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 March 2009         Regency Reflections        Volume 4, Issue 3                             
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The Regency: A Man's World?  
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It has been said that during the Regency a man's time was his own, while a woman was expected to engage in only a few genteel pastimes.

For instance, only men were free to vote, hold office, box, fence, hunt, drive alone, shoot, attend a club, drink, play cricket, dine out freely with other men, game (gamble), race, and even womanize.

Furthermore, only a son could usually inherit titles, and, most of the time, the accompanying lands and estate. And whatever pursuits he undertook--whether noble or not--would rarely jeopardize his standing with society. Whatever his private life, he could still dine with lords and mix with the highest sets, if his title, breeding, or status paved the way. A rare exception might be if he proved himself dishonorable by cheating at cards. (Imagine a world where dishonor was possible through cheating at cards, but not on your wife.)
There were some women who got away with having affairs; but they were already married. If a single woman, on the other hand,  attracted the merest scent of sexual immorality before marriage, she was "ruined," while with men it didn't really matter how they behaved. 

The emphasis for them was to take care of the family estate by siring an heir. Whether or not they maintained sexual integrity, or honour, or moral fortitude was more of a personal choice; Fortunately, many men had well-developed moral codes,  and Jane Austen's books, for instance, often highlight the negative social consequences caused by the actions of those who lacked them. 
 Other avenues open to men but not women included entering the army or navy, or going into the church. Both (the military and the Church) were popular vocations for second or third sons throughout the regency.  Finally, if a man had independent means such as rich parents or a large fortune, he could also choose to simply be "a man about town."

The best dressed and best looking men about town were usually the beaux and dandies. (Do not mistake dandies with fops--even the Prince Regent had years of dandified glory until he grew too large to cut a fine figure).

The dandy is the style of male figure most regency romances rely upon to some extent for their heros. None of Austen's heros are mere idlers, even Mr. Darcy, and all are endowed with a deep sense of justice and honour. My own Mr. Mornay (from, Before the Season Ends) is independently wealthy due to
his tenanted estate and other properties which he runs with meticulous care, and he has a great sense of fair1819ness and morality that stands him in good stead as a proper hero.       
Finally, only men were allowed to be University educated. Women often were schooled at home, or were self-taught, and there was always the occasional Young Lady's Academy, but nothing more. Some, (like Jane
Austen) became novelists, but most of these women were quick to let their public know they were doing it to support their children. Others, like Mary Anne Evans later in the century, used a male nom de plume. (George Eliot), as it was thought inappropriate for women to write novels.
Linore Rose Burkard
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Jane Quote of the Month (And Contest!) 

"Men have had every advantage of us in telling their own story. Education has been theirs in so much higher a degree; the pen has been in their hands."  
Jane Austen
Contest: The
person who emails me with the correct citation of this quote will win an autographed free copy of the original version of Before the Season Ends.

Contest Rules: Was this spoken by Jane, or did one of her characters say it? If it was a character, you must include the name of the character, and the book in which it appears.
Hit "reply" to send your answer or email me at
Linore [at] Please put "Contest" in your email subject line.

And the winner is...(February's Contest)

Marcie Wachsler, who received a free copy of Before the Season Ends! Marcie opened her newsletter less than an hour after it was distributed, and got her answer to me first. Here's the quote and the answer:
February's quote:
"The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid."

The correct answer:
Henry Tilney, from the book Northanger Abbey.

Some of you were so smart as to give me the context of the conversation (between Henry and Catherine). For this reason, I'm listing all the Honorable Mentions--those who answered late but correctly. (See below, right-hand column) From this group, a second winner was chosen for a free copy of my book, which was: Karen Smidt.

Congratulations Marcie and Karen, and thanks to all who entered!
Pride, Prejudice--and Marvel Comics! 
JA marvel comicI've ordered the only comic books I have ever ordered for myself in my life--Marvel Comic's Pride and Prejudice.

Marvel Illustrated Pride and Prejudice, Issue One (out in April)

To see six of the drawings, click the following:
More Drawings P&P

I expect my 6th grade daughter to gobble these up--after me, of course. : )  

(Illustration courtesy of
More Regency Links
ladysitting If you live in Louisiana, did you catch 
The Old Mandeville Jane Austen Festival?
This sounded wonderful.

2. WHY JANE AUSTEN MATTERS (Not that we needed any proof, of course)
An excellent article about how Ms. Austen is affecting the lives of disadantaged London teens--today.

3. The Regency World of Jane Austen
March 21, 2009  Smithsonian Program
"An overview of the history, art and architecture, and social customs of Jane Austen's time, including characters like the Duke of Wellington, Beau Brummell, and the Prince Regent (later George IV). Also includes a look at the historic city of Bath."
[Oh, how I wish I could go!]

4. She Walks in Beauty--revisited. This time, it's the intro to
"Vanity Fair" with Reese Witherspoon. A beautiful treatment of a very regency film. Thanks to my dear friend and fellow historical romance author Rita Gerlach for sending me the YouTube link.

5. II Divo "Amazing Grace" Hear their rendition of the song that was penned in 1773 by Englishman John Newton, a slave trader turned cleric. His personal song of redemption has become an anthem for millions of people who have experienced conversion. It was set to the music we know today in 1835.

6. I wasn't even going to mention this, as I find the whole idea "exceedingly" repugnant. However, people are calling this a new edition of Pride and Prejudice. ("Pride and Prejudice and Zombies") I beg to differ. It's really just an  intrusion of tastelessness into a formerly elegant dwelling; Jane had a cutting sense of humour, but I can't see her enjoying this. It's like putting graffiti on the Mona Lisa. (No link included. I just can't do it!)

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The House in Grosvenor Square--Coming Soon!

Finally! There's less than a month before Grosvenor Square hits the bookstores!

Here's a one sentence plot description (SPOILER! If you haven't read BTSE yet, skip this section.)

Ariana and Mr. Mornay, following a rocky courtship, are finally betrothed and have set a wedding date, but strange things begin to happen in the house in Grosvenor Square, and when two brothers with a grudge decide to abduct the future bride to prevent the wedding altogether, what can Mr. Mornay do to stop them, and, if they succeed, will he ever get her back?

Pre-Order Your Copy Now! Release date is April 1st!

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image Dimension Films
Coach and Four
A Newly Revised Short Story by Linore!

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 Until next month,
I wish you excellent reading and real-life happy endings!

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The Regency: A Man's World?
Jane Quote (And Contest!)
Pride, Prejudice, and Marvel Comics
More Regency Links
The House in Grosvenor Square
Christian Authors Network
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