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July 2012 

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About Nomi:

Ms. Bachar is a self actualization expert, a psychotherapist and a coach.  She works with individuals, couples, groups, and has been in practice for over 25 years. 




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About Gates of Power ®


The Gates of Power® method empowers you to clear away the weeds and water the seeds of the soul.


Using the Gates of Power® method, you master all seven channels of empowerment. These channels are called "Gates."


The Gates are avenues to growth and self-actualization. They are the key to a fulfilling and rich life.



You want an amazing life. We all do. You want a healthy body, a joyful spirit, great relationships, a fabulous career, spiritual connection, abundance, and more. And you deserve it!!! We all deserve to realize our potential and our dreams. We are designed for GREATNESS!






The attendees from the "Optimal Self" workshop have decided to move forward and pursue Gates Of Power Level I, an intensive 6 session commitment.  Their journey starts July 14th.  Class is now closed but watch out for the next one. 

Living Like You Are Going To Die
(Dedicated to Steve Jobs)
Living Like You Are Going To Die  


The transient and fragile nature of life glares at us when a loved one gets sick or dies or when we are going through a possible life threatening experience. All of a sudden the simplest moments of life become precious. Our errands turn into sweet little songs of joy. Colors, textures, people and nature take on a deeper dimension. Somehow when we are immersed in our daily living routine we conveniently dim this realization, and rob ourselves from the intense aliveness that is available to us.


One of the ways to love yourself is to gently wake yourself up by reminding yourself that you are not here forever, not in this form or in this life.




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Healing Meditations

Living Like You Are Going To Die 

2 Day Workshop 


August 10th-11th             

Saturday 10 AM 

Sunday 6 PM


How would you feel your connection to the greater Self if you do not take time to sit still?


We are here to know and celebrate our true nature. Each of us travels a path towards Self realization. We have lessons to learn and challenges to meet. The workshop is an experiential investigation of our inner world and our healing possibilities




Meditation teaches you to witness your thoughts and your feelings. By observing your inner reality you learn slowly to detach yourself from your obsessive thinking and can differentiate between your true nature and your negative unresolved traumas and beliefs. Meditation initiates your inner healing process and guides you back to your true essence




Each participant will choose animportant theme from their life to work with. They will focus on it in each of the meditations; thus creating a resolution. This workshop will utilize traditional meditation techniques, as well as unique healing meditations created by Nomi Bachar.



  1. Witnessing and dropping the mind
  2. Breathing meditations
  3. Moving meditations
  4. Sound meditations
  5. Drawing and writing meditations
  6. Guided imagery
  7. Energy and body awareness meditations


Ananda Ashram

13 Sapphire Road Monroe, NY 10950



When: August 10-11 2012, Saturday 10AM to Sunday 6PM


Cost: $275.00, includes workshop, room and board


Reserve by Friday August 3rd

Call 212-877-0346 or email NomiBachar@Gmail.com




Use the silence to reach the highest and the best in you.


What is silence?


Seemingly a simple question-the absence of noise. Sometimes in the middle of the night, one might wake up and hear silence. The world is quiet.


But there is another kind of silence that is rare and hard to tune into-a deep stillness inside in which you hear eternity. You feel a peaceful merging into all that is. In this inner quiet, you experience a melting, expanding and dissolving, like you lose and find yourself all at once. Time stops, or maybe it stretches, and all that you think you know disappears into yet a deeper knowing. Your personal river of energy finds the sea. A great, sweet calm takes you over, and you embrace it like a lover finding a long lost love.


That is the silence of the soul.


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Programs at White Cedar


The White Cedar Institute for Expanded Living offers a wide array of programs dedicated to self-actualization and empowerment. Each one can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  
  • Individual Coaching
  • Couples Counseling
  • Weekly Group Sessions and Workshops
  • Gates of Power® Training for Psychotherapists


We also offer lectures, courses, and workshops for nonprofit organizations and corporations.  





"...Nomi helped me to create a path from the knowledge of my brain to the experience of heart."

- Jessica Zane


To learn more about what the White Cedar Institute and the Gates of Power® Method can do for you, please visit our website at:







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