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Book News:

Before the Season Ends now Available in Russian!  

/BTSE-Russian edition
  Before the Season Ends, Russian Edition

I was excited to receive a copy of my first book translated into Russian, from my publisher recently.
A friend tells me that the literal translation of Before the Season Ends, interestingly enough, is While the Celebration (or Holiday) Continues.

Shortly after getting my copy (pictured above,) I got something even closer to my heart. A letter from a Russian reader who loved the book and wanted to know if my others were going to be translated.
Happily, Harvest House Publishers tells me that The House in Grosvenor Square, book two in my three-book series, is slated for publication in Russian next month.

Thank you, God. <smile>

Other news:
I have a manuscript waiting for a verdict from a publisher as I write. It's a new regency, not a continuation of Ariana and Phillip's story, but it's got all the elements you loved in my other books: a strong-minded heroine, dashing hero, humor, faith,  romance--and regency England! 

My newly expanded short story, Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale, will soon be available as an ebook from Kindle and Smashwords. I'll let you know when it's available.

Be sure to scroll down the right-hand side of this newsletter as you read, because there are lots more events and news that I don't want you to miss!  Jane Austen events, a speaking engagement I'm doing, and other stuff. Enjoy.
Feature Article:
Why I Love Regency Fashions   

Empress Josephine in regal Empire Style. Would Napoleon have been able to exert such influence in the world of fashion--and in Europe

using fashion-- without her? I doubt it.

There are many reasons why the traditional regency romance is wildly popular among readers, but the fashion of the era is certainly one, and not least, of them. What's so special about it, you may ask? Here are two links to short videos on You Tube that showcase  a traveling exhibition called

Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion.

The videos were shot when the exhibit was in Milan, but when it reaches New York, I may just have to travel there to see it in person. Take a look at one or both of these, and see if you don't feel the same. The elegance! The fabrics! The sheer exuberance of luxury in clothing! The eclecticism of ornaments and jewelry and style, while still keeping within the umbrella of "Empire" fashion--it's nothing short of exhilarating to a regency romance author like me.


Well-dressed regency women (such as the mannequins in this exhibit) show why I love the Regency style. What about you? 



Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion 1 

Napoleon and the Empire of  Fashion 2  


In both videos you'll get some good commentary by Martin Lancaster, a man "in the know."  



timothy daltonTHE JANE CONTEST:

Last Month's Results This Month's Contest  



Last Issue's Contest:  

Why do you love Jane Austen? What is it about her books that brings you back to them (or the movies) again and again?  Two winners will receive a free book.


How I Chose the Winners:



I narrowed the entries down to six, and then, being the irrepressible editor that I am, tweaked them into two entries that I really liked. So, there are six winners, since I used all six entries to fashion the statements below. I felt that blending the answers gave the best, well-rounded view of the matter. If this bothers your sense of fairness, go ahead and shoot me an email. Using my method means I'll be sending out SIX free books, however!     


Why readers say they love Jane Austen: 



I'm drawn to the world of Jane Austen by its air of refinement and cultured elegance; for Jane's delicacy and sensitivity too seldom seen in modern books. I love Jane because she loves her characters. To her, they aren't fictional but more like her own flesh and blood. She spotted a portrait in London and called it Mrs. Bingley, and commented once to Cassandra that Mrs. Darcy

was at Pemberley! When I think of all the times I've escaped into her books (or the movie adaptations), it is more like recalling fond memories than mere stories. I've worn the dresses, danced the dances, and Jane has become a friend.  



I like that Jane wrote about the trials and tribulations of middle class England, yet couched them in such wonderful stories that we are altogether charmed despite harsh realities. She gives us warmth, humor and drama simultaneously with deep entertainment. I am forever in Jane's debt for enriching my literary life.  


Congratulations to the six contributors, each of whom is entitled to receive a copy of my first book, Before the Season Ends.  


Rebecca Dewey

Michelle L. Hamilton

Natalie Hernandez

Patricia Cochran

Jackie Wisherd

Joy Isley 


Please send me your mailing addresses so I can get a book out to you.   


And thanks to everyone who participated. Try again this month!    

New Subscriber Contest:

Each month two new subscribers are randomly chosen to win a copy of my self-published edition of Before the Season Ends.


March Winners:




April Winners:




 Thanks to all of you who have recently signed up and Congratulations winners! Please send me your full mailing address so I can send you a book.


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May Contest:

I'm growing my subscriber list but I need help. Anyone who forwards this issue to at least FIVE friends or family, asking them to consider subscribing, will be entered in a drawing for a copy of any of my three published books--the winner chooses. No need to contact me if you use the forward link at the top right of this newsletter. I'll be able to see that you forwarded it when I view the issue's stats. 


If you use your own email provider to forward the issue, then copy me in on the forward so I'll know you did it. (You can copy me in merely by hitting "reply" when you start your forwarding.)  


Winner announced next issue!

Thanks and Good luck--er, providence!   


Next month, we'll return to a "Jane" contest. 

  E-Book Nook 
Cover--Country House Courtship
Finally! The Country House Courtship is now available as an ebook! Thanks to my editor Nick Harrison at Harvest House Publishers for making this happen.

I've had very sweet letters from some of you asking me WHEN Country House would be on Kindle or Nook, so I'm very happy to make this announcement.

If you are of the growing masses who use an e-reader, here are purchase links--you can be reading it in seconds!

From CBD.Com (lowest price alert!)


NookBook (B&

More info:
The Country House Courtship
But here's why, in the words of one reviewer, you want to get this: 

In The Country House Courtship Linore combines the best elements of Regency fiction with the best elements of contemporary writing to delightful effect. I would call these books "Jane Austen Lite," and I mean that in the best sort of way. There is no slogging or trudging through this book. Readers can enjoy a wonderful Regency style novel that is friendly to a modern day audience. So of course, I highly recommend this book to Jane Austen fans. However, I think anyone who enjoys romance or historical fiction will love this book as well.

(From Amazon. Dina Sleiman, reviewer)  


As in months past, here's a partial list of my recently acquired Kindle ebooks. Unless stated, these were free at time of posting here on Amazon.

Jane Eyre I just watched the mini-series with Timothy Dalton as Rochester (sigh!). I don't always like Dalton but in this role he is definitely a dashing HERO. I had been having a friendly debate with author Melanie Dickerson about which version of Jane Eyre was the best. I must now agree with her that the Dalton version is excellent. Now she has challenged me to watch the one with Ciaran Hinds. Hard to believe  I haven't seen that one yet (or worse, forgotten!) but I'll be watching this one soon. It was extra fun watching the mini-series because my 14 year old daughter was watching with me and didn't know who or what was behind the creepy laughter at night! She is the reason I got the ebook (I've already read the book a few times)  but now she's ready for it and loves to borrow my Kindle. (Good thing she's a speed reader!)   '  

Do the Work "Could you be getting in your way of producing great work? Have you started a project but never finished? Would you like to do work that matters, but don't know where to start?
The answer is Do the Work, a manifesto by bestselling author Steven Pressfield,..." (

A Classic: Beauty and the Beast by Marie Le Prince de Beaumont.

Prefer print books? Search for a title at a discounted price at in this search box, below.


Happy Reading!
Amazon offers free "Kindle for PC" software, so that you can read Kindle books on your
If you later decide to get an actual Kindle, you will be able to easily move every book you've collected for your PC app onto your new Kindle. So start collecting! 

1. Peterson's Magazine March-April (Volumes 33-34). You can read the entire issues of this ladies' magazine, replete with illustrations, from the year 1854. A typical serial for ladies', it contains short stories, poems, templates and directions for knitting, sewing, and crocheting, reviews, recipes, and fashions. A researcher's delight!

2.  Ignore the ads, but this perky review of the book Perilous Fight: America's Intrepid War with Great Britian in the High Seas 1812-1815 gives a perfect little history lesson about the whys and wherefores of the conflict.   

3.Discover the music of husband/wife team Holly and Lester. When you land on this page, have your speakers on and music will automatically start. You'll get a couple of whole songs and then some clips. I love the song, "Come As You Are" (4th song that plays).(I need to order a new CD--my dtr. "adopted" mine!)  

4.  is a new site geared at helping readers find quality new Christian fiction.   


 5.  A reader from Brazil wrote and asked if she could translate one of my articles for her blog. Do you read Portuguese? (I'm guessing it's Portuguese!) This is the article, "Lizzie Bennet's Wardrobe." 


6. A Washington Post article  re: Austen vs. Bronte (Or, The Battle of the Bonnets)

May Download
Three Austen Puzzles

Spring is in the air, but we all need some downtime. This year, I've been home more than usual due to having surgery on my hip. I am working on two books  (I promise!) but I also had a little fun creating a few puzzles for you to relax with. They're word searches based on three of Jane Austen's most popular novels.
Print them out (skip the cover page to save ink) and take these with you when you need to wait in a doctor's office, or at any other time. Enjoy! 

Until we meet again,

Warmest blessings,

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Book News
Why I Love Regency Style
The Jane Contest
E-Book Nook
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A Peek at My Email:
A Beautiful Letter


Hey Linore,

  About  The House in Grosvenor Square:
House in Grosvenor Square
  I just finished reading it in two days and loved every minute of it! What a roller coaster ride from the very first chapter! Oh my gosh!  I experienced so many different emotions as I read it.  I had a sinking feeling, literal heart pounding, ...
[spoilers removed]

I was on total pins and needles ...OH! What a wonderful book!  I cannot wait for the next one to come out! 


  I hope that all is going very well for you and yours! What gifts the Lord has given you! You and your books are blessings.  I, also, really enjoy the Regency newsletter so much.  Thank you for putting so much work into that as well!


My prayer is that the Lord will continue to lead, inspire and use you for His purposes and to bring joy to all of us out here!



Christina Hohmann

Thank you, Christina!


Mother and Daughter Tea THIS SATURDAY,  

MAY 7TH!   

This coming Saturday, Linore will give the keynote address at a Mother and Daughter Tea.

Countryside Community Church
1436 Deerfield Road
Lebanon, Ohio    45036

For information or to attend, contact
DeeDee Stone at
(513) 932-7363



 4th Annual Jane Austen Festival 


JULY 9 & 10, 2011 


at Historic Locust Grove 

(1790 National Historic Landmark) 

Louisville, Kentucky 


sponsored by

Greater Louisville Region Jane Austen Society of North America 

For details on everything this event will feature (lots of great stuff!)  visit Locust Grove on the web.

General Admission $10
Ball, tea,  theatrical performance and workshops additional fee.

For information re: hotels, travel, etc. please contact Bonny Wise, Regional Coordinator at:
wises4 (at) insightbb (dot) com
(no spaces)


Don't forget the free resources available on my website! 

A Spring Poem

I wander'd lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o'er vales and hills,

When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host, of golden daffodils;

Beside the lake, beneath the trees,  

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.  

From, "Daffodils"  

William Wordsworth (1770 - 1850)


From Christian

Each month christianaudio gives away one premium audiobook download for free, available only during that month and only once, ever. There are also hundreds of other free audiobooks, lectures, sermons, interviews and podcasts here too!

Take a look at all their premium free Christian audio downloads and share this page with your friends!

DAYTON JASNA (and the English Dept. of Sinclair University) PRESENTS:


Houses in Jane Austen's Life and Fiction

Featuring a Lecture, Full Luncheon with Tea, and an Emporium!

WHEN:  May 14th, 2011
WHERE: Sinclair Community College
COST:    JASNA members $20.
              Non-members $23.
             (Parking Lot A is $2)
RSVP:  Send check made out to
            JASNA Dayton and special
        dietary requirements, if any, to:

Meredith Stoehr

86 Carmel Court

Centerville, OH 45458

For questions contact Meredith



Deadline is May 6th for pre-registration, so hurry and contact Meredith! 


JASNA President Iris Lutz will present an illustrated talk on houses in Jane Austen's real and imagined worlds, shedding light on many of the homes and estates that figured in her life and novels. The visual tour will feature houses Austen lived in and visited while in Chawton, Bath, Winchester, and Kent, and Iris will share many of her pictuers and impressions from a trip to Jane Austen country. In addition, by pairing pictures of real houses with descriptions in the novels of cottages, manors and estates, Iris will show what Austen may have had in mind when she created Barton Cottage, Longbourn, Mansfield Park, Pemberley, Sotherton, and other fictional houses.


JASNA region founder and treasurer Martha Caprarotta will offer an emporium featuring her brooches and lapel pins, note cards, jewelry, and period dresses and men's shirts for sale   



Variety of scones with butter and jam

Finger sandwiches (turkey,ham, roast beef, vegetarian--on petite ciabatta rolls)

Fruit Salad

Garden Salad

Small Desserts, Assorted





10:30 - 11:00   Registration

11:00 - 12:30   Talk and discussion

12:30 - 1:00   Gather in lunch room

1:00 - 2:30   Lunch and Emporium 

My daughter and I will be attending this fun event. Hope to see you there!

Clash of the Titles!

From Gail Pallotta,
author of Love Turns the Tide.

On Clash of the Titles authors battle for a win by sharing blind excerpts, and readers vote.

The staff's goals incude highlighting quality Christian writers and uniting readers and authors in a fun atmosphere.  


The Web site for Clash of the Titles is
Gail's Web site is

A Side Note:
Become a Producer!

This is a link to a brand-new trailer for a film called, "Forever's End,"  that has yet to be completed. My son will be on the film crew, and helped make the trailer. But that's not the exciting part as far as YOU are concerned. The exciting part is that you can be a part of making this movie happen. 
Forever's End  movie pic
     You can help produce this movie!

Click through, watch the trailer, and help support some budding film artists. They've got the right connections in the industry; people who have promised to make the film a reality if they can raise the first $40,000 of production costs.

View the trailer HERE 


More information about the movie is on the landing page.  

On behalf of JC Schroder (the director and writer), my son, and all others who will be employed during filming, thank you so much for your support! 


It's Official!


My family's church is no longer considered a church plant, but we are now meeting on Sunday mornings as the newest member of the Sovereign Grace Ministries family of churches.

We're so grateful to the Butler family who moved here from out-of-state to shepherd our church. If you're local and seeking a group of warm, friendly people who join together to live gospel-centered lives, come on out to Waynesville, OH at 10am and let us get to know you. We love visitors~ !

Butler family
Senior Pastor John Butler with wife,
Bev, and kids, Colin and Amy. They came all the way from North Carolina to
make this church plant happen.

Sovereign Grace Dayton
291 Church Street, Waynesville OH
(513) 897-2687