October 2009 Newsletter
Don't ever save anything for a special occasion.  Being alive is the special occasion.
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Summer is over.  When I was a child at this time of the year, sad feelings would come to my heart.  I never understood how come famous poets liked Autumn the most.  Now at this time of my life, I can enjoy the warm caressing touch of the sun during the day, crisp and fresh air in the evening, the cozy and warm feeling of being secure at home in the evening, and the cuddling touch of bedding at night.
Have a joyful Autumn.

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Acne part 1
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Acne    part  1
skin poreEach pore on the surface of the skin is an opening to a canal called a follicle. The follicle also contains a hair and an oil gland (sebaceous gland). The oil gland helps remove old skin cells, keeps the skin lubricated, and prevents drying of tissues.

We are starting a new big topic: ACNE
I will be posting much more material  in a few issues to come.

Part 1 offers you some commonly believed causes of acne and advice on how to control acne.

Acne is a devastating disease affecting teenagers and adults.  When adult levels of male hormones called androgens cause changes both in the size of the skin glands and in the amount of oil produced by them, the pores of skin become clogged with oily, fatty material (dead cells) and become inflamed and a skin condition called acne results.

80% of teenagers have some form of acne.  20% develop severe scars that may permanently affect their lives.  Skin type is hereditary.  If both parents had skin problems, most likely their children will too. If only one parent had problem skin, there is a chance their child could get lucky and take after the clear-skin parent.  Generally, thick oily skin is the type that continues to have acne after adolescence.

Acne comes in two basic types and varies in severity from individual to individual.
1. An inflamed condition normally associated  with soreness, redness, swelling, pus
2. A non-inflamed condition, usually accompanied with closed comedons (whiteheads) or open (blackheads)

Acne is  diverse and can have  may aggravation factors:
1. Lifestyle: inadequate sleep, use of drugs and alcohol abuse.
2. Stress: physical, emotional, or job related stress seems to trigger excess oil flow.  Although no one can eliminate stress completely, we all need to identify with the stress in our lives, and then change or eliminate those that we can.  Most importantly, we need to learn to manage those stresses that we are not able to eliminate.
3. Diet: a general recommendation is no chocolate, spicy or fatty foods.  In my next newsletter we will talk more about diet and latest discoveries of food correlation with acne.
Experience has taught us that consumption of dairy products, particularly milk and cheese, contributes to acne in both adolescents and adults.  The reason may be that many people are lactose intolerant, or that milk contains Bovine hormones. To learn if you fall into this category, go one month without any dairy products.  If your skin improves, you've just identified your problem. If you worry about calcium intake, eat adequate amounts of green leafy vegetables or take calcium supplements.  If you have acne, eating plenty of vegetables is your best choice.
4. Pressure or friction: caused by caps, headbands, or anything with direct contact with the skin for any length of time.
5. Important! Regualr bowel movements. It is absolutely imperative to have a healthy bowel to have healthy skin.  If you are not eliminating on a regular basis, you need to correct your diet by adding soluble and insoluble fiber.  Drink 6-8 glasses of clean water daily to hydrate your skin and assist in colon elimination.
6. Picking: not only aggravates skin, but can also worsen acne condition and induce scarring.
7. Birth control pills: consult you physician to have your proper dosage prescribed.
8. Cosmetics: the improper use and wrong choice of product can have an influence on acne condition.

How to control acne
Corrective treatments with a professional esthetician and consistent home care must go together. I would like to stress a very important point: some people think that if pimples are left alone, they will go away. That isn't true.  It is very important to remove the pus from the pimple or the infection will spread.  As I am always explaining to my clients when treating acne or problem blemishes, the most important step is the effective removal and cleaning out of blackheads, whiteheads, and other blemishes such as pimples.  Every pimple starts from a blackhead or a cloged follicle.  When the follicles are property cleansed, your skin will begin to show marked improvements.  It is important that you understand, the we can't remove and clean all blemishes  during one treatment.  This would only cause needless irritation of the skin.  We cannot undo in an hour treatment what it has taken month or years to accumulate.  However, with consistent treatments and proper home care, your skin will show marked imporvement in a very short time.  We can create a specialized regime for you to easily maintain beautiful, luminous clear skin.
Special offer of the month:  Teen's facial - $50.  Help your child get started on the path to clear skin. I am looking forward to meeting your children!  Some of my clients have scheduling appointments for their kids for years now.  It is much a better alternative for them than putting them on antibiotics or accutane. (of course, I am would never interfere with doctors treatments)

What's new?
collagen mask
Dear Friends,

As I mentioned in my previous newsletter, I went to a skin care show in Long Beach in September.   I acquired some new fabulous goodies for you. I have some  pure collagen fiber masks, each with a different extract for different types of skin. I was using them some time ago with good success and have started using them again.

It is a freeze-dried pure Collagen Fiber Mask (CFM) with a high degree of micro-biological, physical and chemical stability.  The outstanding hydration properties of CFM are especially beneficial for dry, sensitive, irritation-prone, and aging skin.  It improves the absorption of additional active ingredients through occlusion.  Regular use of CFM helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, calm and soothe irritation, restore skin vitality, and leave skin feeling supple, softer, and younger.

You can add it to your facial.  The cost is just $12.
New  Botox alternative -  new from the Skin Care Show
Argireline is a unique alternative to botox.  Argireline reduces the depth of wrinkles caused by facial expression muscle contractions, especially in the forehead and around the eyes. It also restores the moisture balance necessary to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. It also replenishes the essential lipids of the skin.

Why buy expensive skin care products in department stores? Or pay hundred of $$s for botox injections? 

Get Vegetal Capsules for $35.  30 capsules per box.

Daily dose
 Pleasant  for your taste buds and good for your health: Chocolate.
Eat dark chocolate to protect the heart.  A new study found that heart attack patients who regularly ate dark chocolate were less likely to suffer a fatal cardiac event within eight years following their first heart attack.
Drop extra ponds to ease arthritis.
A new study gives even more credence to the benefit associated with healthy eating and exercise, as research suggests that excess weight speeds the development of osteoarthritis in the knees.
Stop and smell the lemons.
Animal studies suggest that linalool, a fragrant compound in citrus fruits, mint, and cinnamon, may reverse many physiological effects of stress.

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