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A BALL AT HAMMERWOOD - Monday, 16 February 1824
Upon the coming of age of John Dorrien-Magens

Care to see what it was like at a country estate ball in 1824? Read on for this most Regency-style event (though it occurred after the political regency of George IV.)


In the evening, soon after nine o'clock, the bonfires on the hills in the park were lighted, which, with some rockets thrown up, were seen for a considerable distance round the county. The company invited to the ball began to assemble soon after, the exterior of the house being brilliantly illuminated in red and white lamps, and surmounted by a grand flag.

The eastern pavilion was converted into a tasteful ornamental tent, in which the hostess received her visitors; the staircase, hall, and dancing-room being beautifully decorated with wreaths of natural and artificial flowers, amidst a dazzling blaze of light. Mr. Listolff's band struck up soon after ten, when the Ball was opened with a Quadrille by Mr. J. Magens and Lady Harriet Neville, Lord Sheffield and Lady Mary Pelham, the Hon. Mr. Rice and Lady Anne Holroyd, Mr. Orde and Miss Anne Magens, etc., etc..

ball dress

The dancing was continued with great animation till twelve o'clock, when a magnificent display of fireworks took place, conducted by Mr. Hengler; this part of the entertainment afforded much delight to upwards of a thousand of the country people assembled on the occasion, whose behaviour, though animated and joyous, was perfectly decorous and orderly.

At half past one the folding doors of the great library were thrown open, and produced a most enchanting and cheerful effect; the room was splendidly illuminated by festoons of lamps and fitted up with orange and lemon trees, and various exotics and flowers as a conservatory.

The supper was of the most elegant description, and consisted of soups, abundance of hot game and poultry, and every other delicacy the season would afford; the wines were in great profusion and of the choicest flavour. Covers were laid for over 200 persons, for all of whom ample room was provided in the library and dining- room. The health of Mr. J. Magens was drunk with enthusiasm, and after a few short but appropriate speeches, the party returned to the ball room, where waltzes and quadrilles were resumed, and kept up till a late hour, the rooms not being cleared till six o'clock in the morning.
The whole entertainment was under the direction of Mr. Gunter, whose arrangements gave the highest satisfaction.



February 15, 2010
6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

English ChurchIt's time for the
Annual Chocolate, Romance and Books Program at the Mary L. Cook Library in Waynesville, OH. This year I'm  excited to have six other authors with me for this fun event.

Featured Presenter:
Steve Smith - The Flowerman
Steve will be giving a fabulous demonstration on how to arrange roses, giving trade secrets on arranging flowers, and making cut flowers last longer. Bring your questions!

Linore Rose Burkard- Waynesville native, she writes Christian (Inspirational) Regency Romance.  I'll have some free hand-outs and be signing books for readers. Hope to see you there!
LuAnn McLane - Author of Southern Fried Fairly Tales.
Heather Webber - Author of the Nina Quinn Mysteries and the new Lucy Valentine Mysteries.
Patricia McLinn - A multiple award winning author of several series.
Heather Grothaus - Historical author of the Medieval Warrior Series.
Trish Milburn - Author of American romances and Young Adult Fiction.
Shiloh Walker - Author of the fantasy Hunter Series.
Rosemary Laurey - Vampires, paranormals and historicals author.
"The Library"

CHOCOLATE COOK OFF - Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd - Adult and Young Adult Winners

Door Prizes! AND CHOCOLATE SAMPLING for everyone!

glassblower Check out the sweet new book from  fellow historical romance author Laurie Alice Eakes. The Glassblower is garnering her a well-deserved and quickly growing fanbase.

I've read Laurie's book, and can say that she is a talented author--you'll enjoy this one for sure! (And it's only $2.49 at CBD.com! Click the title above, for the link, and to read more about it.)


straydropofbloodBorn free, made a slave, married out of her bonds, Abigail never knows
freedom until she feels the fire of a stray drop of blood from a Jewish
carpenter. Biblical fiction.

Click the book cover to go to the website of author Roseanna M. White. Roseanna's a firecracker, and if her book is anything like she is, you'll be riveted.: )

raven saintWhen Grace Westcott is kidnapped by a French mercenary, tossed aboard his ship, and told she will be sold to a Spanish Don in Columbia, she cannot imagine what she has done to deserve such a horrid fate. She has spent her entire life serving God and helping the poor....

The latest by extremely popular author Mary Lu Tyndall, click the title to learn more about this third book in her Charles Towne Belles Series.

4. Hey, don't forget me!
timothy dalton
Readers were contacting me, saying they couldn't find the book in stores! Not even online, or not without a long wait.
So I looked into it, and discovered that Country House has already sold through its first print run. THANKS, READERS!
It was such a pleasant surprise for me, and more books are already in stores, or will be soon.

See the sidebar on the right, above, to read more about the book, or click the title, above, to see the listing on CBD.com.
Available wherever books are sold.

NOTE: Your free download this month is the first chapter of The Country House Courtship. Hope you have fun reading it! (See below)
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read better, write better and concentrate better
are quicker to see subtleties
have an easier time processing new information
have a better chance for a successful, fulfilling adult life
have many interests and do well in a wide variety of subjects
develop an ability to understand how other people think and feel
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With the explosion of information in the workplace, only avid readers can stay relatively well informed.

(Source: "British Classics" Yahoo Group Email list, of which I am a member.)

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timothy dalton

From, Historical Novels Review

At last! A truly entertaining inspirational novel written in the style of Jane Austen. Linore Rose Burkard is at home in the Regency period. Her writing has authentic period details, including details about the Church of England. Although Austenian in style, Ms. Burkard's novel is more quickly paced and more suited to the readers of this century. A very good read!
Nan Curnutt
Reviewer, Historical Novels Review


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What a hoot! Play this quick game and see how well you know your Victorian manners. The scenery alone makes playing well worth it. (Now, if someone could only come up with a similar game for being a Regencian, or an Austen character--what fun!) Be sure and watch the lady's eyes if you answer a question incorrectly. 

2. For the latest in books, movies and music--TitleTrakk.com Christian reviews. It's fun, free, and informative.  (They reviewed my first book on their site last year.)    

3. AustenProse  
4. FREE Online Books by John Piper . This is a fabulous selection of books, and some are even translated into other languages. Browse the list and bless your life today.

5.   Daily London Nature Photo from London or its environs. Beautiful!  Below each pic is a little commentary by the photographer. 

6.  Have you seen this? A completely frozen Britain! (Must be that global warming.)        


This month's download is Chapter One of my new release, The Country House Courtship.  Have you been undecided about whether or not you'll enjoy it? Take a sneak peek into the book now with this chapter, and decide for yourself.



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Mary.L.Cook Library
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Feb.27th, Saturday
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Healing Word Assembly of God
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