February 2011                       Volume 6, Issue 2 


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Feature Article:
 Winter Pastimes:

Part Two

 by Linore Rose Burkard

Last month we looked at winter pastimes of the Regency, in particular popular card games and card parties.

This month we'll take a look at Parlour Games.
While many of these games were possibly played at any time of year, there is no doubt that more people stuck to their firesides (hence, their parlours) during the winter. In an age without electronics and electricity, parlour games were often an indispensable ingredient of family gatherings. They enlivened otherwise routine evenings and days, and were especially popular during holidays such as throughout the Twelve Days of Christmas .  

Some of these games are still fun today, but I wouldn't recommend playing Snapdragon--you'll see why, later.


   In my Regency Christmas Ebook

there are details on how to play many of the most popular parlour games of the day, but I'll explain one or two of them here, following the list. 


The Games:

This is not comprehensive but will give you an idea of the variety:




Blind Man's Buff (changed to "bluff" later in the century)
Hide the Slipper (or, Hunt the Thimble)
Dumb Crambo
Home Theatricals
Hot Cockles
The Vicar's Cat
Apples in Water
Yawning for a Cheshire Cat
Musical Chairs
Table and Board Games

Squeak, Piggy, Squeak  



How to play The Vicar's Cat:  


Players in this game must each think of an adjective to describe "the vicar's cat" beginning with the letter A and trying to reach Z. If Z is reached, play continues from A again.  A turn is taken by saying, "The Vicar's cat is agile," or, "The Vicar's cat is bouncy."  No repeats are allowed and the player who first cannot think of an adjective with the proper beginning letter is the loser.  


How to play Snapdragon:


This is a game that even children played, much to our modern consternation. After setting aflame a shallow wide bowl of raisins swimming in brandy, all the candles in a room would be snuffed (later in the century the gas lamps extinguished) and players would take turns trying to "snap" raisins out of the bowl with their fingers. The object was to extract the most raisins while trying not to get burned. This supposedly led to "a considerable amount of laughter and merriment" though singed fingers seem inevitable.  


A further element of the game could be to put a gold button or coin--or some such small object--into one raisin. Whoever picked the "lucky" raisin would get an additional boon, something they could choose as a treat. Strutt adds that, "This sport is seldom exhibited but in winter, and chiefly at Christmas-time."   


Many of the parlour games we know about seem chiefly to offer entertainment to the younger set, but even adults could, and did, enjoy many of the simple amusements of these bygone days.   

I hope you enjoyed this peek into the Regency Christmas Ebook. This article was adapted from:  Regency House Christmas: The Definitive Guide to a Remarkably Regency Yuletide!  If interested, you may  click here to download the Contents & Bibliography pages.  If you like what you see, the ebook is availabe at my  lowest price ever---for only $9.95.  In addition, all future editions of the Christmas Ebook will be sent to you at no further cost!  
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timothy daltonTHE JANE CONTEST:

Last Month's Results, This Month's Contest  


The Quote Was:  

Here we all found ourselves...in a noble large parlour hung round with family pictures--every thing is very grand and very fine and very large--The house is larger than I could have supposed...I expected to find everything about the place very fine and all that, but I had no idea of its being so beautiful...

The  Challenge Was:  

WHO was the speaker of the quote?    


The Correct Answer Was:   

Mrs. Austen--Jane's mother!  


And here I must offer an apology because I FORGOT to include Mrs. Austen in the choices! Because of my hurry and carelessness in leaving out the right response, anyone who chose the next closest answer, (Jane Austen) was put in the drawing for a book.  Please forgive my oversight.   


However, three of you sent in the truly correct answer, rightly attributing the quote to Mrs. Austen:


Ruth Perry

Sheri Fabiani

LuAnn Morgan


Give yourselves a hand, ladies--well done.

I chose a first winner from your small group, and SHERI FABIANI is it! 


From the responses who chose Jane Austen, I chose a second winner: 

MORGAN (chocomilk27@....) 


Congratulations Sheri and Morgan! Please send me your mailing addresses so I can get a book out to you.   


And thanks to everyone who participated. Try again this month!   



The New (February) Contest

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways....


Maybe because it's Valentine's Day as I write but I'm thinking it would be fun to share what we love best about Jane.Why do you love Jane Austen? What is it about her books that brings you back to them (or the movies) again and again?  


I'll choose two answers to share with readers next month, and if your answer is chosen you'll win a free book of mine. (I just got a new order of books in so it'll be hot off the press!)  


As an example, I once answered this question for someone, and here is part of what I said:    


When I say "I love Jane Austen," I'm referring chiefly  to the atmosphere of her world, which is to say, that of her books. There is an air of gentility and manners that isn't around today. This doesn't mean  there aren't terrible goings-on in her world (or books) but that the prevailing feeling is of visiting a  more innocent, well-mannered and beautiful time in history.


Hit "reply" and send me your answer in an email. Good luck!

New Subscriber Contest:

Each month two new subscribers are randomly chosen to win a copy of my self-published edition of Before the Season Ends. This month's winners are:  

 Felicia Armbrister



 Thanks to all of you who have recently signed up and Congratulations winners! Please send me your full mailing address so I can send you a book.

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 Happy Endings Only   
I sent out a call to authors I know and asked for  information on new releases. My only requirements were that they had to be Sweet Historical Fiction with happy endings only! Since that's what I write, it fits with this newsletter, and is fiction you'll enjoy.  I am pleased to highlight this month's selections and look forward to reading them myself.   

Here are some new books to love:
Lady in the Mist
Lady in the Mist, by Laurie Alice Eakes

By virtue of her profession as a midwife, Tabitha Eckles is the keeper of many secrets.

Dominick Cherrett is a man with his own secret to keep: namely, what he, a British aristocrat, is doing on American soil working as an indentured servant.


In a time when relations between America and England rest on the edge of a knife, Tabitha and Dominick cross paths, leading them on a journey of intrigue, threats, public disgrace, and . . . love? But can Tabitha trust Dominick? Finding true love seems impossible in a world set against them.


With stirring writing that draws you directly into the story, Lady in the Mist takes you on the thrilling ride of love's discovery.


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Sharpshooter inPetticoats
Sharpshooter in Petticoats by Mary Connealy

Book #3 in the Sophie's Daughters Series

Mandy McClellen Grey has become the focus of a feud thanks to her husband, who made this mess and then died. Far from home, Mandy, the best little rifle woman in the west, has resigned herself to a lonely life under siege rather than call for help and endanger her family.

Tom Linscott is fed up with waiting for Mandy who should have had the sense to come to him as soon as she finished burying her worthless husband. In fact he'd've come fast enough to dig the hole if she'd've sent for him. He goes to round up his little woman and buys into a heap of trouble from a whole clan of outlaws.

Between Mandy's deadly skill with her rifle, her determination to not bring trouble down on someone she loves, and an ever growing crowd of varmints who want to bury everyone named Grey-and anyone who sides with them, Tom may not survive getting himself hitched.

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Love finds you...
Love Finds You in Tombstone, Arizona
by Miralee Ferrell

Love and second chances aren't easy to come by in a town named Tombstone. When Christy Grey receives an urgent summons to Tombstone, Arizona, she reluctantly leaves her new life in California. The trip goes from bad to worse when three masked men hold up Christy's stage. She finally arrives in
Tombstone to find her mother ill and her brother trapped in a life of gambling. Desperate for money to support her family, will Christy bow to pressure from the local saloon owners and return to the life she thought she'd given up for good?

Nevada Keene has problems of his own. He's been dodging bullets for years and wants nothing more than to settle down and get married. But he's on the run from outlaws bent on revenge, and the one woman who captures his interest recognizes him from the stagecoach holdup. Will Christy turn Nevada in to the authorities, or will the outlaws on his trail catch him first?

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1. This post on Inkwell Inspirations by Susanne Dietze gives a list of many JA-related novels, including regency fiction (like mine!). You'll get some good ideas for reading here.

2. Digitized copies (1100 pages of them) of Jane Austen's manuscripts, all hand-written by JA herself. Fascinating. And revealing. (Remind me to destroy all my own first drafts!)   

3.  Get a newsletter from CAN (Christian Authors' Network) each month, with news of new releases. Sign up here. It's free!


4.  Click on the fashion plates to see them enlarged. This page is all Regency, from the University of Washington collection of prints. (I love this sort of website when I'm doing research.)  


 5.  The Origins, history and serving of Afternoon Tea (briefly). 



Happy Valentine's Day

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There are free patterns for knitting, sewing, crocheting--lots of good stuff to keep your hands busy during these cold winter months. I hope you find something you'll enjoy!

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