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About Gates of Power ®


The Gates of Power® method empowers you to clear away the weeds and water the seeds of the soul.


Using the Gates of Power® method, you master all seven channels of empowerment. These channels are called "Gates."


The Gates are avenues to growth and self-actualization. They are the key to a fulfilling and rich life.



You want an amazing life. We all do. You want a healthy body, a joyful spirit, great relationships, a fabulous career, spiritual connection, abundance, and more. And you deserve it!!! We all deserve to realize our potential and our dreams. We are designed for GREATNESS!







Self-Love Rehab:

Step 3

Establishing A Loving Dialogue With Yourself



In the first step, I mentioned the concept of "choice." In the second step, I emphasized the idea that the universal and loving intelligence lives within us. In the third step that we will uncover how whatever you feel, think, and do, affects -believe it or not - our global energetic ecosystem. Just as when one bird or one whale or one spider, for that matter, succumbs to a fatal injury, the natural order of things shifts ever so slightly, it is true in the esoteric that one human's emotional output sways the greater, global pendulum. Maybe you think this sounds a bit grandiose, or even unbelievable; but think about it this way: How many times have you stepped into a meeting with a chip on your shoulder, and somehow the entire atmosphere shifted from one of excitement and joyous buzz to sullen blandness? And haven't you witnessed the same type of transition when the opposite was true, say, when you're in a jovial, upbeat mood? Just because you don't witness your impact directly in other scenarios as you do in these, does not make it any less real.



My point is this: When you love yourself, or don't, your attitude causes a ripple effect in the universal emotional realm either way. And to be generous and caring with oneself is to be generous and caring with the rest of humanity.


To love someone properly, you need to know them - know what they need. Know what they appreciate and desire. When you have a basis from which to reach out, you can meet their emotional needs as a supportive friend and love one. Today, we will consider steps that will help you become that trusted friend to yourself. We must begin this engagement with self-dialogue:


  1. Make time - say, 15 - 20 minutes - to complete this exercise.
  2. Take two sheets of paper and place them opposite each other, one on your right and one on your left.
  3. On the paper to your right, jot down the question: "What is it that I need in order to feel loved, fulfilled, and joyful?"
  4. Then, addressing yourself in a letter, proceed to elaborate on the above question, as a loving parent to a child. Do so by uncovering some of the scenarios that serve as roadblocks to feeling loved, fulfilled, and joyful. For example, you might write: "I know you that you've been very stressed at work lately. What are you feeling? Are you afraid? Angry? Hurt? How can we remedy these negative feelings so that you can proceed healthily and happily?"
  5. Now move to the second page, and write in big, bold letters: "What I need to feel fulfilled is:"
  6. Then, from your deepest, emotional, childlike place, respond. Freely list what you need without hesitation or distraction. Make this part of the exercise a brainstorm.
  7. Once completed, acknowledge these needs. Choose a couple of actions that will address them. For example, if you need to talk to your boss to resolve an issue, devise a plan, and do it.

Once you follow up with loving actions to support your needs, you will begin to sense a seed of inner strength growing. You are becoming that beautiful, proud tree you were designed to be.






Food And Depression

Excerpt Written By Glen B. Stewart



What are the sources of depression?


Depression is typically manifested by one of 5 things.

1) Tragic or unfortunate life experiences.

2) Drug or prescription side effects.

3) Food allergies.

4) Food and pesticide toxicity.

5) Man-made toxin reactions.


In this brief article I will reveal in further detail the research behind depression and the toxic and allergenic foods we eat on a daily basis.


So how does one eliminate this nightmare of mood swings and acute depression along with severe health problems?


By eliminating the following highly allergenic and toxic foods from your lifestyle completely:


1) Wheat - either whole grain or white flour, pasta, noodles, breads, bakery sweets etc.

2) Corn - corn on the cob, canned corn and "high fructose corn syrup" which is in many processed foods. I will touch on high fructose corn syrup shortly.

3) All other gluten containing grains such as rye and barley etc.

4) Potatoes

5) Shellfish

6) Eggs

7) Milk and milk products such as butter and cheese

8) Rice and other grains.

9) Commercially raised grain fed beef chicken and pork.

10) Commercially grown vegetables which are heavily sprayed with pesticides.

11) Genetically modified foods or GMO foods which are highly allergenic and toxic.




Glen B Stewart is the globally acclaimed author of "Visions Of A Champion available on Amazon. Glen transforms the lives of people from world-class athletes and children in sports to disease ridden and cancer stricken individuals worldwide.




Teleseminar: The Gates of Power®

You have Seven portals of power and knowledge accessible to you. Are you using them to maximize your potential and create the life that you want? If your answer to that is no, then you owe it to yourself to participate in this FREE teleseminar. It will provide you with understanding, insight, and practical tools. You will tap into your seven gates of power, energize them and utilize your inner strength to create your vision and become a contribution to yourself and others.

Attendees should dial into this seminar 5 minutes prior to start.


Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011





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