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 May 2009                                                 Volume 4, Issue 5

        Regency Reflections
Regency Mothers and Children

Mothers and Children, A Gallery of Regency Art
Mother's Day is over, but every mother knows that her job, once begun, is never truly finished. No matter the age of our children, once a mother, always a mother. Below, please enjoy some of the images I have gathered of mothers and their children. It is a topic in painting and art that I can never seem to get enough of. My house has more than its fair share of paintings of moms with babies and moms with young children. Having five offspring myself, it is a subject near and dear to my heart. 

Mother and child


Notice that the little girl's hair style mirrors her mother's exactly. And while her gown is much simpler, it is still in the same style, that is, the Regency or Empire mode.

mtr and child

Here is a mother with her son. Unlike most clothing seen on children during this time, the boy's outfit seems made specifically for children. Most of the time, children simply wore miniature adult clothing.
The woman is wearing a morning or day dress, in the Directoire style. (French Empire).

(1800 John Vanderlyn)

English ChurchI love this one! Three babies clinging to her--no wonder this woman looks a bit distracted. The artist is Sir Joshua Reynolds, a master at painting children (among other things). Reynolds was much sought after as an artist during the Regency.

English Church
"TIme for Roses" by Frederic Leighton. This is not a painting from the Regency but one OF the Regency, remembered fondly with the loving brush of a later artist. My website wouldn't be the same without Leighton's art! 

silhouette party

This is pre-Regency (Georgian) and shows mothers and children playing at "Silhouette's" (the drawings) and "Shades" (the shadows made with the hand). Both were popular and simple pastimes well into the Victorian era. A servant looks on.

Mrs Sheridan

This is not a mother with children, but Mrs. Sheridan (a noted actress) "As Saint Cecelia." The cherubs are certainly child-like, and I like to think the picture is evocative of many pleasant hours passed by real mothers and their children at home on many a day.

miss willoughby

"Miss Willoughby" by artist George Romney.

What a cherub!

mtr and child

This is from around the late 1830's, when it is almost the age of Victoria. Notice that the youngster is still dressed as a miniature adult, except that pantalettes can be seen.


A bevy of sisters. Only the youngest two have a dress that is cut to show the pantalettes. Only the two elder are shown with bonnets, in this case, wide-brimmed, straw coloured specimens. 
Early Victorian is my guess.


 A young girl holding the hand of her father. This is from 1810.

millais may

Not a Regency print, I still enjoy this historical "snapshot" of a mother giving her daughter a close up of a bird's nest.

If I add any more pictures, some of you will never be able to load this in your pc's! So that's all for now. And for all you moms who get this newsletter, I hope you had a restful Mother's Day filled with things you enjoy--like children. : )

Jane Quote of the Month (And Contest!) 

"On every formal visit a child ought to be of the party, by way of provision for discourse."   
Jane Austen
Contest: The
person who emails me with the correct answer from the choices below will win an autographed free copy of the original version of Before the Season Ends. (Other entrants with the correct answer will be entered into a second drawing for a copy.)

The above quotation  is from:

a) Pride and Prejudice

b) Emma

c) Sense and Sensibility

d) A personal letter written by Jane.

Contest Rules
Hit "reply" to send your answer or email me at
Linore [at] Please put "Contest" in your email subject line, and the letter of your answer (a, b, c, or d).

And the winner is...(April's Contest)

Cheryl M. Kaplan, who can expect a free copy of Before the Season Ends!

A Second Winner is randomly chosen from all entries received and this month Gail Hurt's name was picked.

CONGRATULATIONS, WINNERS--Please send me your mailing info!

April's quote:
"I am by no means convinced that we ought not all to be Evangelicals, & am at least persuaded that they who are so from Reason & Feeling, must be happiest & safest."  
The correct answer:
Jane Austen, in a personal letter.

Honorable Mentions:

Mary Zander
Dallie Clark
Cindy Patrick
LuAnn Morgan
Kimba Wawrzyniak
Nina Rowan
Lisa Decker
Hazel Mills
Natalie Hernandez
Charlotte Gill
Carman B.("bibliophile")
Amy L.N.

Well done!

Thanks to everyone who participated. Be sure and try again this month!
Regency Links

I only have a few since I had to rush this issue out. Look for a bunch next month!

  1.I thought this was amusing. A link with music having to do with JA.

2. A Jane Austen Book Trivia Contest

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Have You Noticed?  
This was really supposed to be my MAY issue (hence, the mothers and children article.) But I have a great upcoming issue for June, which will still reach you as soon as I can get to it. So stay tuned!

Highlights Coming in the NEXT ISSUE:

 **A wonderful article by the Regency Diva (she's written over 40 novels) Emily Hendrickson! I'm so excited to be able to share her expertise with you. All about those pesky English titles...Now you'll know the ins and outs of them.

**We'll be voting on images of Mr. Mornay! Tell us which man you think fits him best! (Thanks to Tina Dee for the idea!)
 An Interview with Mr. Mornay!
(Who would've thought?)
Author and Blogger and one of my biggest fans, Tina Dee, graciously asked Mr. Mornay if he would be so kind as to grant her an interview with him. (Of course, he would only do it if it was exclusive. Luckily for us, that was precisely the case!)  

I couldn't bear to have any of you miss it, so I'm giving you the link here. I wanted to put in the entire interview, but the images wouldn't transfer to this newsletter.
English Church

Click HERE and see what's on the mind of the Paragon--that "faultlessly handsome" Regency man in the deep cut coat and superb cravat! 



Above: Could this be the mysterious and brooding Phillip Mornay?
Next Month:  You decide!

PS: Got a question for one of the characters in my books? Send it to me, and I'll be sure to pass it on to the recipient.IF I can persuade him or her not to be shy and to answer, of course. <g>

PS: Tina just sent me a few words about Grosvenor Square, which I thought I'd share:

I can't believe this book! You sure did, somehow, maintain the same feel as the last book but wove in so much more. It's like an amusement park ride with lots of twists and turns...

Well, House in Grosvenor's Square is coming to a close and I think that I might cry. The ending of a good book is satisfying and nearly cruel for the reader--like good friends are moving away. I hate goodbyes.

I am slowing down because I'm coming to the end, I don't want it to end!!!! When does the next one come out?

Answer: Next January! See above, right for more about The Country House Courtship! .
English Church

THANK YOU, TINA! Mr. Mornay and I are both "most obliged."

Don't forget to send in your most pressing questions for any of the characters in the books! (Or me. I do answer questions.) <g> 
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Not finished, unfortunately. My book has to come first, and it's nearly done, so next month I'll get something good for you, promise! (And God willing, of course!) 

 Until next month,
I wish you excellent reading and real-life happy endings!

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Regency Mothers and Children
Jane Quote (And Contest!)
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English Church
Nora St LaurentI just finished your book and was working on the review.  I just had to tell you that I LOVED every minute of this story.  I adore Ariana and just couldn't read enough of Mr. Mornay and his struggles right up until the last minute!! Were they to WED?!! OHMYGOSH!!
Nora St. Laurent, Lifeway Book Club Co-ordinator, Reader
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English ChurchI finished THIGS last night! I couldn't stand it. I have to keep reading, so I stayed up a little past my bedtime to finish it. It was wonderful. I loved it. It was just as good as Before the Season Ends. Very wild and exciting and suspenseful. I don't think I've never wanted two people to hurry and get married so bad in my life! Ha. It was really, really fun!,
Melanie Dickerson, up and coming author

From a letter to Harvest House, my publisher:

"As a history buff, I delight in finding well-written historical novels in which I don't have to skip offensive passages. Linore Rose Burkard is obviously well versed in the Regency era and can get across the Christian message without offending any reader. I look forward to your publishing more of Burkard's work as well as other Christian writers who specialize in the Regency era in particular. "

Jennifer Yancey

What's It All About?
English Church
The House in Grosvenor Square

Ariana and Mr. Mornay, following a rocky courtship, are finally betrothed and have set a wedding date, but strange things begin to happen in the house in Grosvenor Square, and when two brothers with a grudge decide to abduct the future bride to prevent the wedding altogether, what can Mr. Mornay do to stop them;  And--if they succeed--will he ever get her back?

therese stenzelLinore,
I'm just in the beginning of The House in Grosvenor Square and I want to tell you :
I. AM.  ENTRANCED. Oh, the verbiage, the settings, the descriptions, the emotional tension, oh, oh, oh, I really love it, and I don't even like Regencies that much, but this is sooo well written. I am just enjoying escaping each night into the world you created that I wanted you to know.
Therese Stenzel,up and comiing author

Got a Reading Group?  See the Discussion Questions for The House in Grosvenor Square on this page. low-price Link

Jessica Coulter Smith"I enjoyed Before the Season Ends so much that I read it cover to cover - twice! Not only is the work well-written, with an excellent plot, well-rounded characters, and a powerful message, but the real struggles that Ariana faces will touch your heart. Ms. Burkard has not only succeeded in writing a spectacular novel, but through every word you can see her love of God, her belief in Him and all of the things that He can make possible. While I don't want to give away the ending, I will say that it is sure to bring tears to your eyes - tears of joy, and more importantly, hope.

Before the Season Ends will renew your faith in love, hope, and in God."

Jessica Coulter Smith

What's It All About?
Before the Season Ends

Romantic woes at home send lovely Miss Ariana Forsythe to fashionable  Mayfair in London to stay with her wealthy aunt for the Season. What happens when this determined young woman of faith crosses paths with the Paragon, London's darling rogue--and scandal ensues? Ariana finds herself obliged to live a lie--but is it a lie? Will she end up betrothed to the wrong man, or could it be that all the mixed-up events are somehow leading her right to where her heart is? Her faith is turned upside down and inside out in this sparkling regency romp and only God knows how it can turn out right --before the season ends!
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The third book in the Regency Series:
The Country House Courtship is just now my main focus as I tighten up the book. All the characters you've come to love from the first two books are still at large, and Beatrice, now all of seventeen, gets her day. (Hmm--does she look a little headstrong? Hint, hint.)

Cover--Country House Courtship

The House In Grosvenor Square has been Kindled!
It costs less and you can download it immediately and carry with you everywhere.
(If you use a Kindle. I'd like to get one myself.) 


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