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English Discoveries OnLine (EDO) provides a thorough computer-assisted English language learning solution integrating the very latest in multimedia learning technologies with field-proven instructional approaches.  EDO is equipped with many valuable features such as interactive exercises using voice recognition technology and Flash video components.  Advanced administrative/teacher tools allow for the assessment of students' progress which leads to differentiated student instruction and individual guidance in reaching the goal of English fluency.  EDO is guaranteed to enhance the learning process and experience of both students and teachers.

Westwood 3Westwood High School
Mesa, AZ

By Daniel Allen                
Foreign Language Teacher

  Westwood High School has long
  recognized the need to enhance student
  opportunities to use target languages
  they are learning in an authentic manner.
  They turned to SANAKO Study 1200 to
  ensure that they would meet those

The problem:

The difficulty we faced prior to the installation of the lab was trying to facilitate and provide feedback to students based on their performance in speaking activities. This problem was especially prevalent during AP and IB testing, as we have steadily increased the number of students completing the AP and IB tests, both of which include recorded conversations. Imagine trying to conduct 60 oral interviews using a handful of old tape recorders. Furthermore, we wanted to enhance the interaction and engagement in our classrooms, incorporating some of the new technologies that students are using daily in their personal lives.

The solution:

The SANAKO language lab has done wonders for us, as we now have
the ability to dramatically increase the number of interactive speaking
activities that students are able to complete. We can simultaneously
record up to 32 student conversations, simplifying greatly the time and
effort it takes to practice and evaluate recordings. Instead of constantly
purchasing audio cassettes, we can easily download student MP3
recordings to a flash drive, another PC, or burn to a CD and evaluate as
time permits. Additionally, our students have enjoyed using the internet
to look up cultural information, and then immediately turn around and
record their findings in spoken form.
To read the entire case study please "Click Here".
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U.S. Dept. of Education Opens
'Race to the Top' Competition

  1. States need to document their past success.
  2. Outline their plans to extend their reforms by using college- and career-ready standards and assessments.
  3. Build a workforce of highly effective educators.
  4. Create educational data systems to support student achievement.
  5. Turn around their lowest-performing schools.

Did you know that more than 10% of Newsweek's "America's Top Public High Schools" has a SANAKO Language Lab.

A Language Lab is still the BEST instructional tool available for language learning.