Cell Serum has the highest concentration of the active ingredient PhytoCellTec, which won the 2008 innovation prize for best active ingredient in Europe.  It is 100 % Vegan, made from extract of cultured Swiss Apple Stem Cells and it was found to significantly reduce wrinkles in the crow's feet area.   It is formulated for deep wrinkles.  It activates your own skin stem cells to combat chronological aging.  Visible results in just a few weeks. This formulation has also Hyaluronic acid and Vitamins C & E.

New! Multi Vitamin+Retinol Serum
It is packed with all the essential nutrients that you need to fight back against the march of time.  Active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, DMAE, vitamin A, B, C and E, CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic acid along with multifruits and the wonder oil meadowfoam.  Only organic extracts are used, and this product doesn't contain any parabens.  Can be used on Dry, Mature, and Combination skin

Still offering:

$65 facial for first time clients

gift certificates for $50 (45min facial)

Salicylic peels.

In my practice it has become more popular with my clients to have Salicylic peels instead of Glycolic peels. I need to confess, glycolic was my favorite, but I see better and better results using Salicylic peels. We are getting particularly good results with Acne skin.  It feels me with joy to see so many clear and beautiful faces.
And that is why I decided to give you a little more information. Salicylic acid has been used for more than 100 years to treat dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, warts, psoriasis and other conditions. It is found in wintergreen and birch bark. Sometimes referred to as as Beta acid, Salicylic acid is lipid-soluble, in contrast to the water-soluble AHA's.  This is very important in relation to how it affects the follicular orifice, which is filled with sebum, a lipid.Due to these characteristics, Salicylic acid easily penetrates into the lipid plug in a congested follicle.  It also helps to kill bacteria. Studies performed by Dr. Kligman report that salicylic is more effective than glycolic resulting in decreased comedones, quicker exfoliation and accelerated improvement of the skin without excessive irritation.  It does not increase transepidermal water loss even though the proliferative effect of the exfoliant is great. It is less irritating and does not alter skin barrier properties.

I am using two different strength peels: 12.5% and 25%. The use of salicylic acid is a rapid in-office procedure with high tolerability, safety, and efficiency.  It is considered a superficial peel, and it is self-neutralizing.
Indications:sun damaged skin, acne, oily skin, pigmentation.
Contraindications: aspirin and/or salicylic sensitivity, history of being "highly allergic" to anything, Accutain users, Antibiotics-topical or systemic, broken skin, laser surgery within 12 weeks or less.  ReitinA or Renova users, need to stop using Glycolic acid product a few days before.

The skin will feel tight and smooth immediately after the peel.  Peeling usually starts in two days and may continue for seven days.  More peeling is noted in the central part of the face, particularly around the mouth, compared to the sides of the face.  Acne lesions and inflamed areas show more intensive peeling.  The skin will be smoother with fine lines and pigmented areas reduced.
 My friend and long time client Marina G. just had a beautiful baby girl Eleonore Iris on June 27th. Congratulations! This picture was takeEleonor Irisn when she had just come to the word.  What a fantastic piece of art!

Enjoy the new season, the cooler days and crisp nights.  Looking forward to seeing you soon!

 Love and Peace,
Karina Kara
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