No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.  ~Proverb

what a carpet

Spring is a wonderful time of renewal.  Flowers are starting to grow and bloom.  Trees are beginning to bud, with the promise of blossoms and fruit to follow.  We have an opportunity to stretch after a winter's rest and  move forward into this new season with renewed purpose.  Let gratitude for all of your blessings fill your heart, just as spring sunlight floods into your home.

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Is multi-tasking good or bad?

Multi-tasking has rapidly taken over our lives, to the point where we look woefully lax if we're doing just one thing at a time.  We think nothing of texting while watching television, surfing the internet and talking to our family.

But scientists are discovering that today's mania for cramming everything in at once is creating a perilous cocktail of brain problems, from severe stress and rage in adults to learning problems and autism-like behavior in children. It also, ironically, often makes us less efficient.The human brain doesn't multi-task like an expert juggler; it switches frantically between tasks like a bad amateur plate-spinner. The constant effort this requires means that doing even just two or three things at once puts far more demand on our brains compared with if we did them one after another.

But the real problem occurs when we try to concentrate on the two tasks we are dealing with, because this causes an overload of the brain's processing capacity. This is particularly true when we try to perform similar tasks at the same time - such as writing an email and talking on the phone - as they compete to use the same part of the brain. As a result, your brain simply slows down. Just being in a situation where you are able to text and email - perhaps sitting at your desk - can knock a whole ten points from your IQ. This is similar to the head-fog caused by losing a night's sleep.
Not only does multi-tasking affect our mental clarity, switching between tasks also makes us less efficient.
Research  reveals no significant difference between the sexes. The widespread belief that women's brains are naturally better at multi-tasking seems to be a myth. Multi-tasking is a significant reason why we are witnessing an epidemic of rage, believes Dr Alan Keen, a behavioral scientist at Australia's Central Queensland University. 'Why are people in large cities more angry?' he asks. 'If I'm living in a big city with a busy job and I'm multi-tasking and I'm a busy parent, all that translates into chemical changes in the brain.'  Such changes - including chronically raised levels of the stress hormone cortisol - can make us more disposed to being aggressive and impulsive, as well as raising our risk of cardiovascular disease. In the longer term, it is the psychological and intellectual toll of multi-tasking which may cause the most widespread harm. And it's the younger generations who are at greatest risk

 by John Naish

All about Spring time beauty

spring face

Spring brings changes.  Warm sunny weather followed by spring showers.  The quick fluctuations in the weather can be challenging.  Perhaps you are recovering from the flu.  Maybe Winter has left your face dull and pale, your skin irritated and dry, blotchy and out of balance.  Even your hair can be dry!  Does this soound familiar?  We can solve all of these beauty problems together.

To improve your skin tone mix carrot juice with yogurt (not fat free).  Soak a cotton ball in chamomile tea and then apply mixture all over your face.  Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and remove with cold water.  For a double effect, steam your face over a pot of simmering chamomile tea before you apply the mask.  Cover your head with a towel and breathe in the steam for 5-8 min.  This is great for your sinuses as well!   

steaming face

Easy, Fast, Fresh Mask for all kinds of skin:

Mix 1 teaspoon yogurt, 1 teaspoon honey (warmed up slightly) with 3-4 drops of fresh made green tea.  Apply to face and leave on for 15 min.  Or, you can mix in oatmeal for a thicker consistency.  Apply to face, neck and décolleté.  Leave on for 15 min and remove first with warm water, then use cold water for the final rinse.  Use 3-4 times a week for the first month. Then twice a month will be enough to keep your skin refreshed and toned.

If you have irritated skin around your nose after the flu or a cold, it is a great idea to use a neti pot.  If you don't have one, you could use with a dropper to apply a few drops of lightly salted distilled water in your nostrils.

I was suffering from allergies, and keeping my sinuses clean with slightly salty water was the best solution.  Try it.  I usually 'sip' a little water into my nose and then spit it out.  It's great before going to bed.

eye drops

become more sensitive in the spring, perhaps as a result of the increased pollen count.  You may experience burning, and eyelids can become swollen.  To reduce irritation, make cold compresses from chamomile and and sage teas. Make the teas fresh yourself.  I don't usually use tea bags.
For very dry skin around your eyes, try my favorite Squalane oil.  It is fantastic!  You can either apply it around your eyes or do compresses - soak a cheesecloth and apply to your eyes for 15 min.

Oh, those dark circles under our eyes! 

They drive us crazy.  We all know that we need to get enough sleep to begin with, but what else can help? Treat your skin while you sleep.  Just before bed, lightly wet a washcloth with cold water and place over your eyes.  By morning, you should see an improvement.  Apply cucumber slices or cool tea bags (no herbal tea, only black tea, and freshly made) to your eyes. Cucumber slices are famous for their ability to reduce puffiness, and the tannin in tea has been found to reduce swelling and discoloration.  Leave on for 10 min.

For dry lips  Mix honey, olive oil and carrot juice. Massage your lips with a toothbrush.

hairHairMassage your scalp with a brush, and never wash your hair right before bed.  You can wake up with a headache.  That happened to me! 

Use an herbal solution to rinse your hair at the end of the shower.  For blonde hair, use chamomile.  Boil 1 liter of water.  Turn off heat.  Add a handful of flowers.  Leave for 10 min.  Strain and then use it after you shampoo your hair.
Or, boil 1 tablespoon Rosemary and 1 liter of water for 5 minutes, and proceed the same way.  For auburn hair rinse with black tea.  It will intensify your color.  Or, mix 2 eggwhites,  a freshly made cup of coffee, and one cup of water.  Make a paste, apply on your hair for 10 min, then wash with shampoo.  For red hair, smash 4 strawberries in 2 oz of hydrogen peroxide.  Apply to your hair for 15-20 min, then shampoo.


What you eat counts!  Eat a healthy, balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and make sure you are getting all your vitamins and minerals.  

Drink a lot of herbal tea.  Consider starting your day with light yogurt and freshly squeezed orange or beet juice.  It's a great way to recharge your energy.  Eat one apple a day, minimum.

Any breathing exercises or meditation is a perfect way to start your day.  

Enjoy this wonderful new season. Spring is here!

My good friend  and client Christina Miserendino has
decided to share with us her  special recipes.  Delicious!
Miserendino's Sicilian baked chicken
4 chicken breasts or 8 chicken cutlets
1/3 c balsamic vinegar
3/4 c olive oil
Bread crumbs ( I use Italian seasoned bread crumbs)
Grated cheese
Salt and Pepper
In a bowl mix the balsamic vinegar and the oil, and add the spices to taste. Whisk the marinade.  Dip the chicken in it and cover with bread crumbs. Place the chicken on a pan and drizzle the remaining marinade on the chicken.  Heat oven to 350 degrees and cook chicken for 35 min or until done.  Enjoy!

Christina about herself:
Hi! My name is Christina.  I've been living in Los Angeles for the past 3 years, spending most of my time and growing up in Barcelona, Spain. I recently received my MFA in Film Directing from the California Institute of the Arts. I've been working on my own projects and looking for a job, if you have any film production position to offer, I'm available. :D!

Hope you enjoyed my newsletter.  Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated, as well as any material  you would love to share with all of us.

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