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Healing Meditations
How would you feel your connection to the greater Self if you do not take time to sit still?
We are here to know and celebrate our true nature, each one of us travels a path towards Self realization.  We each have lessons to learn and challenges to meet.  The workshop is an experiential investigation of our inner world and our individual healing possibilities
Meditation allows you to shed unnecessary obsessive thoughts, negative emotions and addictive attachments. It guides you back to the recognition of your true essence.  Meditation is a powerful healing and inner aligning tool. When you observe your mind you learn to witness your thoughts and feelings. Slowly you detach yourself from your obsessive thinking and can differentiate between your true nature and your unresolved traumas and negative beliefs.  By doing so you initiate your inner healing process. 
Each participant will choose an important theme from their life to work with.  They will focus on the selected theme in each of the meditations.  This gives them an opportunity to go deeper and deeper into the nature of what is blocking them.  The process will facilitate a shift making it easier for the individual to dissolve blockages and unresolved experiences. The workshop will utilize traditional meditation techniques, as well as unique healing meditations created by Nomi Bachar.
Witnessing and dropping the mind
Breathing meditations
Moving meditations
Sound meditations
Drawing and writing meditations
Guided imagery
Energy and body awareness meditations

Event Information

Date: August 8th, 2010 
 Time: 10 AM - 6 PM 
Location: 802 South street # 1, Peekskill, NY,
 Price: US$150 lunch included 
 50% deposit due by July 26th, 2010

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