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Power Times 
 Volume 1, Issue 1 - March 2009

Dear Friends,
Nomi Bachar
The White Cedar Institute for Expanded Living, LLC is dedicated to coaching and couseling individuals in actualizing their highest potential by using the Gates of Power® Method.  Our goal is to connect to our truest essence and to celebrate its experience and expression.  The path is liberating our full aliveness - that is, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, self-expression, creativity, capacity to feel, openness to love, adventure, and learning.  
This month, there are a lot of exciting things going on around White Cedar Institute - read below for some of our ongoing, upcoming, and recent events.  For more information be sure to visit out brand new website, located at  

Nomi Bachar
 Gates of Power
-The Upcoming Book by Nomi Bachar
"Aside from devoted masochists, who wants to suffer?  We don't wait in line eager to purchase extra suffering.  Most of us try to avoid it, chasing the brighter colors of life, but if we possess a serious passion for living, we need to look at the inspiring - yes, inspiring! - experience of suffering."
- From Ch 2: "On Suffering"
(© 2009 Nomi Bachar)
workshop participants having funOngoing Events
At White Cedar Institute

White Cedar Institute houses a variety of programs in the field of self-actualization, ranging from the ongoing Gates of Power® Curriculum, to workshops and lectures on special topics, to events geared toward professionals in the corporate world.   Programs include:
  • Ongoing Curriculum
  • Workshops
  • Lectures and Events
  • Corporate

Visit for a detailed list of available workshop and lecture topics as well as detailed information about the ongoing programs.

anandaUpcoming Events
Nomi Bachar at Ananda Ashram

I will be hosting two upcoming events at Ananda Ashram in Monroe, NY. 
April 4-5: I will lead a workshop called Introduction to Gates of Power®.  The Gates of Power® are seven facets of the self; this introductory workshop will cover each Gate, its function in our lives and the way it can be used to realize our true nature and potential. Included will be discussion, meditations and creative/experiential exercises.  There is still room to get on the list of participants!  For more information contact White Cedar or visit the Ananda Ashram Website.  To register, call Ananda at 845.782.5575.

April 8th:  I will lead Passover Seder at Ananda on the evening of April 8th.  Passover is the celebration of our ability to liberate ourselves internally and externally.  The celebration of Passover at Ananda is open to Jews and non-Jews -- the theme of inner and outer liberation is universally important within the journey of life, so come and join us for discussion, poetry, readings, stories, and good food.  To register, call Ananda at 845.782.5575.
workshop participants engaging in dialogueRecent Events
At White Cedar Institute

On March 21-22nd, 2009, in Peekskill, NY, we completed a wonderful, moving and inspiring group workshop called The Power of Intimate Relating.  The workshop allowed participants to experience and explore the beauty of intimate relating as well as what is in the way of achieving fulfilling intimacy.  I would like to acknowledge all the participants for their courage, honesty, expression, and support of each other.

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