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Photo courtesy of Moksha Yoga Cincinnati.

Creating Change a Conversation at a Time 

The Moksha Yoga event profiled in this e-news is one of many  conversations taking place around the city to raise awareness and draw residents to join this whole-system, strengths-based co-creation effort.

We're struck by the power these smaller conversations are demonstrating. People are inspired to think on the gifts and resources they have and how those could play into the invention of a new Cincinnati.  

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whatshappeningWhat's Happening 
Presentation on Cincinnati Co-creation Effort Resonates in Moksha Yoga Community

This gives me a door into something bigger: attendee
From creating jobs and local food in Cincinnati's inner core through a ramped-up fermented food business, to the introduction of urban farming, a recent presentation on co-creating a new future for Cincinnati planted some exciting ideas on how people might use their gifts towards this effort.

The presentation was made by Dr. Victor Garcia of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center at the Moksha Yoga Cincinnati studio Sept. 24.

Studio owner Ellen Bradley, who organized the event, says she felt the positive and inspired buzz in the room as people listened to Victor's message and in conversations following.

She notes while the vision as a whole can seem overwhelming, it became less so as Victor spoke to the specific ways people can begin to get involved, for instance, in upcoming community conversations around health-care and local food.

Following his presentation, Victor was able to converse with different people, and it was clear excitement was growing as they discussed how they could leverage their specific gifts and resources.

The Saturday evening event drew about 80 people, both to hear Victor and take part in a new art exhibition by local artist Matt Eckerle.
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championsFrom the Champions

Moksha Yoga Studios Back Cincinnati CoreChange Effort   
Message of elevating the good to eliminate the bad resonates deeply with owner Ellen Bradley

Ellen Bradley recalls the time her husband Michael arrived home from lunch with Dr. Victor Garcia, clearly affected by his conversation with the pediatric surgeon who has been the leading voice in Cincinnati's CoreChange effort.

Michael said he believed supporting the effort would be a great opportunity for both the Moksha Yoga studios the Bradleys own, as well as themselves.

Ellen, who was at the helm of opening the Moksha Yoga studios in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky several years ago, says she was all in from the get-go.  

"I've always felt that our studios not only provide the yoga aspect, but they truly are a vehicle to unite a community to make a greater difference," says Ellen, noting she has made a habit of seeking out opportunities for the more than 6,000 students engaged with the
studios to be active and contributing in the community.


She notes the studios are non-partisan and the students come from all walks of life, bringing many different talents. It's exciting to be able to share with them about opportunities, including CoreChange, to which they might contribute their talents and finances.

The underlying theme Victor has been bringing forward in all of this - elevating the good to eliminate the bad - is also very compelling for her, says Ellen.

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newsroomnotesNewsroom Notes

Conversations that Create the Future   

In his book Community: the Structure of Belonging, Peter Block talks about changing culture by changing the nature of conversation. "It's about choosing conversations that have the power to create the future."

By all accounts, that's what's happening in Cincinnati with these talks Dr. Victor Garcia is holding, most recently at Moksha Yoga Cincinnati.

We haven't dissected how this is happening, but suspect it has something to do with both Victor's confidence that another and better reality is possible, as well as the direct questions he's asking around how people might contribute their gifts, skills and resources towards that.

What would you say? What's the most powerful conversation you've been a part of? What made it so? What happened as a result?

We're asking ourselves those questions, expecting the reflection to generate some good things.

Contact us via our Twitter account, @cincysummit, or e-mail, if you'd like to join in reflecting with us.  

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Jump into the middle of the awareness, energy and excitement building around Appreciative Inquiry and the Cincinnati AI summit. Help expand the list of people receiving this free monthly e-news by forwarding it on, inviting your contacts to sign up, or by posting a message to your website, Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts.


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