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The Gates of Power® method empowers you to clear away the weeds and water the seeds of the soul.


Using the Gates of Power® method, you master all seven channels of empowerment. These channels are called "Gates."


The Gates are avenues to growth and self-actualization. They are the key to a fulfilling and rich life.



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Self-Love Rehab: Step IV Free yourself...the rest will follow

What is the magic of forgiveness?  When we hold a grudge; harbor resentment; or cling to bitter anger or judgment, our whole body, mind, and soul collectively experiences it. 

Everything that we think or feel registers within our being.  Lack of forgiveness harms us gravely. 

The magic of forgiveness is its power to dispel dark clouds within our consciousness, its ability to free our whole being.

On the other hand, just wanting to forgive doesn't make it happen.  We all have witnessed, for example, a peace agreement on paper, that has failed to become a reality in everyday life.   Forgiveness is a process that starts with the intention and desire to release bitterness and expand compassion. 

 And, while we're talking about peace processes, for that matter, just as the intention is the first step in forgiveness, individual forgiveness is the first step in achieving global peace.  The remaining steps need to follow. 

I have spoken to clients who have declared that they have forgiven their parents or siblings; but, as their emotional work unfolds, we find that bitterness is still there, and it is unfairly projected onto others.

Wanting to forgive and actually forgiving are two separate things.  Sometimes it takes a while to truly forgive.  First, we need to feel the anger, sadness, and/or bitterness that is blocking our forgiveness.  Acknowledging these feelings and processing them constructively helps us achieve forgiveness.  We can start by following these few simple steps:

1.       Choose three incidents in which you are unable to release anger or offer forgiveness.


2.       Select a person connected to one of these incidents, and list all the feelings that surface when thinking of that person and incident.


3.       Acknowledge the hurt underlying your lack of forgiveness. Here's where you give yourself the love and understanding to empathize with yourself and appreciate your own feelings.


4.       Consider what you would say, if given the opportunity, to the person who hurt you, from a place of authentic vulnerability.  Jot down your statement as if you were face to face with that person.


5.       And finally, consider the other person's point of view for doing or saying whatever it was that hurt you.

If you follow these initial guidelines, you will be well on your way to true forgiveness.  There are more steps in this process; but this is a great place to start.



 Self Love Rehab Step IV





We invite others to share their thoughts, ideas, and insights.  This month we welcome Sunita Baste, a yoga teacher and writer.

Listening to our body's messages, can help us be in the moment, teach us about our tensions, and guide us to a renewed sense of wholeness.

Staying In The Moment

By Sunita Baste


It is a human tendency to dwell in the past or in the future. Either we are making plans for the future or thinking about the past. This is one of the main causes of our many sufferings.


Yoga practice can teach us to stay in the moment. When doing the practice of Yoga we bring our attention to the breath, the body alignment, the movement, the sensations and the play of energy in the body, at this time we can also notice thoughts rising in the mind.


Yoga teaches us to notice what is happening in the moment, for example when our attention is directed to the breath we realize that the breath can be different in each moment. When noticing sensations happening in the body it becomes easier to realize what is tight, what is strong, what are our weak links and what are our habitual patterns.


We can then bring these observations into our daily life. For example when doing daily chores notice your breath, notice when you are holding your breath and when breathing is easy. Also notice habitual patterns like the locking of the knees or the collapsing of arches when standing up or walking, notice if your core muscles support your lower back in all movements etc.


When we begin to notice our thoughts it becomes clear that our thoughts also have a pattern, we can notice the dialogue happening in the mind and tone of this dialogue. After observing these patterns we can work with forming positive habits for the body and the mind.


Yoga is a wonderful tool to shift patterns by creating new neurological pathways, and by letting go of unnecessary habits. Yoga helps our whole system become energized, yet relaxed.



Sunita Baste
Website: www.mydivineyoga.com

Blog on Yoga: http://yogaforeternity.com/





Speaking Engagement! 





December 20th

Tuesday at 8 AM
Come learn about holistic practices, spiritual paths and healthy ways to care for our bodies. Open to
anyone with a spiritual curiosity and a open mind!

Westchester Holistic Network

WHITE PLAINS, NY, 10603-3710 


For more Info:








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Notes of  Empowerment from Nomi Bachar


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