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Thinking Globally: The Need for World Language Study
By Linda Graffitti

Our High School students routinely graduate from high school unable to speak more than one language.  We have been inattentive to World Language Studies in the US and have ignored the valuable tool they can be for our children.

Being bilingual makes you a valuable asset in many industries and professions and gives you the edge that could set you apart from the other candidates when applying for a job. With a second language you can reach a set of customers for your potential employer that might not otherwise be accessible to them due to language barriers.
Many of our health care providers face language barriers on a daily basis.  When non-English speaking patients come to the emergency room how will the Nurses and Doctors find out what brought them in?  How will they treat them if you can't diagnose what is wrong?

Greeting visitors from abroad would be easier if we could find a common language.  Many Europeans speak 2 or more languages. How welcome the European family would feel if the hotel concierge could speak to them in either their native tongue or another language other than English.

World Language Teachers not only teach the rules and words of a language to their students they add to their roles as Global Citizens by encouraging respect for other cultures and developing their students' cultural literacy.
Investment Bankers and Financial Advisors must navigate the world of Euros and Yen and the languages and cultures that come with them. They need to understand different financial institutions, political systems, foreign cultures and of course, languages to be effective in their jobs.

President Obama stated during his campaign: "America's continued leadership in the world is going to [rely on] our capacity to communicate across boundaries, across borders and that's something frankly, where we've fallen behind." 

Seven years earlier former President Bush said: "America's leadership and national security rest on our commitment to educate and prepare our youth for active engagement in the international community.  I call on schools, teachers, students, parents and community leaders to promote understanding of our nations and cultures by encouraging our young people to participate in activities that increase their knowledge of and appreciation for global issues, languages, history and geography, literature and the arts of other countries."

If you look through the timeline presented by the Committee for Economic Development in their report: "Education for Global Leadership - The importance of International Studies and Foreign Language Education for the U.S. Economic and National Security" you will find that in the US we have been writing legislation related to international studies and foreign language education since 1946.  
The need for bilingual graduates is evident.  The time for real change toward graduating bilingual students in the United States is now.  The money is available to many schools to purchase technology to support second language acquistion as well as deliver the professional development to learn and implement the new technology.

"The economic stimulus possibilities included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act represents a 'Once in a Lifetime' opportunity to make a real difference in our schools" Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, April 22, 2009

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Under Consideration:
Possible Uses for ARRA Funds........

School Districts across the nation have been charged with the responsibility to invest their ARRA monies in the next generation of school reforms.  Here are but a few ideas being considered:

  • Summer/extended year programs
  • Start-up costs for expanded Pre-K services
  • Enhanced technology to support Academic Growth
  • Curriculum materials and training for teachers of English Language Learners
  • Extended day services for students not performing well academically
  • Provide Assistive Technology for use of students with disabilities
  • Support professional development for teachers serving students with disabilities
  • Improve ADA accessibility
  • Equipment modernization to Career/Technical Programs

Grant Opportunities.........................

Federal Register - All Federal Grants
ESchool News Funding Center
AT&T Foundation
The NEA Foundation
Institute of Museum and Library Services
The Champlin Foundations
National Science Foundation

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"We are looking to drive reform, reward excellence, and dramatically improve our nation's schools," said US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan when speaking about the $650M Innovation Fund.