The Eye of the Storm:
The Courage to Experience and Transform Suffering
When & Where
802 South St. #1
Peekskill, NY
March 20, 2010
10am to 6pm
Fee: $150 per person
Deposit of $80 due by March 15. 2010
A one day workshop dedicated to the ability to open up to painful, difficult, and overwhelming emotions.
In this workshop, we will learn to use our Expanded Self to witness, guide, and heal. The Expanded Self is the aspect of the self that holds our wisdom, compassion, and healing powers.  With the help of our Expanded Self, our Emotional Self can stand in the midst of the storm and truly experience the intensity of our painful feelings. 
The workshop facilitates the ability to relax and accept our turmoil. By doing this, we find the inner understanding and support we need. Our newfound strength allows us to intergrate the feelings, move through them, and get to other side.
Some of the exercises we will use are:
  •  dialogue
  • creative expression
  • emotional processes
  • meditations and visualizations
  • cognitive understanding
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To RSVP, please call 212-877-0346 and reference "Eye of the Storm" workshop
White Cedar Institute for Expanded Living
"Mastering the Channels of Empowerment"