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SANAKO/Tandberg Educational Helping Teachers Link Their Curriculum to Language Lab Technology! 
Teachers need quality materials and lesson plans to help them on their road to learning language lab technology. Read about the newly created manuals available for the Study 1200 and the Lab300 and the Lab 100.  

CALICO          Mar 12 - 13
FLAME           Mar 12 - 13
CSC               Mar 19 - 21
TESOL           Mar 25 - 28
TFLA              Mar 27 - 28
CARTA          Mar 27 - 29

VCCS              Apr   1 -  3
SWCOLT        Apr   2 -  4
OFLA              Apr   2 -  4
AFLTA            Apr   9 - 10
NECTFL         Apr 16 - 18
CATESOL       Apr 16 - 19
MICCA           Apr 21 - 22

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Bryant University,
Smithfield, RI

Houston Community College,
 Houston, TX

Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL

Massasoit Community College,
 Brockton, MA

Isidore Newman School, New Orleans, LA

Georgia College & State University,
Milledgeville, GA

Shuang Wen School,
 New York City, NY

Lowery Freshman Center, Allen, TX

Bishop Shanahan High School,
Downingtown, PA

Kickapoo High School, Springfield, MO

St. Augustine Junior High School,
 New Orleans, LA

JFK High School,
Seattle, Washington


Welcome to our first issue of our online newsletter.  Helping teachers link their curriculum to the language lab is our on-going commitment to our customers.  In this issue of our newsletter we are announcing the newly created lesson plan manuals for the SANAKO Study 1200, Lab 300 and Lab100.  We also have listed the upcoming shows where you will find a SANAKO/Tandberg Educational booth, please stop by and visit us, bring your questions or tell us about your successes.  We look forward to seeing you!!
SANAKO/Tandberg Educational
Helping Teachers Link Their Curriculum to Language Lab Technology! 

By Marisol Greenwald, Spanish Instructor, Mesa Community College

Across Manual pic Teachers need quality materials and lesson plans to help them on their road to learning language lab technology.  Now a manual of over 35 lesson plans, accompanied by an audio CD and quick reference user guide is available for Sanako Study 1200, Lab 300 and Lab 100.  These lesson plan manuals were written by an experienced High School and Community College instructor.  Her lessons come from her own teaching experience.  They have been tried and tested and have proven to facilitate second language acquisition.  Putting them into a manual is the author's response to a recurring issue: although the technology of the language labs is exciting and motivating, teachers still struggle to link that technology to their curriculum.  Labs still sit idle because of lack of material for teachers to practice with.  Teachers don't have the time to learn the lab features and create activities to reinforce them.  The manuals address these needs - the lessons are created and based on a skill-driven platform.  In addition, these lessons move the teacher through the different stages and features of language lab learning.  The appendix is lab-specific (screen shots and terminology) and is there as a reminder to teachers of "where to click".

Now teachers have the material they need to practice each technique without taking away valuable educational time from the students.  Each activity has several variations, so that when one technique or type of activity is mastered, there are more to work with. Neither the student nor the Teacher becomes bogged down with repeated lessons just to practice a lab feature.  Each lesson, adds variety to the instruction.  Students stay motivated because they are given variety.  Teachers become more motivated, because they can create original lessons based on the ones in the manual.  These two powerful components make a successful language learning program. 
Although the lessons are in Spanish they are described in English with educational objectives and step-by-step implementation guidelines; so that the non-Spanish teacher can easily see the format of the activity sheets and adapt these lessons to another language and/or level. The manuals include lessons at all levels from beginning through Advanced Placement and explain how easily these lessons can be adapted. 

Teachers are given ideas on how to create their own authentic language, what kind of activities promote each skill and mostly, how to integrate all language skills in each activity.  Multi-level courses are a reality and the manual shows how one audio file can be used for multiple lessons with multiple outcomes.  The learning is student-centered 100% of the time.  Language teachers know that it is essential for students to be able to self-pace their learning, the language lab allows them to do it effectively.

When Sanako/Tandberg promises to help teachers, we do it by giving them what they want:  Material that is ready-to-go and beneficial to their students.
These lesson plans are available in the following formats:
Electronic with audio files $150.00ea.or
Electronic with audio files and hardcopy $195.00ea.
To purchase a copy of any of these lesson plans contact your local representative or send an email to [email protected]


American Recovery and Reinvestment
Act of 2009

Budget News-U.S. Department of Education

Across Manual pic On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed Public Law 111-5, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

What impact did this have on the US Department of Education's appropriations?  How much is your state allocated to receive? Click Here for more information.