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Airmet Metalworks Newsletter           February 2009
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Magnificent Automatic Driveway Gates and Fence

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Welcome to the February 2009 issue of our Airmet Metalworks Classic Metal newsletter!  Our featured article offers valuable information for beautiful, high quality and long lasting automatic biparting driveway gates and fence work.  Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need in order to make confident decisions for your own special projects.
Gate and Fence Features - What You Need to Know
Hinge assemblies are an important feature of our gates.  In order to maintain their smooth and effortless movement, we utilize large diameter stainless steel pins, ball bearings and grease fittings within each assembly.  Even though not visible to the eye, we intentionally use high quality and heavy duty internal hardware in order to further ensure reliability and long life of all moving pieces.
Gate operators are electric/hydraulic for smooth, strong operation and long life.  We also offer a hidden underground unit if the client so prefers.  Installation of a pinhole camera is a valuable security option.  This camera is installed inside the call box housing and allows the resident to see who is at the gate. An automatic magnetic exit loop allows guests to exit without use of the remote.  And in the event of a power failure, a battery back-up system maintains a continuation of service until power is restored.  Additional gate features are further described in the article below.
Our gates and fences are made of solid bars rather than hollow tubing, which rust from the inside out.  The solid bars not only make the finished product extremely sturdy and heavy, it is also period correct.  After completion of the fabrication process, we recommend a hot dipped galvanizing process for unrivaled durability and corrosion resistance.  This process coats the iron with zinc which protects the metal from the elements.  Once this application is completed, we carefully prepare the entire project again and finish with a special top coat.  A variety of custom colors are available, ranging from mineral bronze patina to, our personal favorite, traditional "satin black".

Magnificent Automatic Driveway Gates and Fence

uphill gate  
Airmet Metalworks accessorized this stately turn of the century home by designing a finely crafted decorative iron fence and set of automatic biparting driveway gates and columns.  The spectacular gothic style fence and gates were designed by Airmet to compliment the grandeur of its surroundings, providing the proper entrance to this fine home.  The massive gates swing from matching wrought iron columns which were common in these magnificent turn of the century homes.  Anchored into the ground by cement footings, these large square columns are an impressive alternative to concrete or stone piers.    
The original front door to this beautiful home was embellished with stunning lattice work that was so significant to the entryway that we knew it was vital to incorporate this design element into our gates.  Lattice work along the bottom was assembled with antique hand hammered rivets and further beautifies the gates and columns.  The end result is a fluidity of style with a fence, gates and columns that look as though they had been there since the inception of this extraordinary home.
Additional modern features include remote controls to open and close the gates.  A safety loop and set of photo beams prevent them from closing on a car or other object that might be in their path.  A call box at the entryway ties into the telephone entry system allowing the resident to open the gates for visitors by use of the house telephone.   Upon receiving the call, the resident may open the gates or cancel the call, thereby denying access to the house.  An additional feature of this system is a built in key pad which allows common visitors, such as a landscaper, access to the property. 
Magnetic locks offer the ultimate in security as they electronically lock the gates upon closing.  The gates can also be set on a programmable timer to open in the morning and close at a desired time at the end of the day.  The ideal merger has been formed through the blending of these exceptional features with our impressive gates.  Enhancing their exquisite form is functionality; making homeowner and guest access easy and enjoyable.
The fence is a stunning extension of the gates.  It is adorned with arrowhead finials and elegant "c" scrolls between each picket.  Every 14 feet the fence is secured into cement footings by a beautiful decorative flat panel with a diagonal structural brace off the back for additional stability.  The fence runs along the length of the property and then elegantly flows up the driveway towards the gates; perfectly following the radius of the sloping curve.   The statuesque style and old fashioned grace of this distinguished home has now been brought to the forefront with tastefulness and harmonious composition.   
"We'd like to thank you for the beautiful job you did on our wrought iron fence.  Working with you was a pleasure.  You made a point of understanding what were trying to accomplish and portrayed it superbly in the final product.   You incorporated the personal style of our home into the design of the fence and gates.  The lines of the fence and the curves that it follows towards the gate flow beautifully.   We especially love how you designed the lattice work on the gates to match the original lattice work on our front door.  Seeing our property hemmed with this stunning fence and the driveway secured with the elegant and ample gates is a truly welcome comfort and pleasure.  It's wonderful!" 
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