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Protecting Fair Skin in the Summer
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Happy Summer!

karina ruzoGreetings!

Summer has arrived - in all of it's sun drenched glory.  Hit the beach and safely soak up some rays.  Listen to the waves, watch the gulls and revel in the ocean's beauty.  Wiggle your feet in the sand to exfoliate your soles. 

Visit your local farmer's market to enjoy fruit and veggies at their peak.  Get extra fruit to make yourself a luscious mask at home.  Buy extra cucumbers and lemons - slice them into water.  Voila!  Spa water at home.

Take some time this summer to treat yourself well.  Put your feet up.  Laze in a hammock and read a great book.  Lounge around in your pjs.  Invite friends over.  And come see me for a fantastic facial!


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Love like you've never been hurt,
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Protecting Fair Skin from the Effects of the Sun
by Daniella Di Nenno

As many of us are now aware, spending too much time in the sun is a major skin sin. According to the Mayo Clinic, people with fair skin have less melanin pigment in their skin, thus providing less protection from the risk of getting skin cancer as opposed to people with darker hair. The sun contributes to premature aging, and by spending time in the sun unprotected, you can greatly increase your risk of skin cancer. Although the sun can seem harmless at times, you are putting yourself at risk every time you leave the house unprotected. Everyone should be aware of the basics on how to stay protected in the sun, so that you can lower your chances of these deadly after-effects and prevent short and long term damage and premature aging.

Protection and Prevention
According to the Arizona Cancer Center Website, a new case of skin cancer is discovered in the United States every minute, and more than 900,000 new cases of the disease are diagnosed each year. Spending time in the sun without adequate protection can be deadly, and can lead to premature aging. Spending 15 minutes in the sun every day is acceptable, because as human beings we require the effects of vitamin D that sunlight naturally provides us with, however, one should never be in the sun without a proper sunscreen. Never leave the house no matter the weather, the season, or the time of day, without an SPF 15 (at least) on exposed skin. By wearing a good sunscreen and or SPF moisturizer everyday, you are greatly reducing your risk of premature aging and skin cancer. When spending a day in the sun, be sure to wear protective clothing like long sleeve shirts, long pants, closed shoes, a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses. Reapply sunscreen every 3 to 4 hours, even if it says 8 hours on the package, because chances are you will be sweating throughout. Reapply after swimming, even if the sunscreen says waterproof, because once you towel off, you've eliminated much of the sunscreens effectiveness. Avoid going for walks and spending excessive time outdoors when the sun is at its strongest levels, between the hours of 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. Always be strict about protection and prevention, so that you can reduce your risk of skin cancer and premature aging.

Save Your Skin and Still Enjoy the Sun
There are so many negative effects that the sun has on our skin, and far too often people sacrifice their health for a tan that doesn't even last year round. Having fair skin means that it is even more important to protect your skin and be educated on the hazards of the sun, and the knowledge it takes to protect yourself. We all love the sun, it brings light into our life, but nobody wants to die from too much of it. Take the sun seriously, and you can still enjoy the way it brightens our life without worrying about it hurting us.

Around the World
by Shery Taylor and Linda Rae   globus   

Just want to share with you what I just read in a professional skin care magazine.  I am sure you will be as surprised as I was. Here we go.

Nightingale poop
has been used in Japanese skin treatments for centuries.  It was popular in the 18th century with Geisha girls and Kabuki actors who used the bird feces to remove heavy white makeup, while simultaneously keeping their skin smooth and protected.  The sanitized bird feces are mixed with white clay and applied as a mask when used for facial treatments.  Apparently it is safe, since the feces is supposed to be thoroughly purified and treated under ultraviolet light to remove bacteria before its application.  It is believed to be the enzymes, specifically guanine, an amino acid that occurs in nightingale feces, that helps brighten and heal sun-damage skin.

Snail slime
, specifically the slime of the Chilean Helix Aspersa Muller snail, is a thick, gooey fluid gathered from live snails.  Published studies claim that it stimulates fibroblast activity, boosting the production of elastin and collagen, and is instrumental in increasing the skin's ability to retain water.  The discovery of this ingredient occurred accidentally when Chilean snail farmers supplying the French gourmet market noticed that they had softer skin and experienced rapid healing of minor cuts and bruises after handling the snails.

Snake venom
, which is known to paralyze muscles, is found in face creams and serums to help smooth our wrinkles.

Manufacturer in China claims that Bee Mucus has properties that are helpful in removing and preventing wrinkles and balancing the skin's natural oils.  However, few details and scientific results are available on bee mucus an this time.

In Denmark, a new skin lotion containing Bovine Colostrum has been developed.  It's said to be excellent for both dry and sensitive skin, given its high level of enzymes and vitamins.

In Norway, there is a popular cream that contains a crystal extracted form of human seminal fluid, which is said to be 30 times stronger than vitamin E.

Placental Extract,
delivered form that placenta of postpartum cows, is said to rejuvenate skin, improve the skin's oxygen absorption and thereby boost cellular metabolism by increasing cellular turnover.

Whale vomit
is often found washed up on the beaches of South America and Australia.  Labeled as "Ambergris" in beauty products, it has a sweet, earthy odor and is used in perfumes.
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