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Issue: # 14May 2010
We've changed our newsletter format to make it more reader friendly and each upcoming issue will have a theme that impacts your family. We welcome your input or article suggestions. Please email us here with feedback.
This month's issue is dedicated to helping your child and teen adjust to the emotional and relational difficulties of life. Enjoy!
Julie Hanks, LCSW
Clair Mellenthin, LCSWTips for Reducing Rivalries
Clair Mellenthin, LCSW
Director of Child & Adolescent Services
It is human nature to feel competitive and envious toward others. A moderate spirit of competition is a positive and productive attribute in school and in business. Sibling rivalry is a normal part of growing up in families. The competition between siblings starts when the second child is born. Unfortunately, many parents ignore it and some even make the situation worse.
When occasional fighting becomes a constant series of arguments and fights, it must be dealt with to avoid years of discord and even potential danger. Here are some tips that will help you lessen your frustration over argumentative brothers and sisters and help them learn to get along better:
Read Clair's rivalry reducing strategies Here 
Julie HanksSolutions For Parenting More Than One Child 
Julie A. Hanks, LCSW
Featured on KSL TV's "Studio 5"
As one of nine children in my family of origin, and as the mother of four in my current family, I know all about the pain and the joys of sibling relationships and of the parenting challenges that come along with raising children. Here are some common complaints and dilemmas, and tips for parenting more than one child. 
Common Complaints From Children To Parents  
That's not fair!
You like him/her better!
How come you let him/her do _____________?
Why do you baby him/her?
How come you're harder on me than the other kids?
Read Julie's parenting solutions
Watch TV segment online HERE
SAMSARachel Davis, LMFT 
Rachel's specialty areas include women's issues, adolescent girls, & marriage counseling. To learn more about Rachel click HERE. To schedule a session with Rachel email HERE.
Haylee Heyn, MFT Student Intern
As part of her graduate work in
Haylee Heyn
Marriage & Family Therapy  Haylee will be training with WFT therapists for the next year. She'll be offering the first session FREE & additional sessions for only $50!  To schedule a free session with Haylee email HERE. 
2010 Theme is "Live Your Life Well"
Mental Health America suggests 10 ways to reduce stress and improve your mental health:
Connect with others
Stay positive
Get physically active
Help others
Get professional help if you need it
To read additional tips visit
We hope you've enjoyed this edition of WFT RelationTIPS. Watch for June's issue dedicated to Men's Mental Health & Relationships.

Julie A. Hanks, LCSW
Wasatch Family Therapy, LLC