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E-Newsletter   February 2009                         Volume 4 Issue 2

     Before the Season Ends cover
    "Love's Warbling Choirs"
    A 19th Century Valentine
Princess Caraboo
Princess Caraboo
by Sony Pictures
Directors:Michael Austin
Starring:Phoebe Cates
DVD ~ Release Date: 2001-04-24
List Price: $9.95
Our Price: $6.10
Buy Now

It isn't new, but it's based on a real story, and Princess Caraboo is too much fun not to mention at least once in this newsletter. Have you seen this film?  A regency lover's delight, it is a must-see. Starring Phobe Cates as the princess and John Lithgow in a supporting role, the story will sweep you along to its touching conclusion.

Warning: One adult-thematic scene, though there is no nudity.

The True Story: Mary Willcock was a menial servant, the daughter of a cobbler, born and raised in Bristol, England. For some reason she appeared in Glouscestershire  in 1817, wearing a black turban and speaking in an unknown language. Her efforts brought her to the local constable, but she gained the curiosity of the man's wife, who took an interest in her.

A local Portuguese fisherman claimed to be able to understand her language, and gave her story thus: she was a princess from an exotic nation called Javasu, and she had been kidnaped by pirates, but escaped off the shore of England. Was he in league with her? Did he invent the story, or did she? In any case, history gives her the credit for sticking with it, and she apparently had the class and the sheer pluck, to carry it off--for a time.  I won't tell more, but it's a visual treat of a film, and gives a brief glimpse into a Carlton House party that is very indicative of the spirit of the upper classes at play during the Regency.

Today, Mary Willcock's hometown of Bristol offers a "plaque"  to Mary's memory and her amazingly successful stint as "Princess Caraboo." 

Jane Quote of the Month (And Contest!) 
Jane Austen "The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid."

The first person who emails me with the correct source of this quote will win a free copy of the first edition of Before the Season Ends!  All other correct entries will be entered into a drawing to win another. Email me with your guess: Was it Jane herself speaking, or one of her famous characters? If your guess is a character, you must say which character, and book. The drawing will be held on February 28th, so get your entries in! Email me at:
Linore (at) today!
Free Resources for Readers! (You)
Have you seen the fabulous new resources for readers on my website? Here's what one reader said after downloading the free articles:

Linore, you're my new favorite person/author! I can never get enough of the Regency! I just love your site and your newsletter!
Debora Hosey

Browse through articles like, "Welcome to the Regency," "Getting Ready for the Ball," or "Lizzie Bennet's Wardrobe." All are replete with illustrations and fun facts.

Download as many as you like--they're free!

"Call for Influencers"  
Many of you by now have either read or read about my book, Before the Season Ends. If you are one who has read and loved it, consider being an "Influencer."                        

What is an Influencer?

An Influencer is someone who will be on my team, be in contact with me whenever they like, and help spread word about the book to readers who have not yet heard of it. This support, you should know, in turn supports Inspirational Christian romance across the board. When readers really enjoy a book, they automatically look for others like it. By helping readers identify Before the Season Ends as "a great read," you are helping all authors of Christian fiction, but particularly those who write historical romance. 

Influencers are important.

Without your help, I won't be able to get word out to all the readers who will benefit by reading my book, or other inspirational fiction. So let's work together to spread the word that excellent reading is available from Christian publishers right now.
As my thank you, in addition to getting a free copy of my book, and having easy access to me, you will be entered in MULTIPLE drawings for fun prizes such as:

t-shirts (with inscriptions; details will follow)
a teapot
boxes of chocolates,
a special Valentine from me
and more.

I am working on a "Rewards" Sheet which will be emailed to you in a few days, and it will include prizes that EVERY influencer can get.

Specifically, I am looking for people who may already have a position of influence. If you:

Know many readers, or
Lead a women's ministry, or
Direct a women's retreat, or
Are a pastor or pastor's wife, or
Have media contacts, such as
Write for a paper
Know your local radio host,
Have good friends in positions of influence,

If you know any contacts that can help spread the word,
You would be an ideal Influencer!

However, if you just loved the book, and would be willing to help
in ways that you can, but don't have a special sphere of influence, you are still an ideal influencer!

Please respond to this email if you are interested, and I'll send you more information right away. There is no obligation of any kind, and anything you choose to do is strictly on a volunteer basis.

I'll be putting out the call for Influencers in other ways and places, but I wanted to ask you, my readers and subscribers, too. Won't you consider joining my team?  I'd love to have you on board!

If interested, send me an email by hitting "reply" OR at Linore (at)  Put "Influencer" in the subject line.
Chocolate, Romance & Books! 
If you live near Cincinnati or Dayton, OH, come and join me for:

Chocolate, Romance & Books!
Mary L. Cook Library
Monday, February 9, 2009
6:00 - 8:30 p.m.

  Wonderful area authors ( including moi)  will be on hand signing books, plus a special, sugary, decadent presentation by Waynesville's own Cake Diva, Debbie Forward, will whet your appetites.  

Entry forms for the Chocolate Bake-Off are available at the library circulation desk.  Find those great recipes and get your entry ready!  Let's see who has the BEST CHOCOLATE RECIPE IN WAYNESVILLE!!!!
Books-N-More of Wilmington will be here with all of our author's books available for purchase.  Even in this economy a book is very inexpensive entertainment that can be used over and over again! 

We will also have door prizes and sweet, chocolate samples! 

Note: Last year at this event the library asked its guest authors (of which I was one) to judge the contest entries. Oh, my! We took the teensiest tastes imaginable of each one, but there were so many that by the last few it was almost impossible to eat another bite. But my goodness, talk about decadent, elegant chocolate treats! If you live nearby, don't miss this. Once the judging was done, the "chocolate room" was opened up for everyone else......

Free Download of the Month
prayer meeting
"The Prayers of Jane Austen"

 Most of us know that Jane was the daughter of an Anglican clergyman, but to what extent was she religious herself? Do we know if she was religious? Indeed, we do.

Not only are her books imbued with a light touch of moralization in tone, but that moralizing was informed by a rich and deep personal faith. Jane was no hypocrite, and would have been the first to confess all her failings (indeed, she often did this exactly in her letters to her sister), but she knew in principle what was right and best, and believed in it.

Of course, like most of us, she was not able to always match her actions--or words--to those principles.  Jane was extremely civil in face-to-face encounters, however, no matter what she thought privately of a person. She respected people's positions, and no doubt, had a marvelous time giving voice, say, to an Elizabeth Bennet who was not always quite so proper. 

Take a look then, at the illustrated Prayers of Jane Austen, with further notes by me. Download by clicking the title above. Enjoy!
 Until next month,
I wish you excellent reading and real-life happy endings!

Linore Rose Burkard
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PO Box 674
Waynesville, OH 45068
Princess Caraboo
Jane Quote of the Month
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New Reader Responses

"I loved 'Before the Season Ends'! I have read a lot of books, but this one was really different from all of them. I liked the setting and all the outfits. The detailing was really amazing too! I gave a review on Amazon that,I hope will convince other people that this book was worth the time!"
April Dean

"Linore Rose Burkard is an  an incredible author with a passionate debut novel, Before The Season Ends.
If you don't have this amazing Regency novel on your shelf, you should!  It will be one of your most prized possessions."
Katrina Wampler

"I was captivated, enchanted and educated all at the same time as I read Before the Season Ends. I even chuckled at society's  silliness -- it was great! It fascinated me! I haven't read anything quite like it. I can't wait to see what Linore writes next!"
Nora St. Laurent

Burkard's novel neatly fills a niche in the Christian fiction marketplace. She's delivered a novel dripping with Regency period detail, full of warmth and humor, interwoven with a deftly handled faith element..I can't wait to discover the next chapter in Phillip and Ariana's story!"
Ruth Anderson
Book Reviewer

What's the Book About? 

Romantic woes at home send lovely Miss Ariana Forsythe to fashionable  Mayfair in London to stay with her wealthy aunt for the Season. What happens when this determined young woman of faith crosses paths with the Paragon, London's darling rogue, and scandal ensues? Ariana finds herself obliged to live a lie--but is it a lie? Will she end up betrothed to the wrong man, or could it be that all the mixed-up events are somehow leading her right to where her heart is? Her faith is turned upside down and inside out in this sparkling regency romp and only God knows what will happen--before the season ends!

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House in Grosvenor Square
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Linore Rose Burkard writes Inspirational Romance for the Jane Austen Soul. Her characters take you back in time to experience life and love during the Regency in England  (circa 1800 - 1830).

Ms. Burkard's novels include Before the Season Ends and The House in Grosvenor Square (coming April, 2009). Her stories blend Christian faith and romance with well-researched details from the Regency.

Read Linore's books to  experience a romantic age, where timeless lessons still apply to modern life, and where happy endings are possible for everyone!
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