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June 2011 

Summer is finally here! At Wasatch, we hope you enjoy the sun, take care of yourself, and be kinder to yourself. Learn how to keep a "wandering eye" from being a problem in relationships, and 3 small ways to make a difference in your relationship. While spending time with the kids, nurture their individuality and don't over schedule their activities, & get help parenting college kids home for summer. And don't miss my interview in Cosmopolitan magazine "The 4 Letter Word Husbands Hate" (diet), and new this month we've added a new section geared for professional training.

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Julie Hanks, LCSW
Owner/Clinical Director
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You know that little voice in your head that narrates your life? Well, it can be vicious sometimes. In fact, most of us wouldn't dare say to others the negative statements and criticisms we tell ourselves. I chatted with B98.7s Erin on Todd and Erin's morning radio show recently about ways to tame your inner [...]...


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Julie Hanks recommended to B98.7 listenersFind us on Facebook "go public" with 10 things you like about yourself. Post your list on our Facebook page!


Holly Willard featured on KSL Happy Living discusses ways in which you can use that "wandering" eye to improve your relationship. Read more at KSL.com...


Diet4 Letter Word Husbands Hate (diet): Julie Hanks Quoted in Cosmopolitan

It's that time of year. SWIMSUIT time. A time that many women dread. A time that men dread too.


All this talk about weight, diet, exercise can leave husbands puzzled. "Why are you so obsessed with this?" they

wonder. I recently talked with journalist Kristina Grish of Cosmopolitan Magazine to help her, and other women, [...]



3 Small Ways To Make A BIG Difference In Your Marriage

Why is it that the person we love, care about, and trust the most, can also hurt us or make us feel sad more than anyone else? The answer is simple. It is not so much what our spouse or partner does, it is our expectations and our hurt that the person that we trust [...]...


We rarely really talk about how traumatic the birth of a child can be to the marriage relationship-loss of attention to spouse, sleep deprivation, jealousy, miscommunication, financial and time stresses, additional household duties...I sat down with Scott Haws this morning (bright and early) on KSL TV News to talk about pre-baby counseling for couples and [...]...



CollegeParenting College Aged Kids Home For Summer: Studio 5  

Studio 5 College Kids Home 

They're back! College kids are home for the summer and while it's normal to butt heads a bit during summer break, therapist, Julie Hanks, says there are ways to avoid clashes and enjoy the summer together. As your college-age children come home for summer it's important to address and renegotiate these "hot button" topics head on, before different expectations turn into sources of contention.[...]...


IndividualityNuturing Your Child's Individuality: Julie Hanks in Inland Empire Magazine  

Inland Empire Magazine Cover

What if your son wants to take ballet? Or your daughter loves to play with trucks? Helping your child navigate and explore their interests outside of "gender norms" can be difficult. I talked with Inland "Empire Family Magazine" about this difficult issue. My tw0 cents is printed on pg. 54. Read "Just Be Yourself: Nurturing [...]...


I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, we did 1 (maybe 2) extra-curricular activities. It was soccer or piano or dance or drama or art class...not all of the above. These days it seems that many well-meaning parents spend most of their after school time in the car, rushing around to [...]...


In a culture consumed with pop stars and super heroes, it's hard to spot true heroes. Find out what real heroes are made of and how to help your child be a real life hero. Therapist, Julie Hanks, LCSW explains the difference between role models and heroes[...]...

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I'm scared to see a therapist for my eating disorder 

My In-laws Hate Me (And The Feeling is Mutual)
How Do I Get My Hubby To Turn Off His Cell Phone?


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I LOVE technology - Facebook, Twitter, Websites, YouTube, e-newsletters, google and not just personally, but I have also used technology and social media to help build my therapy practice Wasatch Family Therapy. Well, my love of technology and my therapy practice, Wasatch Family Therapy was featured in May/June 2011 Social Work Today Magazine's cover story [...]...


Therapist Business Consultation Group:

Let Julie Hanks help you create your own thriving private practice. Join a small group of clinicians who learn how to set up their business, effective marketing, website development, effectively using social media, & more.  

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Play Therapy Tools for Children & Families:

Using the framework of Attachment Theory, this training will focus on how to work with children and their families, healing attachment wounds, and strengthening family relationships using Play Therapy. This training will touch on the different systems that children interact with on a daily basis and how to use these systems to heal children from abuse, trauma, and neglect. Presented by Clair Mellenthin, LCSW & Holly Willard, LCSW 

Friday, June 24th 8:30 am to 4:30 pm 

*Pre-register online at www.utahplaytherapy.org/web/ 


Melanie Davis
Melanie Davis
Meet Our Newest Counseling Intern Melanie Davis

Melanie is a professional counseling intern from University of Phoenix. She has volunteered with Wasatch for the last two years and we're excited she has officially joined us. Your first session is FREE and additional sessions are only $50.00.

(schedule now...)


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Young Adult Women's Group: Meets Weekly on Wednesdays at 6pm. Come meet with other women who are working through life's challenges.

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We hope you've enjoyed this edition of WFT RelationTIPS. Watch for our July issue.  


Julie A. Hanks, LCSW
Wasatch Family Therapy, LLC