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December 2010

Happy Holidays! Our December issue invites you to celebrate this special season by giving to those you love. We encourage men to become one with the holidays, women to give the gifts he loves most, and parents to give give children the space to grow.

Julie Hanks, LCSW
Owner/Clinical Director
Wasatch Family Therapy, LLCFind us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter
Lessons From The GriswoldsTodd Dunn
Dr. Todd Dunn, PhD

As Christmas time approaches, I am reminded of a man that has become a symbol of the holidays.  Not only does he teach millions the true meaning of Christmas every year, but he has won our hearts through his relentless crusade for the family.  No, he's not perfect, alas none of us are, but this man stands out as a bastion of light in a world that is forgetting the value of an honest day's work, family dinners and cutting down your own Christmas tree.  Of course, I'm talking about Clark Griswold, from the holiday classic National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

  Clark Griswold

Perhaps, Clark Griswold is not the man you were thinking of, but, joking aside, I do think he provides an example to men of how we can make the most of the holidays.  In fact, if we men take to heart the three tips presented below, I'd wager that the holidays become less of an endurance test, where we take on the persona of Bear Grylls' to survive scary run ins with in-laws, extended family, road-trips with the kids, Christmas carols, garlands, etc., and more about rejuvenation, reconnection and celebrating what you value most. 

READ Todd's ideas for enjoying your holiday season.

GiftsAll He Wants for Christmas is You!

Instead of focusing on material gifts this year, focus on intangible gifts you can give to your spouse! Read my Latter-day Woman Magazine article, watch my KSL segment, and listen to You & Yours podcast. Click on the photos below for tips on gifts for loved ones!

Read Latter-day Woman Magazine Article
Julie on Studio 5 Gifts
Watch Studio 5 Segment

You and Yours
Listen to Podcast

Julie Quoted in

Julie shares how not to be a helicopter parent. Here's what she has to say:

Talk them through things. Instead of taking the fix-it route, teach your kids how to address problems themselves, says therapist Julie Hanks, LCSW. "Coach your child through peer relationship problems or academic problems instead of swooping in and solving it for your child. Allow your child to experience a full range of emotions. Too often parents try to shield their child from painful emotions," says Hanks.

READ the entire article.
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We hope you've enjoyed this edition of WFT RelationTIPS. Watch for January's issue.


Julie A. Hanks, LCSW
Wasatch Family Therapy, LLC