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Save the Date!

   Local Attorneys and Financial Experts will be teaching some great legal and financial classes in the Golden, Colorado area on February 6th, 2010.
      What: A Legal and Financial Seminar
         Where: American Mountaineering Center
       710 10th St., Golden, CO.
When: February 6th, 2010
         Time: To be Announced

Some hot topics will include:

-Wills and Trusts

               -Where to Invest in 2010
                -Social Security Disability
         -Creditor/Debt Issues
           -Real Estate Questions

10% of proceeds from all seminars that ENC hosts will be
donated to the school of your choice!

Our first Love & Logic Seminar was such a success that ENC is planning to host another Love & Logic Seminar in Spring of 2010!

A Special Thanks to all Who Participated in the
2009 Love & Logic Seminar!

ENC hosted a Love & Logic Seminar with renowned speaker Jim Fay. The seminar was held at the American Mountaineering Museum in Golden, CO., on October 12th, 2009. 10% of all adult registrations was donated to local schools. 20% of each adult registration was donated to the school that had the most adult registrations from their schools.

Congratulations Mitchell Elementary School!

Mitchell Elementary School received 20% in donations from ENC to their school for all adult registrations from the Love & Logic seminar. Thank you to everyone who attended!

ENC Donated $30,000 to Local Public Elementary Schools in
May of 2009!

Encouraging Words

Body language can tell you if your child is discouraged about learning. Here are examples of discouragement with responses that can help:

-Poor spelling test: "How close were you on this word? Six out of seven
letters correct!!! Can you find another one you were that close on?"

-Book is too hard: "By next year, this book will be easy for you, but for
now, you can listen to me read it, and you can tap me on the arm if you want to start reading again, OK?"

-Handwriting struggles: "Looking at this paper, I'd say you are getting better at this. Look at this 'R'. That's the nicest one you've ever made. You really are going to have nice handwriting!"

-Avoiding task: "Sometimes starting a job is the hardest part-can you try it for ten minutes and then let me know how it's going?"

-Slow reading progress: Try some humor: "Hey, I'm 35 years old, and I read at the 32 year old level, but it doesn't stop ME!!!" or, "You are reading better than I did at your age.Why do you suppose that is?"

"There are many little ways to
enlarge your child's world. Love of
books is the best of all."

Quoted from the Colorado Council International Reading Association
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